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Families covered: Prestwich of Hulme, Prestwiche of Lubbenham

Adam de Prestwych of Prestwych (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
Baines shows Adam connected directly to the undermentioned Radulphus but there are clearly some missing generations.
1. ?? de Prestwych
  A. ?? de Prestwych
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations
  i. ?? de Prestwych
  a. ?? de Prestwych
  (1) Radulphus (Ralph) de Prestwych of Hulme, Lancashire (a 1434, 1439)
  (A) Radulphus (Ralph) de Prestwych of Hulme (a 1434, 1455)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) Elias (Elis) de Prestwich of Hulme (a 1485) - continued below
  m. (mcrt 08.06.1462) Isabella Tyldesley (a 1476, dau of Thurston Tyldesley)
  (ii) Raufe Prestwyche (d by 1455)



Elias (Elis) de Prestwich of Hulme (a 1485) - continued above
m. (mcrt 08.06.1462) Isabella Tyldesley (a 1476, dau of Thurston (Thurstan) Tyldesley)
1. Ralph Prestwich of Hulme (a 1476, 1527, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  A. Ellis Prestwich (a 1507)
  B. Edmund Prestwich of Hulme (a temp Elizabeth who r. 1558-1603)
  m. Isabell Rigmayden (dau of Thomas Rigmayden)
  Baines shows Edmund & Isabell as parents of Edmund father of Sir Thomas (1st Bart) father of Sir Thomas but provides little further information on the family.
  i. Edmund Prestwich of Hulme (bur 17.02.1628/9)
  m. Margaret Brereton (dau of Edward Brereton)
  a. son (dvp)
  b. Sir Thomas Prestwich of Hulme, 1st Bart (bpt 06.12.1604, bur 03.01.1673/4)
  m. Elizabeth
TCB reports claims to the baronetcy by a descendant of Elias, an alleged son of the 1st Bart (and younger brother of John who d unm), as set out in a pedigree which ignores the son Thomas who, according to TCB, "undoubtedly was the first surviving son (and successor) of Sir Thomas, the 1st Bart."
  (1) Sir Thomas Prestwich of Hulme, 2nd Bart (b c1625, bur 20.09.1676)
  m. (29.11.1649) Mary Hunt (b c1636, dau of Edward Hunt 'of Mortlake', granddau of Elizabeth Child)
  BEB1841 notes that "some uncertainty exists" concerning the descendants of the 2nd Bart.
  (A) Arabella (not Isabella) Prestwich (b c1659, d 14.03.1749/50)
  m. Matthew Ducie Moreton, 1st Lord Ducie of Moreton (b c1663, d 02.05.1735)
  (B) Penelope (probably not Priscilla) Prestwich (dsp)
m. (after 06.1692) ?? of London
  (C) Margaret Prestwich the existence of whom (as of this family) "seems doubtful"
  m. Richard Ringrose of (Barraboy near) Moynoe (Minoe), co. Clare (Colonel)
  (i) John Ringrose 'of Moynoe House'
  TCB does not identify John's wife and daughter but they are named in BLGI1912 ('Drew of Drewscourt').
  m. Avarina Purdon (dau/coheir of Capt. Gilbert Purdon of Ballycahill)
  (a) Margaret Ringrose (2nd dau, coheir)
m. Francis Drew of Drew's Court
  (2) Elias Prestwich, later of Ballaculioe, co. Limerick
  m. Anne Parker (dau of George Parker of Dunkip)
  (A) Richard Prestwich
  m. Elizabeth Lombard (dau of John Lombard of White Church)
(i) Elias Prestwich
  m. Catherine Lander (dau of John Lander of Cork)
  (a) ('Sir') John Prestwich of London (b 29-30.01.1744/5)
  m. (04.1776) Margaret Hall (dau of Joseph Hall, alderman of Dublin, by Ruth, dau of Francis Drew of Drew's Court)
c. Elizabeth Prestwich probably of this generation
  m. John Booth (bur 01.08.1644)
  d. Ellen Prestwich probably of this generation
  m. Adam Byrom of Salford (bpt 01.01.1585-6, d 31.01.1644)
  C. Cecily Prestwich
  m. Gilbert Ashton of Bramton
  D. Alice Prestwich
  m. Otes Reddish of Reddich (Reddish)
  E. Eleanor Prestwich
m. John Golston of co. Salop
  F. Anne Prestwich
  m. (before 08.1549) Edmund Ashton of Chaderton (b by 1521, d 08.1584)
2. Richard Prestwich
  A. Edmund Prestwich
3. Edmund Prestwich 'of Hulme' (younger sin)
  A. Alice Prestwich
  m. John Hulm of Hulm
4. (Catherine?) Prestwich
  m. Roger Barlow of Barlow
5. Margaret (Margery) Prestwich 
  m. (1487) John Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1469, d 1515)
6.+ other issue (a 1476, d by 1479?) - Nicholas (dsp), Thomas, John, Thurstan, Elyse (a 1509)



Sir Roger Prestwiche of Lubbenham
1. John Prestwiche of Lubbenham
  A. William Prestwiche
  m. _ Poutney (dau of Sir Thomas Poultney)
  i. Rose Prestwiche
  m. William Digby (a 1551)
  B. Richard Prestwiche (4th son)
  m. Alice Gifford of Twyford
  C. Edmond Prestwiche
  m. Mary Clinton
  i. William Prestwiche
  m. Maud Cave
  a. Edmond Prestwiche
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, John (dsp)

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