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Families covered: Newman of Evercreech Park, Newman of Fifehead Magdalen, Newman of Thornbury Park, Newman of Wincanton, Toll of Preston Deanery

Robert Newman of Fifehead Farm (Fifehead Magdalen), Dorset
m. Alice named by BLG1886 (Newman of Dromore)
1. Robert Newman identified by BLG1886 (Newman of Dromore) as ancestor of (later) Newmans of Fifehead (?)
2. Richard Newman of Charlton Musgrave, Somerset
Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Newman) starts with this Richard who is shown by BLG1886 (Newman of Dromore) as the 2nd son of Robert of Fifehead.
  A. Richard Newman of Queen's Camel, Somerset
  m. Agatha Pole (dau of Humphrey Pole of Poltansborough)
  i. Humphrey Newman of Wincanton (a 1623)
  m. Dorothy Phillips (dau of Sir Thomas Phillips of Barrington)
  a. Richard Newman of Wincanton (b c1612, 2nd son)
  The information here is as shown by Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Newman), supplemented by Visitation (Somerset & Bristol, 1672, Newman of Wincanton), the latter clearly reporting that Richard (2nd son) married Mary Cave. BLG1886 (Newman of Dromore) shows Richard (2nd son) as progenitor of the Newmans in co. Cork. We suspect that BLG1886 was wrong and so show that Richard separately.
  m. Mary Cave (dau of _Cave of Gillingham)
  (1)+ issue - Humphrey (b c1666), Mary, Joan
  b. Humphrey Newman (b c1622)
  m. Anne Squibb (dau of Robert Squibb of Reading)
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1610), John (d before 02.02.1653-4), James, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Jane, Agatha
  ii. Mary Newman
  m. William Hodgson of Spectington
  iii. Margaret Newman
  m. John Wasoyn of Marston
  iv. Jane Newman
  m. John Baker of Thornborow
  v.+ other issue - Robert, Joane
3. Henry Newman
4. Thomas Newman of Fifeild (Fifield)
  A. Thomas Newman (d 21.10.1640)
  m. Ellen Mayo (dau of Richard Mayo)
i. Richard Newman (d 10.07.1664)
  m1. Elizabeth Symonds (dau of Giles Symonds)
  a. Anne Newman
  m. Robert White of Dorset
m2. Elizabeth Perry (dau of Christopher Perry of Kenn)
  b. Richard Newman 'of Fifehead Magdalen' (d 24.09.1695(?))
  m. Anne Harbord (dau of Sir Charles Harbord, surveyor general to King Charles I)
  (1) Richard Newman of Evercreech Park, Somerset (b c1650, d 06.1682)
  m. (1675) Grace Edmonds (dau of Henry Edmonds of Preston Hall, Northamptonshire)
  (A) Sir Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen, Evercreech Park & Preston Hall, Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1st Bart (b c1675, d 30.12.1721)
  m. (c1696) Frances Samwell (d 04.12.1730, dau of Sir Thomas Samwell, Bart of Upton)
  (i) Sir Samwell Newman, 2nd Bart (b c1700, d unm 04.06.1747)
  (ii) Elizabeth Newman (dsp)
  m. _ Kitchen
  (iii) Barbara Newman (d unm 1763)
  (iv) Frances Newman of Fifehead Magdalen, etc. (d unm 25.08.1775)
  (B) Anne Newman
  m. Ashburnham Toll of Graywell, Hampshire
  (i) Edmond Toll (d 1774)
  (a) Ashburnham Toll (d unm 05.01.1800)
  (b) Mary Toll
  m. John Bulley of Reading (surgeon)
  (c) Jane Toll
  m. John Aldridge of Lincoln's Inn
  (ii) Ashburnham Toll of Preston Deanery, Northamptonshire (d 25.05.1771)
  m. Mary Geary (dau of Lt. Col. _ Geary)
  The following has been supplemented by BLG1886 (Newman of Thornbury Park).
  (a) Charles Toll of Preston Deanery, later Newman (b 1739)
  m. (1765) Hester Langham (dau of John Langham of Cottesbroke)
  ((1)) Maria Toll or Newman
  m. James Payne of Hardingstone
  ((2))+ other issue - James (d 24.12.1811, Captain RN), Charles, Frances
  (b) Ashburnham Philip Toll of Thornbury Park, later Newman (dsp 16.03.1802, prebendary of York)
  m. (12.1773) Mary Mowbray (dau of Paul Mowbray of London)
  (c) Richard Newman Toll, later Newman of Thornbury Park, Gloucestershire (b 08.11.1752, d 29.09.1829)
  m. (16.06.1777) Grizel Pardy (d 08.08.1841, dau of James Pardy of Hamilton)
  ((1)) Henry Wenman Newman of Thornbury Park, Sheriff (b 01.06.1788, d 24.07.1865) had issue
m. (05.12.1846) Frances Margaret Goodenough (dau of Rev. John Joseph Goodenough of Broughton Pogis)
  ((2)) Ashburnham Cecil Newman (b 01.10.1796, to Canada)
  m. (05.04.1830) Eliza Richards (dau of John Richards)
  ((3)) Mary Newman
  m1. (1804) John Wilson Smith
  m2. William Jack of Glasgow (d 1853)
  ((4)) Anne Newman (d unm 18.05.1840)
  ((5)) Eliza Newman
  m. (09.10.1804) Robert Lockhart of Castle Hill & Camnethan
  ((6)) Charlotte Newman (d 18.05.1856)
  m1. John Thomson of Kilbank
  m2. James Price Hely (major, son of Brig. Hely)
  ((7)) Susan Hamilton Newman
  m. (1821) James Joseph Whitchurch of Clifton
  ((8)) Isabella Newman
  m. (07.07.1818) John Joseph Goodenough (rector of Bowbrickhill)
  ((9)) Frances Newman (d 20.10.1858)
  m. (11.03.1826) William Killegrew Wait of Redland Lodge
  (d) Anne Toll (d unm 1824)
(e) Mary Toll
  m. _ Pitman of Odyham
  (iii) Charles Toll
  (iv) Frederick Toll
  (a) Rev. John Toll of King's Clear (dsp)
  (2) Francis Hollis Newman of North Cadbury (b 1671)
  m. Ellinor Monpesson (dau of Thomas Monpesson of Brewham)
  (3) Elizabeth Newman
  m. Thomas Warre of Swell
  (4) Anne Christian Newman
  m. (15.07.1675) Sir William Honeywood, Bart

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Newman of Fifehead-Magdalen)
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