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Families covered: Onslow of Drungwick (Drungewick) Onslow of Onslow, Onslow of West Clandon
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Sir Edward Onslow of Knoll and 'of West Clandon' (d 1613)
m. Isabel or Elizabeth Shirley (dau of Sir Thomas Shirley of Preston Place)
1. Thomas (Henry?) Onslow (of Knoll?) (dsp)
2. Sir Richard Onslow of West Clandon (bpt 30.07.1601, d 19.05.1664, colone, MPl)
m. Elizabeth Strangways (d 29.08.1679, dau of Arthur Strangways of London)
  A. Sir Arthur Onslow, Bart of West Clandon (d 21.07.1688)
  m1. Rose Stoughton (d 11.03.1647, dau of Nicolas Stoughton of Stoughton)
m2. Mary Foote (dau of Sir Thomas Foote, Bart, Lord Mayor of London)
  i. Richard Onslow of West Clandon, 1st Lord of Onslow and Clandon (b 23.06.1654, d 05.12.1717, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. (31.08.1676) Elizabeth Tulse (d 25.11.1718, dau of Sir Henry Tulse, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. Thomas Onslow, 2nd Lord (d 05.06.1740)
  m. (12.1708) Elizabeth Knight (d 19.04.1731, dau of Hon. John Knight of Jamaica)
  (1) Richard Onslow, 3rd Lord (dsps 08.10.1776)
  m. (16.05.1741) Mary Elwill (b 1717-8, d 20.04.1812, dau of Sir Edmund Elwill, 3rd Bart, by Anne Speke)
  b. Mary Onslow possibly of this generation
  m1. Thomas Midleton, younger of Stansted Montfichet
  m2. _ Baldwyn of London
ii. Foote Onslow (b 02.06.1655, d 10.05.1710)
  m. Susanna Anlaby (d 10.06.1715, dau of Thomas Anlaby of Etton)
  a. Arthur Onslow of Imber Court (d 17.02.1768, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  m. Anne Bridges (dau of John Bridges of Thames Ditton)
  (1) George Onslow, 1st Lord of Imbercourt, 4th Lord Onslow, 1st Earl of Onslow (b 13.09.1731, d 17.05.1814)
  m. (26.06.1753) Henrietta Shelley (d 05.1802, dau of Sir John Shelley, Bart)
  (A) Thomas Onslow, 2nd Earl of Onslow (b 15.03.1754, d 22.02.1827)
  m1. (20.12.1776) Arabella Ellerker (d 11.04.1782, dau of Eaton Mainwaring Ellerker)
  (i) Arthur George Onslow, 3rd Earl of Onslow (b 25.10.1777, dspms 24.10.1870) had issue
  m. (21.07.1818) Mary Fludyer (d 01.03.1830, dau of George Fludyer of Ayston)
  (ii) Thomas Cranley Onslow of Stoke Park & Upton House (b 07.10.1778, d 07.07.1861) had issue
  m. (28.05.1812) Susannah Elizabeth Hiller (d 26.03.1852, dau of Nathaniel Hiller of Stoke Park)
  Ancestors of 4th and later Earls.
  (iii) Edward Mainwaring Mainwaring-Ellerker-Onslow (b 02.10.1779, d unm 30.07.1861, Lt. Colonel)
  (iv) Elizabeth Harriet Onslow (d unm 08.11.1837)
  m2. (13.02.1783) Charlotte Hale (d 25.04.1819, dau of William Hale of King's Walden)
  (v) Georgiana Charlotte Onslow (d unm 15.05.1829)
(B) Edward Onslow (b 09.04.1758, d 18.10.1829) had issue
  m. (07.03.1783) Marie Rosalie de Bourdeille (d 20.06.1842, dau of Chev. Jean de Bourdeille, Sn de Coustance)
  b. Richard Onslow, Governor of Fort William and Plymouth (d 16.03.1760, Lt. General)
  m1. (09.12.1726) Rose Bridges (dsp 08.02.1727-8, dau of John Bridges)
  m2. Pooley Walton (dau of Charles Walton of Little Bursted)
(1) George Onslow (b 23.04.1731, d 14.11.1792, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (29.07.1752) Jane Thorp (dau of Rev. Thomas Thorp)
  (A) George Walton Onslow of Dunsborough (b 25.06.1768, d 13.02.1844, minister) had issue
  m. (08.07.1800) Elizabeth Campbell (d 26.07.1846, dau of William Campbell)
  (B) Arthur Onslow (b 30.12.1773, d 29.11.1851, rector of Crayford) had issue
  m1. (25.08.1803) Marianna Campbell (d 09.03.1810, dau of William Campbell)
  m2. (17.06.1815) Caroline Mangles (dau of James Mangles of Woodbridge)
  (C) Pooley Onslow (d 10.12.1810)
  m1. (23.01.1788) Sir Francis Drake, Bart (dsp 19.11.1789, Vice-Admiral)
m2. Arthur Onslow
  (2) Sir Richard Onslow, 1st Bart (b 23.06.1741, d 27.12.1817)
  m. (02.06.1773) Anne Michell (d 31.01.1837, dau of Admiral Matthew Michell of Chitterne)
  (A) Matthew Richard Onslow (dvp 10.08.1808) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (30.11.1805) Sarah Seton (dau of Daniel Seton)
  (B) Sir Henry Onslow, 2nd Bart (b 23.4.1784, d 13.09.1853) had issue
  m. (07.02.1807) Caroline Bond (d 06.01.1867, dau of John Bond of Mitcham)
  (C) John James Onslow (Captain, RN) had issue
  m. (1818) Lavinia Dinning (d 15.08.1871, dau of Charles Dinning)
  (D) Frances Onslow (d 1844)
  m. (23.12.1800) Sir Hyde Parker (b 1739, d 16.03.1807, Admiral)
  (E) Anne Onslow (d 04.04.1853)
  m1. (12.08.1833) Francis, 2nd Viscount Lake (b 31.03.1772, dsp 12.05.1836)
  m2. (14.09.1837) Henry Gritton
  (F) Elizabeth Onslow (d 21.11.1861)
  m. Robert Lewis (d 1840, RN)
(G) Harriet Onslow (d 31.03.1860)
  m. J.N. Creighton (Captain)
  (3) Arthur Onslow (b 31.08.1746, d 15.10.1817, dean of Worcester)
  m. (04.11.1773) Frances Phipps (dau of Constantine Phipps)
  (A) Richard Francis Onslow (b 16.01.1776, d 23.10.1849, archdeacon of Worcester) had issue
  m. (04.07.1801) Harriet Mary Foley (d 04.05.1860, dau of Hon. Andrew Foley of Newport)
  (B) Arthur Cyril Onslow (b 1788, d 06.02.1869, rector of Newington) had issue
  m. (08.1812) Elizabeth Winnington (d 19.10.1865, dau of Sir Edward Winnington, 2nd Bart)
(C) Phipps Vanstittart Onslow (b 02.09.1790, d 10.05.1867) had issue
  m1. (21.07.1820) Harriet Winnington (d 05.03.1827, dau of Sir Edward Winnington, 2nd Bart)
  m2. (20.02.1834) Lucy Moseley (d 07.07.1839, dau of Walter Michael Moseley of Winterdine)
  (D) Charlotte Onslow (d unm)
  (E) Jane Onslow (d 10.12.1850)
  m. (07.1810) Rev. Edward Winnington-Ingram (d 07.05.1851)
  (4) Elizabeth Onslow (d 01.1802)
  m. George Hamilton (b 11.08.1718, d 26.11.1787, Canon of Windsor)
  iii. Catherine Onslow (d 14.03.1741)
  m. Sir William Clerke, 3rd Bart (d 1699)
  iv. Elizabeth Onslow possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (1670) John Berney (b c1635, d before 02.01.1689)
v. Mary Onslow (d before 03.01.1710/1) probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Robert Reeve of Thwaite (Thwayte), 2nd Bart
  m2. Thomas Vincent of Fetcham
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Arthur, Henry
  B. Sir Henry Onslow of Drungwick or Drungewick (d 1667)
  m. Jane Stodolp (dau of Sir Francis Stodolp or Stydolph of Mickleham)
  The following comes partly from a 'Pedigree of Onslow' from "Stories of Loxwood" by John C Buckwell (Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol VI, 162 f. 163) which was kindly copied to us by a contributor (RS, 29.12.07). It has been supported & supplemented by MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Pedigree of Onslow', p427+).
  i. Richard Onslow of Drungwick & Little Chelsea (d before 10.04.1712)
  m. Sarah Calvert (d 1750, dau of Thomas Calvert of London (MP) by Ann, dau of William Ambrose of Reading)
a. Denzil Onslow of Drungwick & Kevington (b c1698, d 16.11.1765)
  Buckwell shows 2 generations of Denzils, the first father of the 2nd (a 1759) by Mary Manning. MGH shows just one Denzil, providing his dates, married to Anne Middleton but with a possible first marriage to ...
  m1. Mary Manning (dau of Edward Manning by Anne Onslow) @@ below
  m2. (25.04.1730) Anne Middleton (d 06.01.1772, sister of Mary, Viscountess Molesworth (dau of Thomas Middleton of Stansted Montfichet))
(1) Middleton Onslow of Drungwick (d 29.10.1801)
  m. (24.08.1769) Anne Borrett (dau of Trevor Borrett, widow of Lt. Col. Arthur Reid)
  (A) Denzil Onslow of Staughton, Sheriff of Huntingdonshire (d 20.08.1838, General) had issue
  m1. (07.08.1796) Anne Catherine Petre (dsp 23.09.1798, dau of Robert Edward Petre, 9th Lord)
  m2. (20.09.1800) Sophia Lushington (d 17.03.1860, dau of Sir Stephen Lushington, Bart)
  (B) Middleton Onslow (d 26.01.1837, Rector of Bradford Peverell) had issue
m. (16.07.1802) Matilda Boddington (b 29.06.1776, d 30.06.1824, dau of Thomas Boddington of Hackney by Maria Catherina)
  (C) William Onslow (Colonel)  had issue
  m. Mildred Jones (dau of Lt. Col. John Jones)
  (2) Richard Onslow (bpt 31.12.1734, a 1759)
  b. Sarah Onslow
  m. _ Stone
  c. Jane Onslow
  m. Galen Cope (Captain, later Rector of Eversley, son of Sir John, Bart)
  d.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 07.09.1705), Anne, Mary of Clerkenwell (d c11.1748)
ii. Anne Onslow
  m1. Edward Manning of Kevington (b c1654, d 23.12.1703, son of Edward of Kevington by Elizabeth Masters)
  a. Mary Manning
  m. Denzil Onslow @@ above
  b.+ other issue - Richard of Kevington (bpt 09.04.1697, dsp 24.04.1753), 13 others
  m2. (30.03.1707) Stephen Parker
  C. Denzil Onslow of Pyrford (dsp 06.1721)
  m. Sarah Foote (dau of Sir Thomas Foote, Bart)
  D. Anne Onslow
  m. Sir Anthony Shirley of Preston, Bart (b 05.07.1624, bur 22.06.1683)
  E. Elizabeth Onslow probably of this generation
  m. Sir Francis Wyndham, 3rd Bart of Trent (b c1654, d 22.03.1715)
  F. Mary Onslow probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Freeman of East Betchworth (d 1678)
3. Elizabeth Onslow (b 1602-3, d 12.04.1624) who married ...
  m. Christopher Gardiner of Sonde Place then Haling
4. Jane Onslow (b c1609, bur 19.04.1661, 2nd dau) apparently of this generation
  m1. Sir Edward Carr of Hillingdon (d c02.1636)
  m2. (06.02.1637/8) Gerald Aungier, 2nd Lord of Longford (b before 22.01.1596/7, dsp 1655)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Onslow, Earls) with some input from BP1934 (Onslow, Baronets)
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