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Families covered: Prickley (Harris) of Haydon, Prickley of Prickley, Harris of Walton

The Visitation does not give any indication of the dates of the early generations of this family but, working backwards from the last generations, it would appear that the following Adam may have lived in the 11th century. We are suspicious about these early generations, thinking either that they may be spurious or that the Harleian editor made/copied a mistake showing how the generations interconnected. We suggest that the whole of the upper section of the page should not be taken too seriously.
Adam de Prickley, Worcestershire
1. Alan de Prickley
  m. Sibella Bradborne (dau of John Bradborne)
  A. Robert de Prickley
  m. Agnes Okeover (dau of Ralph de Okeover)
  i. John de Prickley
  m. Joanna Hilton (dau of Jacob Hilton)
  a. Henry Prickley
  m. Agnes Bussi (dau of Sir Hugo Bussi)
  (1) Sir William Prickley
  m1/2. Beatrix Thimbleby (dau of Brian Thimbleby)
  (A) Ursula Prickley
  m. Robert Bovill
  (B) Isabel Prickley
  m. Raffe Byron
  m2/1. Margaret Mountford (dau of Sir John Mountford)
  (C) James Prickley
  m1. Alice Dinom
  (i) Richard Prickley
  m. Oliff Aston (dau of Walter Aston of Tixsall)
(ii) Hugh Prickley
  m1/2. Lucy Throgmorton (dau of Sir Thomas Throgmorton)
  (a) Alexander Prickley
  m. Martha Bassett (dau of George Bassett)
  ((1)) Richard Prickley
  m. Isabel Lound (dau of Sir Anthony Lound)
  ((A)) William Prickley
  m. Elizabeth Russell (dau of John Russell)
  ((i)) John Prickley - continued below
  m. _ Wallop (dau of Phillip Wallop)
  ((ii)) Robert Prickley
  m. _ Staveley
  ((iii)) Walter Prickley
  m. _ Angevine
  ((iv)) Emme Prickley
  m. John Rouse of Rouselinch
  ((v)) Maud Prickley
  m. William Kendall
  ((B)) Oliver Prickley
  m. _ Moyne (dau of Thomas Moyne)
  ((C)) George Prickley
  m. _ Dickleston
  ((D)) Marian Prickley
  m. John Magroll
  ((E)) Dorothy Prickley
  m. John Caldecott
  ((2)) Thomas Prickley
  m. Maud Mansfeld (dau of Edward Mansfeld)
  ((3)) Audrey Prickley
  m. Thomas Danby
  ((4)) Agnes Prickley
  m. Thomas Baskervile
  (b) Anthony Prickley
  m. Barbara Frank (dau of Richard Frank)
  (c) George Prickley
  m. Frances Thorpe (dau of Robert Thorpe)
  (d) Mary Prickley
  m. Hugh Pudsey
  (e) BRidget Prickley
  m. John Leventhorpe
  m2/1. Ursula Bissett (dau of Sir John Bissett)
  (iii) daughter
  m. Reingald Coushill
  m2. Anne Wyer (dau of Robert Wyer)
  (D) Henry Prickley
  m. Catherin Rudhall (dau of John Rudhall)
  (2) Jane Prickley
  m. Gregory Bremingham
  b. Jacob Prickley
  m. Johanna Beson (dau of Thomas Beson)
  (1) Anthony Prickley
  m. Thomazin Froddingham (dau of Peirse Froddingham)
  c. Oliver Prickley
  m. Lodowick (Lewis) Ashton
  d. Walter Prickley
  m. Mabell Britton (dau of Thomas Britton)
  e. Precilla Prickley
  m. Thomas Freville
  f. Grace Prickley
  m. John Wetenhall
  ii. Stephen Prickley
  m. Anna Fitzwaren (dau of Ralph Fitzwaren)
  iii. Roger Prickley
  m. Rose Aston (dau of Brian Aston)
  iv. Barbara Prickley
  m. John Yaxley
  v. Elizabeth Prickley
  m. Thomas Bredsale
  B. John de Prickley
  m. Edith Baude (dau of John or Jenkin Baude of Tinbrey)
  C. Joanna de Prickley
  m. Robert Pointz
  D. Mildred de Prickley
  m. John Gelstrop
2. Henry de Prickley
  m. _ St. Philbert (dau of John St. Philbert)
3. Anabell de Prickley
  m. Alexander Poutrell



John Prickley - continued above
m. _ Wallop (dau of Phillip Wallop)
1. William Prickley
  m. Alice Massey (dau/heir of William Massey)
  A. Walter Prickley of Prickley
  i. Richard Prickley of Prickley
  a. John Prickley of Prickley
  m. Joyce Aubrey (dau/heir of Willliam Aubrey)
  (1) Edward Prickley alias Harris of Prickley
  m. Margaret Ketleby (dau of John Ketleby of Coderidg or Catheridg)
  (A) Richard Prickley alias Harris of Prickley (Worcestershire) & Haydon (Gloucestershire)
  m. _ Smyth (dau of William Smyth of Lee)
  (i) Richard Prickley alias Harris of Haydon, last of Prickley
  m. _ Nicholas (dau of Reignald Nicholas of Prestbury)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas, Nicholas, John, Elizabeth
  (ii) John Prickley alias Harris of Haydon
  m. Elizabeth Wilcocks (dau of Rowland Wilcocks of Broseley)
  (a)+ issue - Edward, Humffrey, John
  (B) Thomas Prickley alias Harris
  (i)+ issue - Anne, Frances
  (C) Edmond Prickley alias Harris of Walton, Gloucestershire
  m. Joan Pecher (dau of John Pecher of Hame)
  (i) Richard Harris of Walton
  m. Susan Butler (dau of Richard Butler of Strensham or Strinsham)
  (a) Edmond Harris
  m. Ellenor Bromwich (dau of Thomas Bromwich of Elesffeld)
  ((1))+ issue - Edmond, Ellenor, Frances, Joane
(b) Frances Harris
  m. Henry Wakeman
  (c) Elizabeth Harris
  m. Henry Wayte
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Susanna, Johanna, Dorothea
  (ii) Joane Harris
  m. Thomas Bullson of Beawdley
  (D) John Prickley alias Harris
  (i) Edward Prickley or Harris
  (E) Walter Prickley alias Harris (dsp)
  (2) Joyce Prickley
  m. John Hudleston of Farington (d 1547)

Main source(s): Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Prickley) with some support from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Harris)
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