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Families covered: Payn of Quetivel, Payn of Samares, Payn of S. Laurence

'Armorial' (p302) starts its article on this family with the following: "Perhaps - nay certainly - this name is the most ancient known in Western Europe. Long prior to the age of genealogical research, before the Saxons had invaded Britain, and before the Scandinavians had occuped Neustria, families or septs bearing the generic name of Pagani, descendants of the veterans of old Rome, are mentioned by classic writers." and, later, "From this origin ... came the Norman family of Payen." and, later, there was scarcely a province in France, or a French genealogical work written, which did not contain a family of the name, with local variations of spelling, such as Paganus, Pagan, Payan, Payen, Paien, Payn, Pain, and Paynel".
Guille Payn (a 1367)
m. _ Bras-de-Fer (dau of Geoffrey Bras-de-Fer, Bailly of Jersey)
1. John Payn of Samares
  m. ?? Dumaresq (dau of William Dumaresq of La Haule)
  A. Philip Payn of Samares
  m. Thomasse De Carteret (dau of Regnauld De Carteret of Longueville)
  i. Mabel Payn of Samares
  m. John Dumaresq of Vincheles-de-Bas
  ii. Margaret Payn of Rondiole
  m1. Edward Payn @@ below
  m2. John Le Galles of Surville
  B. John Payn (Bailly of Jersey)
  i. son
  ii. John Payn
  m. _ Bras-de-Fer (dau/heir of _ Bras-de-Fer of Grouville)
  a. daughter
  m. _ Payn



Shown alongside the above family was the following.
Jordan Payen or Payn of Godeliere & Oulande (a 1331, jurat)
1. Raulin Payn of the Maison du Colombier, S. Laurence (a 1350, jurat)
m. Mabel De Barentine (dau of William de Barentine of Rozel)
  A. Jordan Payn
  i. Raulin Payn (a 1430, jurat)
  a. Thomas Payn (a 1450)
  (1) George Payn of La Godeliere, S. Laurence (a 1489, jurat)
  m. Guillemette Lempriere (dau of George Lempriere of Trinity)
  (A) Aulbine Payn of Maison du Columbier
  m. John Badier (son of Drouet Badier of S. Martin)
  (B) Margaret Payn
m. Andrew Perier
  (C) Julianne Payn
  m. Robert Bagdale of London
  (D)+ other issue - Ralph (cleric), James
  (2) Edward Payn
  m. Margaret Payn (dau/coheir of Philip Payn of Samares) @@ above
  (3) Michael Payn of Quetivel (a 1519, jurat)
m. Mabel De Carteret (dau/heir of Regnauld De Carteret of Longueville)
  (A) John Payn of Quetivel, Vicomte of Jersey (a 1542)
  (i) Collette Payn of Quetivel
  m. John Gardener of Gardner
  (a) Margaret Gardener (heir) apparently of this generation
m. Francis Le Maistre of S. Ouen (d 1605)
  (ii) Isabelle Payn
  m. John Le Hardy
  (B) Philip Payn
  (i) Philip Payn
  (a) John Payn
  ((1)) John Payn
  ((2)) Edward Payn (a 1618, jurat)
  m. Andrie
  (C) Jane Payn
  m. Nicholas Hamptonne
  (D) Catherine Payn
  B. Peter Payn (a 1361, rector of S. Brelade)

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Payn', p312)
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