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Families covered: Newington of Kingston Bowsey, Newington of Salehurst, Newington of Ticehurst (Ticeherst), Newington of Witherden

Sir Adam Newington of Witherden in Ticehurst, Sussex (a 1481)
m. Alice Colepeper (dau of Sir Alexander Colepeper of Bedgebury by Agnes Davy)
1. Thomas Newington of Salehurst, Sussex
  m. Jone Cheyney of Cralle
  A. Thomas Newington of Salehurst (d before 11.01.1580-1)
Visitation, which starts with Thomas (albeit the Harleian editor showing him in italics), identifies his wife as a dau of _ Fowler of Kent. Berry identifies her as ...
  m. Jane Dawtrey (dau of Sir John Dawtrey of Moore Hall)
  i. Morgan Newington of Kingston Bowsey, Sussex (d befoer 21.09.1610)
  m. Elizabeth Stephens of Salehurst (d before 17.05.1622)
  a. James Newington (4th son)
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John, Samuel, Joseph
  b. Samuel Newington of Kingston Bowsey (bpt 1584)
  m. Hopestill Hepden (dau of Goddard Hepden or Hepdon of Burwash)
  (1) Thomas Newington of Kingston Bowsey (b c1614, a 1662)
  m1. Anne Gratwick (dau/coheir of John Gratwick of Coombe)
  (A) John Newington (b c1640, a 1622)
  m2. Elizabeth Brett of Ashurst (relict of Richard Butcher)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1662) - Samuel, Joseph Goddard, Elizabeth, Mary
  (2) Elizabeth Newington
m1. Thomas Brett
  m2. John Brewer
  (3)+ other issue - Goddard of Hurstperpoint (b c1617, a 1662), Samuel (b c1622, a 1662), Sarah
  c. Thomas Newington had isssue
  m. _ Hepden
  d. Bethshua or Bathshua Newington (bpt 1588)
  m. Magnus Byne of Framfield
  e.+ other issue - John (d infant), John (dsp), Joseph (bpt 07.04.1586, dsp)
  ii. Thomas Newington
  m. ?? Ford (dau of W. Ford of Kingston-upon-Thames)
  a. Nathaniel Newington (2nd son)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Nathaniel, Samuel, Edward, Nicohlas, Susannah
b.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Susanna, Rebecca, Martha
  iii. Samuel Newington
  m. _ Hayman
  a. Samuel Newington
  (1)+ issue - Samuel (dsp), Anne
  b.+ other issue - Jabes, Priscilla, Deborah, Anne, Mary
  iv. Joseph Newington of Ticehurst (d by 1621)
  m1. Dennis Putland of Kent
  a. Zabulon Newington of Ticehurst (d before 14.6.1635)
  m. Goodguift (or Godsguift) Hepden (bpt 30.11.1589, dau of Goddard Hepden or Hepdon of Burwash)
  (1) Joseph Newington of Ticehurst & Burwash (b c1610, dsp 08.11.1686)
  m. Alice Langham (dau/heir of Edward Langham of Northamptonshire)
  (2) John Newington of Salehurst (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Chele (b c1616, d 07.04.1675, dau of William Chele of Old Shoreham)
  (A) John Newington (b c1640, d 28.04.1706)
  m. (05.06.1676) Mary Luckhurst (b c1648, d 18.09.1714)
  (i) Zabulon Newington of Ticehurst (b 04.07.1682, d 30.03.1720)
  m. (06.02.1706) Frances Burgess (b c1675, d 03.01.1768)
  (a) Joseph Newington of Witherden in Ticeherst (b 13.12.1707)
  m. (01.12.1729) Mary Tempest of Ticehurst (d 28.12.1778)
  ((1)) Zabulon Newington (b 25.10.1732)
  m1. (sp) _ Baker of Northiam
m2. _ Collins of Winchelsea (a 1786)
  ((A)) Collin Newington had issue
  ((2)) Samuel Newington of Ticehurst (b 24.06.1739, d 08.07.1811, surgeon)
  m. Martha Playsted (a 1829, dau of Samuel Playsted of Wadhurst)
  ((A)) Samuel Playsted Newington of Goodhurst, Kent (a 1828, surgeon)
  m. Elizabeth Wilmott (a 1828, dau of Edward Wilmott of Bethersden)
  ((i)) Samuel Wilmott Newington (b 05.08.1800)
  m. _ Newington (dau of Joseph Newington of Horsemonden)
  ((ii)) Anne Newington (b 1795, a 1828)
  m. John Harris of Northiam (a 1828)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Newington (a 1828)
  m. Rev. Thomas Wyatt of Woroxton (a 1828)
  ((iv))+ other issue - John (b 09.06.1805), Mary (d infant), Frances Georgiana (b 1803, a 1828), Emma (b 1807, a 1828)
  ((B)) Joseph Newington of Horsemonden, Kent (a 1828, 3rd son) had issue
  m. _ Taylor (a 1828)
  ((C)) Zabulon Newington of London (a 1828) had issue
  m. _ Wood (dau of Thomas Wood of Sevenoaks)
  ((D)) John Newington of Hawkhurst (a 1828) had issue
  m. _ Barrow (a 1828, dau of Thomas Barrow of Hawkhurst)
  ((E)) Horatio Newington had issue
  m. Elizabeth Baker (dau of John Baker of Hightown)
  ((F)) Charles Newington had issue
  m. Elizabeth Hays (dau of William Hays)
  ((G)) Jesse Newington had issue
  m. Isabella Eniver
  ((H)) George Newington of Ticehurst (a 1828) had issue
  m. Sarah Tempsett (a 1828, dau of John Tempsett of Ticehurst)
  ((I)) Sophia Newington (a 1828)
  m. Peter Broadley of Blackheath (dsp by 1828)
  ((J))+ other issue - Josias (d infant), Henry of Whitechapel (had issue), Elizabeth (a 1828), Sarah (a 1828), Mary (a 1828), Frances 9a 1828)
  ((3)) Benjamin Newington of Edenbridge, Kent (b 25.01.1742-3)
  m. ?? of Winchelsea (d 1786)
  ((A))+ issue - Samuel, John, Elizabeth
  ((4)) Frances Newington (b 23.05.1731, a 1786)
  m. Robert Carter of Burwash
  ((5)) Mary Newington (b 12.01.1736)
  m. John Carter of Burwash
  ((6)) Elizabeth Newington (b 03.12.1745)
  m. William Hyland of Ticehurst
  ((7))+ other issue - Joseph (b 04.12.1734, d 06.02.1734/5), Joseph (b 05.12.1748, d infant), Anne (b 24.06.1747, a 1788)
  (b) Zabulon Newington (b 25.07.1711, 3rd son)
  ((1))+ issue - Joseph, Zabulon
  (c) Benjamin Newington (b 15.02.1712-3)
  ((1))+ issue - Joseph, John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances
  (d)+ other issue - John (b 18.04.1709), Samuel (b 07.0531717), Frances (b 16.02.1714, d 25.11.1717), Frances (b 04.12.1719)
  (ii) Elizabeth Newington (b 02.03.1680, d 30.03.1706)
  m. _ Pare
  (a)+ issue - William, Mary, Elizabeth
  (iii)+ other issue - 2 sons, John (b 18.09.1687, d 16.05.1775), Benjamin (b 09.11.1690), Mary (b 12.03.1684)
  (B) Benjamin Newington (3rd son)
  (i)+ issue - Benjamin, John, Elizabeth, Catharine
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Zabulon (b c1644, d 15.04.1706), Elizabeth (b c1640, d 10.09.1668), Anne (d 14.05.1675)
  (3) Samuel Newington of Hawkhurst (a 1662, 6th son)
  m. _ Carpenter
  (A)+ issue - Joseph (b c1644, a 1662), Samuel, Zabulon, John, Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth
  (4) Anne Newington
  m. John De*** of Itchingfield
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - Herbert, Thomas, Zabulon (b c1612, d 06.11.1697), Nathaniel, George, Benjamin (d 19.08.1689), Judith, Elizabeth
  m2. Susan Beale of Kent
  b. Bathshua Newington
  m. Francis Norman of Ticehurst
  v. Samuel Newington

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p158+), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p374+) with a little support from Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Newington of Burwash & Newington of Kingston Bowsey)
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