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Families covered: Meyrick of Berthlwyd, Anwyl of Hendremur (Hendiermur)

Descended from Gwaithfoed, lord of Cardigan, was ...
1. Tudur
  A. David
i. Evan
  a. Meyrick
  (1) Thomas Meyrick
  (A) John
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of Hugh Evans of Berthlwyd)
  (i) Thomas Meyrick of Berthlwyd (d 1726) the first mentioned by 'The Pedigree Register'
  m. Ann (dau of Evan Evans of Tan y Bwlch by Jonet)
  (a) Jonet Meyrick
  m. Evan (Ifan) Griffith of Tan y Bwlch (b 1688, bur 18.08.1735)
(b) Margaret Meyrick
  m. Thomas Lloyd Anwyl of Hendremur (Hendiermur), Co. Merioneth
  ((1)) William Anwyl of Hendremur (d before 1789)
  m. Margaret (dau of Rev. Reece Price of Llangelynin)
  ((A)) Thomas Lloyd Anwyl of Shrewsbury (a 1789, eldest son) mentioned by 'The Pedigree Register'
  ((i)) William Anwyl (rector of Ashley in Staffordshire, eldest son)
  m. (c1795) Catherine Vaughan (b c1775, dau of Elizabeth Vaughan of Shrewsbury)
  ((B)) Mary Anwyl mentioned by Griffith
  m1. (25.10.1766) Evan Griffith (a 1770)
  m2. (20.03.1779, sp) John Griffith (rector of Festiniog)
  ((2)) Ann Anwyl
  m. Robert Griffith of Tan y Bwlch (b 1717, d 1750)
  (c) Ann Meyrick
  m. (10.1726) Humphrey ap Humphrey, of Pengwern (bur 02.1766)

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Berthlwyd, p378) with some input/support from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 18 (September 1911), 'Meyrick: Gryffyd: Anwyl', p178)
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