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Families covered: Nightingale of Kneesworth, Nightingale of Newport Pond

John Nitingall of Essex
1. William Nitingall or Nightingall of Newport Pond, Essex
  m. Gonar Thurgood (dau of Geffrey Thurgood of Ugley)
  A. Geoffrey Nightingale of Newport Pond (d 22.02.1619)
  m. Katharine Champs (dau/heir of John Champs of Huntingdon)
  i. Sir Thomas Nightingale, 1st Bart of Newport Pond, Sheriff of Essex (d 01.1644)
  m1. Millicent Clerk (dau of Sir Robert Clerk)
a. Robert Nightingale 'of Newport' (dvp 30.04.1639)
  m. Theodosia Chester (dau of Sir Robert Chester)
  (1) Sir Thomas Nightingale, 2nd Bart (b 15.10.1629, bur 19.10.1702)
  m. Jane Shiers (d 1705, dau of George Shiers or Shires of Slyfield Hall, aunt of Sir George, Bart)
  (A) Sir Robert Nightingale, Sheriff of Norfolk (dvpsp 03.07.1697)
  m. Sarah Cock (d 19.08.1724, m2. John Burkin)
  (2) Geoffrey Nightingale of Enfield (bur 23.07.1690)
  m. Anne Bridges (dau of John Bridges of London)
  (A) Sir Bridges Nightingale, 3rd Bart (d unm)
(B) Sir Robert Nightingale, 4th Bart (d unm bur 24.07.1722, Director of the East India Company)
  (C) Anne Nightingale
  m. Francis Theobald of Barking
  b. Thomas Nightingale of Duxford, Cambridgeshire
  m. Jane Ventris (dau of Thomas Ventris of Cambridgeshire)
  (1) Thomas Nightingale
  c. Frances Nightingale
  m2. Catharine Chester (dau of Sir Robert Chester of Cockenhatch)
  d. Geoffrey Nightingale of Kneesworth (d 06.05.1681)
  m. Elizabeth Luckyn (dau of Sir William Luckyn)
  (1) Edward Nightingale of Kneesworth, de jure 5th Bart (bpt 27.08.1658, d 02.07.1723)
  Neither Edward nor his immediate successors assumed the title.
  m. Anne Charlote Slingsby (dau of Sir Arthur Slingsby, 1st Bart of Bifrons)
(A) Gamaliel Nightingale of Kneesworth, de jure 6th Bart (d unm)
  (B) Edward Nightingale of Kneesworth, de jure 7th Bart (b 1696, d 20.10.1750)
  m. Eleanora Ethelston (d 14.09.1771, dau of Charles Ethelston)
  (i) Edward Nightingale, de jure 8th Bart (b 04.09.1726, d unm 07.1782)
  (ii) Gamaliel Nightingale, de jure 9th Bart (b 15.02.1731, d 01.1791, Captain RN)
  m. Maria Clossen (dau of Peter Clossen of Hamburgh)
  (a) Sir Edward Nightingale, 10th Bart (b 14.10.1760, d 04.12.1804)
  m. (28.12.1782) Eleanor Nightingale (d 20.01.1825, dau of Robert Nightingale) @@ below
  ((1)) Sir Charles Ethelston Nightingale, 11th Bart (b 01.11.1784, d 28.12.1846, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (09.12.1805) Maria Dickonson (d 08.12.1847, dau of Thomas Lacy Dickonson of West Retford)
  ((2)) Alexander Malcolm Nightingale (b 30.11.1792, d 11.01.1826, 4th son) had issue
  m. (181) Marianne Beaver (d 17.02.1847, dau of Major Herbert Beaver)
  ((3)) Leonard Nightingale (b 09.02.1794) had issue
m. _ Perry
  ((4)) Geoffry Nightingale (b 02.03.1799, d 15.01.1864, 7th son) had issue
  m. (29.06.1822) Mary Knowlys (d 15.04.1873, dau of Thomas Knowlys of Stockwell)
  ((5)) Leonora Nightingale
  m. (1808) James Markland
  ((6)) Julia Nightingale (d 11.03.1815)
m. (16.04.1808) James Markland
  ((7)) Elizabeth Sophia Nightingale (d 25.01.1864)
  m. (08.03.1811) Charles Ewan Law (recorder of London, son of 1st Lord Ellenborough)
  ((8))+ other issue - Edward (b 02.12.1783, dvp 02.06.1790), Gamaliel (b 13.02.1786, d 1818), Ernest (b 12.08.1796), Isabella (d 1842)
  (iii) Robert Nightingale of Kneesworth
  (a) Eleanor Nightingale (d 20.01.1825, heir)
m. (28.12.1782) Sir Edward Nightingale, 10th Bart (b 14.10.1760, d 04.12.1804) @@ above
  e.+ other issue - Edward, Granado, Gamaliell, Anne, Catherine, Theodosia
  ii. Henry Nightingale of Saffron Walden
  m. _ Foster
  iii. Mary Nightingale
  m. Robert Cole
  iv. Ann Nightingale
  m. Edward Manninge of St. Mary Craye
  v. Joanne Nightingale
  vi. Elizabeth Nightingale probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Thomas Wale of Bardfield (a 1634)
  B. John Nightingale of Newport had issue
  C. William Nightingale of Walden & Furnivalls Inn
  m. Anne Ipps (dau of Richard Ipps of Walden)
  i. William Nightingale of Walden (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Ingrey (dau of Edward Ingrey of Sheprith)
  a.+ issue - William, Henry, Edmond, Thomas, Elizabeth
  D. Grace Nightingale
  m. John Everarde
  E. Prisilla Nightingale
  m. John Fitch
  F. Taben Nightingale
  m. Henry Trige
  G. Blanche Nightingale
  m. _ Howben

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Nightingale'), Visitation (Essex, 1612 & 1634, 'Nightingale')
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