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Families covered: Reynes of Clifton Reynes, Reynes of Marston
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Thomas Raynes or Reynes of Clifton, Buckinghamshire
m. (c1272) Joane Borrarde (dau of Sir Simon Borrarde by Margaret, dau of Sir Asceline Sydenham of Tichmarche)
1. Ralph Reynes of Clifton, Okley, Strathern & Tichmarche (d before 1310)
  m(2). Mabel (Amabilia) Chamberlain (dau of Sir Richard Chamberlain of Petsoe)
A. Sir Thomas Reynes of Clifton (a 1354)
  m1. Cecilia Tiringham (dau of Sir John de Tiringham of Tiringham (Terringham))
  i. Sir Thomas Reynes of Clifton Reynes (d c1388)
  m. Johanna Seyton ("dau of Baron Seton, of Scotland")
  a. Sir John Reynes of Clifton Reynes (d 1428)
  m1. Katherine Scudamore (a 1388, sister/heir of Sir Walter, dau of joane, dau of Henry Brisley)
  (1) Thomas Reynes (dvp 1416)
(A) John Reynes (d 1421)
  (2) Cecilia Reynes
  m. Henry Street of Melburo (Melburn), Cambridgeshire
  (A) Joan Street (a 1440)
  m. John Ansty
  (i) Elizabeth Ansty (d 23.01.1517/8)
  m. William Taylard of Doddington (b c1431, d 1505)
  (ii) Johanna Ansty (dsp)
  m. William Alington of Horsheath
  (iii) Maria Ansty (dsp)
  m. Henry Langley
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - William (a 1430, d by 1440?), Henry
  (3) Denise Reynes (dsp)
  m2. Joanna Betby or Betler
  (4) Walter Reynes of Clifton Reynes (b 1403, d c1439)
  (5) Margery Reynes
  m. _ Brandon
  (A) Margaret Brandon
  m1. Robert Gibbon
(i) Robert Gibbon (dsp)
  m2. Roger Pierpont
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp) - George, Margeria
  m3. (by 1427) Alice Hartwell (dau of John Hartwell of Hartwell)
  (6) John (probably not Thomas) Reynes of Clifton Reynes (dsp 1451)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (7) Jane Reynes
  m. Sir Richard Chamberlayne
  b. Thomas Reynes (dsp)
c. Richard Reynes (d 1420)
VCH (Bedfordshire, vol 3, Parishes: Marston Moretaine) & Nichols support VCH (Clifton Reynes) in showing that Richard was father of Thomas (d 1451) father of Thomas. The latter Thomas is shown as succeeded by John, "probably his son", father of Elizabeth. VCH (Clifton Reynes) identifies Richard [who was father (by Maud) of 3 daughters, one of whom married Thomas Lowe] as brother of Thomas uncle of Elizabeth. HOWEVER, both Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572, Duncombe) & Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Low of Clifton Reynes) show the Richard, father of 3 daughters (including Anne who m. Thomas Low) as son of a John 'of Clifton Reynes' (by a dau of Broughton of Toddington) with Visitation (Buckinghamshire) showing that John as son of Roger 'of Clifton Reynes' by Anne/Agnes, dau of John Tirringham. Furthermore, the Duncombe records identify Mary as dau of Richard son of John. However, PROVISIONALLY we ignore the Visitations and follow VCH, Lipscomb & Nichols but note that this may have to be reviewed in due course.
  m. _ Malverer
  (1) Thomas Reynes of Marston, Bedfordshire (d 1451)
  m. _ Frowick
(A) Thomas Marston & Clifton Reynes of Marston, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (d 04.1471)
  m. _ Broughton
  (i) John Reynes of Marston & Clifton Reynes (a 1498)
  (a) Elizabeth Reynes
  m. Richard Dicons or Decons (d 1521)
(ii) Thomas Reynes of Clifton Reynes (dsp 1524)
  (iii) Richard Reynes of Clifton Reyne
  VCH identifies Richard's wife as Maud. Lipscomb& Nichols identify her as Matilda Booth. The above-mentioned Visitations identify her as ...
  m. Maud Booth (dau of George Booth of Dunham)
  (a) Anne Reynes
  m. Thomas Low(e) of Clifton
  (b) Elizabeth Reynes
  Visitation (Buckinghamshire) identifies Elizabeth's husband as Richard Bird of Tuddington but Lipscomb & Nichols names him ...
  m. Robert Emery of Toddington or Tuddington
  (c) Mary Reynes
  m. William Duncombe (a c1550)
  ii.+ other issue - Joan, Cecily, Agnes possibly of this marriage
  m2. Joan (a 1354)

Main source(s): VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 4, 'Parishes: Clifton Reynes') with input/support from Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Borard Reignes', p105), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, 'Taylarde'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2 part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Borard, Reigne, and Tailard of Stathern', p360) and as reported above
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