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Families covered: Morteyn of Cossale, Morteyn of Marston, Morteyn of Tillsworth

Moriarty reports that "There can be no doubt that the name (Morteyn) originated in the county of Mortaine in Normandy, whose Count, Robert, a brother (sb half-brother) of the Conqueror, appears frequently in the Domesday. Again, we know that Stephen, Count of Boulogne, and afterwards King of England, was Count of Montaine in Normandy. Now, Robert de Morteyne, the first of the name in England, appears in the reign of Henry I as one of the under tenants of William Peverel, who was one of Stephen's chief adherents, and the name Eustace, which suggests a connectino with the house of Boulogne, appears as a favourite one with the Morteyns from the earliest times. So that is seems probably that Robert de Morteyn, the tenant of Peverel, was in some way connected with King Stephen, who was also Count of Mortaine and Boulogne."
Robert de Morteyn (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Adam de Morteyn (a 1155, 1180)
A. Eustace de Morteyn of Cossale, Wollerton & Tillsworth (b c1160, d by 1223)
  m. Hillaria
  i. Eustace de Morteyn (b c1190, d by 1234)
  m. _ Silveyn (dau/heir of Richard Silveyn of Donnesby (Silvein of Donesby))
  a. William de Morteyn of Cossale & Wollerton (b c1220-1, dsp by 1284)
  m. Joan Marmion (dsp before 13.08.1295, dau/coheir of Philip Marmion of Scrivelsby)
  b. Robert de Morteyn (d before 1284)
  (1) Roger de Morteyn (b 1263-4)
  c. John de Morteyn of Tillsworth, Bedfordshire (b c1230, d c1265)
  m. (before 18.11.1254) Constance de Marston (d by 1293, m2. Bernard Bruce, m3. Henry de Wotton)
  (1) John de Morteyn of Tillsworth & Marston (b c1255, d 1296)
  m. Joan (a 1312, m2. Henry Sewell)
  (A) John de Morteyn of Marston & Tillsworth, Constable of Rockingham Castle (d c1347)
  Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, 'Chamberlain of Sherborne') identifies Jane, wife of Sir John Chamherlaine and mother of Sir Richard (no dates given), as dau of Sir John Morteine (by Johanna, dau of Richard Ekeney of Ekney) son of Sir John (by Jane) son of Nicholas. Moriarty, who does not name Joan's husband but shows her as mother of Sir RIchard Chamberlain (b c1320, a 1380), with ancestry as shown here, with the mother of John's children being ...
  m. Joan Rothwell (dau of Richard de Rothwell)
  (i) Sir John Morteyn of Tillsworth (d 05.03.1361/2)
  m. Catherine
  (a) Sir John Morteyn of Tillsworth & Marston (d 07.1373)
m. Elizabeth (a 1428)
  ((1)) John Morteyn (a 1395, dsp) "perhaps illegitimate"
  (i) Edmund de Morteyn of Marston (d 1365, Canon of York)
  partner unknown
  (a) Edmund Morteyn
  (iii) Joan Morteyn
  m. (Sir John) Chamberlain
  (iv) Lucy Morteyn
  m. Sir John Gifford of Twyford
  (v)+ other issue - Thomas (d young), William,. Elizabeth (d 13171, Prioress of Emnestow)
  (B) Richard de Morteyn (a 1332)
  (2) Eustace de Morteyn of Tirefield, Buckinghamshire
  (A) Eustace Morteyn of Tirefield
  (i) Thomas Morteyn
  m. Margaret
  (a) Gilbert Morteyn
  ((1)) Juliana Morteyn
  m. Sir Alan Botiler
  (ii) Roger Morteyn
  (a) Richard Morteyn
  ((1)) William Morteyn
  B. Adam de Morteyn
2.+ other issue - William, Geoffrey

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (NS vol 38 (1922), 'The Morteyns of Marston and Tillsworth' (by G. Andrew Moriarty), p194+)
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