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Families covered: Rothe of Butler's Grove, Rothe of Kilcullen, Rothe of Mount Rothe

William Rothe of Northon Rothe, Lancashire
1. ?? Rothe
2. John Rothe (to Ireland c1172)
  A. ?? Rothe
  i. ?? Rothe
a. ?? Rothe
  (1) ?? Rothe
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (A) ?? Rothe
  (i) ?? Rothe
  (a) ?? Rothe
  ((1)) Thomas Rothe of Kilkenny (a 1403)
  m. Ellen Purcell (dau of _ Purcell by Rose, dau/heir of Adam Waring)
  ((A)) John Rothe had issue
  ((B)) Richard Rothe (youngest son) - continued below
  ((C))+ 5 sons



Richard Rothe - continued above
1. ?? Rothe
  A. ?? Rothe
  i. ?? Rothe
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Rothe
  (1) ?? Rothe
  (A) ?? Rothe
  (i) Richard Rothe of Butler's Grove & Lower Grange, co Kilkenny (d 22.12.1694)
m. Lettice Connell (dau of William Connell of Kilkenny)
  (a) Abraham Rothe of Butler's Grove , Sheriff of co Kilkenny (b 1673, dsp 06.05.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Hoey (d 01.1759, dau of Sir John Hoey of Dunganstown, widow of Perkins Vaughan)
  (b) Michael Rothe (b 1676, d 05.1746, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Vaughan (dau of Perkins Vaughan by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Hoey of Dunganstown)
  ((1)) Richard Rothe of Butler's Grove & Mount Rothe, Sheriff of co Kilkenny (d 28.03.1771)
  m1. (12.1748) Catherine Cooper (d 08.1759, dau of Thomas Cooper of Graigue, niece/heir of Sir William Cooper, Bart)
((A)) Catherine Rothe (b 1757, d 20.02.1833)
  m. (24.12.1774) Pierce Butler, later Butler-Cooper (dsp 05.5.1825)
m2. (1765) Catherine Dalton (m2. William Barton)
  ((B)) George Abraham Rothe of Mount Rothe, Sheriff then Mayor of Kilkenny (b 1767, d 10.3.1846)
  m. (05.12.1794) Anne Salisbury Hickie-Jephson (d 25.05.1842, dau of Laurence Hickie-Jephson of Carrick House)
  ((i)) Richard Jephson Rothe (d 26.04.1845, rector of Macloneigh & Milmichael) had issue
  m1. (22.10.1830) Letitia St. Lawrence (dsp 1833, dau of Thomas St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork & Ross)
  m2. (18.07.1838) Harriet Turner (d 20.12.1879, dau of Lt. Gen. Charles Turner)
  ((ii)) Lorenzo Rothe (dsp, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (15.07.1863) Margaret Stirling (dau of George Stirling of Glasgow)
  ((iii)) Dorothea Catherine Rothe (d 31.10.1879)
m. (24.02.1821) John Ladeveze Adlercron of Moyglare
  ((iv)) Anne Salisbury Rothe (dsp 27.11.1880)
  m. (04.07.1821) Samuel White (d 1854, Colonel, MP)
((v))+ other issue (d unm) - George Walter (d 17.11.1823), James (d infant), James Abraham (d 04.05.1823), Katherine (d 31.03.1889), Frances Elizabeth (d 05.01.1896)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Rothe
  m. (03.09.1789) William Moore of Moore Lodge
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm) - Charlotte, Anne (d 12.1851)
  ((2)) George Rothe (b 1729, dsp 21.01.1789, MP for Thomastown)
  m. (05.1758) Elizabeth Gore (d 1809, dau of Rev. William Gore, niece of Arthur, 1st Earl of Arran)
  ((3)) William Rothe to West Indies
  ((A))+ issue - Jeremiah, Mary
  ((4)) Elizabeth Rothe
  m. (01.1738) Nuttal Greene of Low Grange
  ((5)) Lettice Rothe
  m. James Eaton of Powerstown
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - Abraham, Ann (d 1779), Sarah
  (c) Edmund Rothe
  ((1)) Judith Rothe
  m. Daniel Ryan
  ((2))+ other issue (d unm) - Richard of Cork (d 1779), Abraham, Oliver, Michael
(d) John Rothe of Kilcullen, co Kilkenny (b 1680, d 1746)
  m. Elinor Houghton (dau of Henry Houghton of Balliane)
  ((1)) Richard Rothe (to S. Eustacius, West Indies)
  ((A)) John Rothe 'of Bloomhill'
  m. (07.1780) Anen Mason
  ((i)) George Rothe (dsp 21.09.1840)
  m. (05.03.1827) Damaris Constable (dau of John Nicholson Constable of Rock Lodge)
  ((ii)) Abraham Rothe (d unm)
  ((iii)) Anne Rothe (b 1783, d 13.04.1852)
  m. (13.03.1803) Rev. Hans Caufeild
((B)) Elinor Rothe
  ((2)) John Rothe of Kilcullen (d 12.1793)
  m. (1755) Mary Whelan (d 12.1791, dau of J. Whelan)
  ((A)) Patrick Rothe (b 1762, dvp unm 22.08.1783)
  ((B)) Richard Rothe of Kilcullen (b 1770, d unm 25.12.1824)
  ((C)) Mary Rothe (b 1757, dsp 12.1792)
  m. George Bowers
  ((D)) Catherine Rothe (b 1759, d 05.04.1789)
  m. (02.1784) Peter Burtchaell of Coolroe
  ((E)) Bridget Rothe (b 1763, dsp 26.01.1823)
  m. J.Walsh
  ((3)) Elizabeth Rothe
  m. (06.1739) William Kenney of Clonegall
  ((4)) Elinor Rothe
  m. (07.1747) John Clarke of Raheenroche
  ((5))+ other issue - Michael of Cappagh (dspl 25.05.1782), Abraham (d unm 1756)
  (e) Mary Rothe
  m. John Mulcahill of Drumneen
  (f) Ellen Rothe
  m. (1699) Thomas Hewetson of Cloghruske
  (g) Elizabeth Rothe
  m. Charles Den Roche (Captain)
  (h) Sarah Rothe
  m. Edward Hill of Graigue
  (i)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, William

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Rothe, late of Mount Rothe)
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