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Families covered: Repington of Repington

We are somewhat suspicious of several of the generations & spouses shown on this page but, whilst remembering that the latter may have been based on the former, repeat what is given by the Visitation and Commoners.
Simon de Repington of Repington, Lincolnshire (a temp William II who r. 1087-1100)
1. Ralph Repington of the Leache
  m. Audrey Ferne (dau of John Ferne or Fearne of Belton)
  A. Roger Repington of Repington (cofferer to Empress Maud)
  m. Susan Scrope (dau of Sir Richard Scrope of Bolton)
  i. Sir Richard Repington
Commoners reports that Sir Richard was "slain at a just ... anno 1178" and notes that his son Thomas was forced to sell his lands in Lincolnshire after being taken prisoner at the battle of Poictiers in 40Ed3 i.e. 1366 (sb 1356?). Either one (or both) of those dates is wrong or there must be some missing generations here (or something else is wrong).
  m1. Marian Lowther (dau of Sir John Lowther of Lowther)
  a. Thomas Repington, last of Repington
  m. Anne Peyton (dau of Sir John Peyton of Suffolk)
  (1) Adam Repington in Lincolnshire (standard bearer to King Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  m. Marian Lambard (d 1399, dau/heir of Henry Lambard of Long Sutton, etc.)
  (A) William Repington in Suffolk (d 1451)
  m. Alice Acton (dau of Helby Acton or Atton of Howelling)
  (i) William Repington (d 1512)
  m. Emma Thurston (dau of John Thurston of Great Waldingfield)
  (ii) John Repington
  m. Mary Blewitt (dau of Roger Blewitt of Harlixton)
  (a) Edmund Repington
  m. Joyce Fitzarches (dau of John Fitzarches of Grove)
  (b) George Repington of Thurganby, Yorkshire
  m. Mary St. Pier (dau of John St. Pier of Congleton)
  (iii) Christopher Repington
  m. Emme Vavasor (dau of Sir Piers Vavasor of Spaldington)
  (a) Clement Repington of Welby Drake
  (iv) Emme Repington
  m. William Engleberd of Beverley
  (v) Alice Repington
  m. John Marshall of Hewton Crancewick
  (B) daughter (dsp)
  m. Sir John Camoys
  (C) Albreda Repington
  m. Adam Resbie of Ashover
  (2) Ralph Repington
  m. Audrey Reppes (dau of Sir John Reppes of Walton)
  (3) Thomas Repington of Waldingfield, Suffolk
  m. Julian Hunston (dau of William hunston of Wallsoken)
  (4) Rose Repington
  m1. (sp) John Blenkensop
  m2. Anthony Strelley of Beache
  b. John Repington
  m. Thomasin Bredsall (dau of Sir Thomas Bredsall of Derbyshire)
  c. Mathew Repington
  m. Barbara Cay (dau of Thomas Cay (Kaye) of Okenshaw)
  d. Grizagon or Grisagar Repington
  m. Henry Sutton of Aram
  e. Judith Repington
  m. John Mounson of Carleton
  m2. Alcie Chaworth (dau of Sir John Chaworth of Warton)
  ii. Jonas Repington
  m. Mary Cheek (dau of John Cheek of Louth)
  iii. John Repington
  m. Joyce Langton (dau of John Langton of Langton)
  iv. Annabel Repington
  m. John Rochford of Rochford
  v. Rachel Repington
  m. Christopher Stainton of Stainton
  B. John Repington
m. (1135) Judith Hacket (dau of Thomas Hacket of Hagworthingham)
  C. Henry Repington
  m. Joan Baskerville (dau of Sir John Baskerville of Stoke)
2. Jervase (Gervace) de Repington (a 1104)
  m. _ Bovile (dau of _ Bovile or Bouth de Lastingham or Lustingham in Pickeringleth)
3. Anthony de Repington of Kingerby & Claypoole
  m. Affabell Worseley (dau of Sir Robert Worseley of Worseley)
  A. Anne Repington
  m. Sir Hugh Bushey of Hethor
  B. Catherine Repington
  m1/2. Thomas (Statham) of Staveley
  m2/1. _ Stathom (Hugh Staunton of Northamptonshire)
4. Rachell de Repington
  m. George Poyntz of Hatfield-in-the-Moor

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, Repington of Amington), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Repington)
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