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Families covered: Scargill (Skargill) of Thorp Stapleton (Thorp Hall)

(1)This family's name is spelt in various ways including Scargill (used most nowadays), Scargell & Skargill. Thoresby uses Skargill whilst THG uses Scargill.
(2) Thoresby identifies the arms of this family as "Ermine a Saltire Gules".
Adam Scargill (Skargill) of Thorp Stapleton (a 1300)
m. Ameline (Emeline) Tyas (dau of Sir Francis Tyas of Lede)
1. Sir Warine Scargill (Skargill)
m. Joan Wells (dau of Sir Robert Wells)
  A. Sir William Scargill (Skargill) (a 1322, 1340)
  m. Jane Mauleverer (dau of Sir William Mauleverer)
  i. Sir William Scargill 'of Thorp Stapleton' (a 1351, 1376)
  m. Margaret Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gauthorp (Gawthorpe))
  a. John Scargill
  THG (p406) notes that thia John "cannot have been the son of Sir William Scargill and Margaret Gacoigne his wife; probably not even their grandson". That may be thought of as indicating that the connection was more distant but the dates appear to contradict that.
  m. _ Uslane
  (1) William Scargill 'of Thorp'
  m. (1451) Dorothy Coniers (dau of Sir Thomas Coniers)
(A) Sir Robert Scargill 'of Thorp Hall'
  Thoresby identifies Robert's wife as just Joan. THG (p409) shows a pedigree that indicates that the mother of Margaret & Mary was the following Jane. That page also gives an alternative pedigree for this Sir Robert, suggesting that he was brother of Elizabeth (m. John Everingham of Burkin) and son, by Elizabeth (dau of Thomas Pigot of Clotheram), of William( who was brother of Margery (m. Sir _ Chaloner) & Sibil) son of Willliam by Elizabeth, dau of William Gascoigne. It suggests that "it seems more correct thatn Hopkinson's" (which is the one followed). Provisionally, we ignore that warning because the daughters' names are not supported by the sources used for the families they married into. However, we note that the mother of Margaret & Mary may well have been ...
  m. Jane Earl (dau of Christopher Earl of Saulisbury in Durham)
  (i) Margaret Scargill (d 17.10.1575)
  m. Sir John Gascoigne of Cardington (d 1568)
  (ii) Mary Scargill
m. Marmaduke Tunstall of Brantingham
  (B) Elizabeth Scargill
  m. Robert Haldonby
  (C) Agnes Scargill
  m. Thomas Mountford
  (D) Alice Scargill
  m. Robert Hall
  (E) Margaret Scargill mentioned by THG but not by Thoresby
  m. Sir John Everingham of Birkin
  (2) Thomas Scargill smentioned by THG but not by Thoresby
  (3) Agnes Scargill
m. Thomas Calverley ## see here ##
  b. Joan Scargill
  m. William Lacy of Leverthorp
  c. Isabel Scargill
  m. Gilbert Leghe (Leigh) of Middleton (a 1420)
  d. Jane Scargill
  m. John Frobisher of Altofts
  ii. Margaret Scargill
  m. Sir John Gargrave
  Thoresby indicates that they had a son, Sir Thomas, but ## see here ##.
  iii. Joan Scargill
  m. William Clapham
  B. Jane Scargill
  m. Gerard Salvine

Main source(s): 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, 'Thorp Hall', p224), 'The Herald and Genealogist' (vol 4 (John Gough Nichols), 1867, ('Scargill of Thorpe Stapleton', p402+) the latter being referred to above as "THG"
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