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Families covered: Perry of Woodrooff, Plunket of Newton, Phesant of Tottenham, Pheasant of Upwood, Pordage of Rodmersham, Pepperell of Massachusetts

John Perry of Woodrooff, co Tipperary (d 1709-10)
m. Anne Neville (dau of John Neville of Newrath, m2. Rev. Thomas Somerville)
1. John Perry of Woodrooff (dsp by 1759)
2. Samuel Perry
m. Phoebe Norcott (dau of William Norcott)
  A. William Perry of Woodrooff (d 10.1791)
  m. (13.06.1764) Anne Peddar (dau of Richard Peddar) father named Belchel in BLGI1912 but Richard in BIFR1976
  i. Samuel Perry of Woodrooff (b 12.05.1765, d 05.05.1829)
  m. (03.1791) Deborah Prittie (d 20.08.1829, dau of Henry, 1st Baron Dunsalley)
  a. William Perry of Woodrooff, Sheriff of Tipperary (b 13.02.1793, d 13.07.1869) had issue
  m. (12.10.1838) Mary Langley (dau of Major Henry Langley of Brittas Castle)
  b. Henry Prittie Perry (b 16.03.1798, Rev.) had issue
  m. (1830) Katherine Bourke (d 12.09.1876, dau of Richard Bourke, Bishop of Waterford, sister of 5th Earl of Mayo)
  c. Samuel Perry of Baronea (b 22.06.1804, dsp 11.1871)
  m. (1837) Thomasine Isabella Townsend (dau of Horatio Townsend of Woodside)
  d. Catherine Perry (d 04.1872)
  m. (04.1815) William Barton of Grove (d 1837)
  e. Anne Perry (dsp)
  m. Mathew Sankey of Coolmore (d 1837)
f. Mary Perry
  g. Phoebe Maria Perry (d 07.09.1893)
  m. (12.09.1837) Sampson Towgood Wynne French of Cuskinny (d 12.11.1878)
  ii.+ other issue - John, William, Arthur, Micagh, Dorcas, Phoebe, Anne
  B. Richard Perry of Cork
  m1. Ellen Lavitt (dau of Alderman _ Lavitt)
  i. Samuel Perry had issue
  m2. (07.03.1769) Mary Newman (dau of Adam Newman of Dromore)
  ii. Mary Perry
  m. James Jackson (d 1825, Captain, son of George of Enniscoe)
  iii.+ other issue - Adam, Richard, William Newman (Rev), Charles
  m3. Henrietta Lucas (d 1838, dau of Arthur Hyde Lucas, widow of Thomas Bernard of Palace Anne)
  This marriage is not mentioned in BLGI1912 but is shown, albeit with a question mark, in BIFR1976.
  C. Dorcas Perry
  m. William Warren (d 1761, son of Robert of Kilbarry, brother of Sir Robert, 1st Bart)
  D. Elizabeth Perry
  m. _ Kiddell



BP1934 reports that "This family claims to be a branch of the old Irish house of Plunkett."
Rev Patrick Plunket of Edinburgh (b 1684, d 1760)
1. Thomas Plunket of Glennan & Dublin (minister)
  m. Mary Conyngham (dau of David Conyngham of Letterkenny)
  A. Patrick Plunket of Dublin
  m. Loiusa Henry (dau of Joseph Henry of Straffan)
  B. William Conyngham Plunket, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1st Lord Plunket of Newton (co Cork) (b 01.07.1765, d 05.01.1854, 4th son)
  m. (20.10.1790) Katherine McCausland (d 14.03.1821, dau of John McCausland of Strabane)
  i. Thomas Span Plunket, 2nd Lord Plunket of Newton, Bishop of Tuam, Killala & Anchory (b 27.06.1792, dspms 19.10.1866) had issue
  m. (26.10.1819) Louisa Jane Foster (d 14.01.1893, dau of John William Foster of Fanevalley)
  ii. John Span Plunket, 3rd Lord Plunket of Newton (b 1793, d 16.04.1871) had issue
  m. (05.04.1824) Charlotte Bushe (d 11.09.1886, dau of Lord Chief Justice Charles Kendal Bushe)
  iii. David Plunket (d 12.09.1868)
  m. (27.12.1837) Louisa Busby (d 27.08.1895, dau of Robert Aldridge Busby)
  iv. Patrick Plunket (d 07.1859, judge, 5th son) had issue
  m. (24.05.1838) Maria Eliza Atkinson (d 1892, dau of John Atkinson of Dublin, m2. Col. Henry Musters of Brianstown)
  v. Robert Plunket (b 11.03.1802, d 14.05.1867, dean of Tuam, rector of Headfort) had issue (daus)
  m. (27.03.1830) Mary Lynch-Blosse (d 1886, dau of Sir Robert Lynche-Blosse, 8th Bart)
  vi. Elizabeth Plunket (b 1804, d 03.04.1825)
  m. (05.04.1824) Rev. Sir Francis Lynch-Blosse, 9th Bart (d 05.07.1840)
  vii. Isabella Katherine Plunket (b c1808, d 03.08.1857)
  m. (1846) Henry Quin of Burleigh
  viii.+ other issue - William Conyngham (d unm 09.1857, rector of Bray), Catherine (d 17.10.1868), Louisa (d 11.03.1898)
  C.+ other issue
2.+ other issue



Stephen Phesant of Tottenham, Middlesex
1. Jasper Phesant of Tottenham
  m. _ Heveningham (dau of _ Heveningham of Heveningham)
  A. Peter Phesant of Barkwith then Hackthorn (a 1561, 1589, of Gray's Inn)
  m. (06.07.1578) Jane Fulnetby (dau/coheir of Sir Vincent Fulnetby of Fulnetby)
  i. Peter Phesant or Pheasant of Upwood, Huntingdonshire (bpt 23.11.1584, d 01.10.1649, of Gray's Inn, Recorder of London)
  m. Mary Bridges (bur 21.06.1662, dau of Richard Bridges of Combe)
a. Stephen Phesant or Pheasant of Upwood (b 22.05.1617, bur 31.05.1657, of Gray's Inn)
  m. Sarah (bur 03.05.1654)
  Maddison ends with the next generation but does not mention Walter. VCH (Huntingdonshire, vol 2, 'Parishes: Upwood') reports that Stephen was succeeded by ...
  (1) Walter Pheasant of Upwood (d 1668)
  m. (c1665) Ann Hadley
  (A) Peter Phesant (d infant)
  (2) Peter Pheasant of Upwood (bur 20.05.1682)
  VCH provides the following.
  m. Mary Leman (dau of Sir William Leman, Bart, of Warboys & Northaw by Mary Mansel)
  (A) Peter Pheasant of Upwood (bur 1703)
  (i) William Pheasant of Upwood (a 1707, dsp?)
  (ii) Mansel Pheasant (dsp? bur 1723, Captain)
  (3) Mary Phesant (b 1649)
  m. (c04.1669) Thomas Crispe of London
  (4)+ other issue - Sarah (bur 02.07.1653), Anne (bpt 16.10.1652), Susan (bpt 1654), Sarah (bpt 1655)
  b.+ other issue - Nathaniel, Mary, Susan, Margaret
  ii. Thomas Phesant (bpt 10.02.1585-6)
iii. Jane Phesant
  m. Augustine Swafield of Rutland
  iv. Elizabeth Phesant (bur 17.09.1617)
  m. John Wharfe of Brigg
  v. Susan Phesant
  m. John Phipps of Yorkshire
  B. Thomas Phesant of Ireland
  i. Catherine Phesant
  m. George Harewood of London
  C. Elizabeth Phesant
  m. _ Barker or Baker of London (goldsmith)
  D. Margaret Phesant
  m. Sir Stephen Slaney (alderman of London)
  E. Dorothy Phesant
  m. _ Sewell



BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', Vol 6, Parishes: Rodmersham) suggests that the original name of the following family was de Podach.
John Podage alias Pordage
m. Katherine Buns
1. William Pordage of Rodmersham, Kent
  m. Mary Barrowe (dau of John Barrowe of Hinxill)
  A. Solomon Pordage of Rodmersham
m. Ursula Woodcock (dau of Randolph Woodcock, alderman of London)
  i. Sir William Pordage of Rodmersham (a 1615, dsp) probably the Sir William who married ...
  m. Mary Gage (dau of Thomas Gage of Furle, m2. Thomas Ashfield of Chesham)
  ii. Thomas Pordage of Rodmersham
  m. Margaret Collins (dau/heir of Henry Collins of Sussex)
  a. Thomas Pordage of Rodmersham
  m. Anne Ive (dau/heir of John Ive son/heir of Sir Marke)
  (1) William Pordage or Porridge, last of Rodmersham (2nd son)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1663) - John (b c1648), Anne, Elizabeth, Frances
  b. Elizabeth Pordage (d 1658) possibly of this generation
  m. John Petre of Fidlers (d 1696)
  B.+ other issue - John, Edward, Elizabeth, Sara, Frances
2. Joane Pordage possibly of this generation, married twice?
  m1. William Steed of Harrietsham (d 1574)
  m2. Francis Colepeper of Greenway Court (b c1538, d 1591)



Whereas BEB1841 reports that Sir William, 1st Bart, was "descended from a Cornish family, but a native by birth of New England, his great-grandfather having settled there", TCB identifies him as son of the following William "who emigrated from Tavistock, Devon" (to Massachussetts) having "from a penniless fisherman" become "a great shipowner and merchant".
William Pepperell (d 1734)
m. Margaret Bray
1. Sir William Pepperell of Massachusets (North America), Bart (b 27.06.1696, d 06.07/22.08.1759, Lt. General)
  m. (06.03.1723) Mary Hirst (d 25.11.1789, dau of Grove Hirst of Boston, New England)
  A. Andrew Pepperell (b c1726, dvp unm 1751)
  B. Elizabeth Pepperell
  m. Nathaniel Sparhawk ("a merchant of New England")
  i. Nathaniel Sparhawk
a. son ("residing in America")
  ii. Sir William Sparhawk, later Pepperrell, Bart (d 13/.12.1816)
  Sir William's baronetcy was a new creation.
  m. (12/13.11.1767) Elizabeth Royall (dau of Hon. Isaac Royall of Massachusetts)
  a. William Royall Pepperell (b 05.07.1775, d unm 27.09.1798)
  b. Elizabeth Royall Pepperell
  m. Henry Hutton (rector of Beaumont, Essex)
  c. Mary Pepperell
  m. William Congreve of Congreve & Aldermanston (dsp)
  d. Harriet Pepperell
  m. Sir Charles Thomas Palmer of Wanlip Hall, Bart
  iii. Mary Sparhawk
  m. Charles Jervis of Boston
  iv.+ other issue - Samuel, Andrew

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