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Families covered: Selwyn of Matson, Selwyn of Stonehouse

Jasper Selwyn of Matson (Matesden), Gloucestershire (b c1565, d 1634)
m. (1591) Margaret Robbins (bur 25.05.1636, dau/coheir of Thomas Robbins alias Bowyer of Matson by Joan, dau of Lawrence Singleton of Singleton Hall)
1. William Selwyn of Matson & Stonehouse (bpt 07.10.1593, bur 02.11.1643)
  m. (18.09.1621) Edith Bennet (bur 20.06.1632, dau/heir of Leonard Bennet or Bennett of Ebley in Stonehouse)
  A. William Selwyn of Matson, Ebley in Stonehouse (bpt 21.12.1624, bur 1679)
m. (1641) Margaret Nourse (b c1625, bur 1716, dau of Edward Nourse of Gloucester)
  i. Edward Selwyn (dsp bur 1673)
  m. (1668) Joanna Browning (dau of John Browning of Coaley, m2. Joseph Knight)
  ii. William Selwyn 'of Matson' of Stonehouse (b 1655, d 06.1702, Lt. General, 'Governor of Jamaica')
m. (1681) Albinia Betenson (b c1657, bvur 1737-8, dau of Richard Betenson (Bettenson), sister/coheir of Sir Edward of Scadbury)
  a. John Selwyn of Matson (b 20.08.1688, d 06.11.1751, Colonel)
  m. Mary Farington (b c1690, d 1777, dau of General (William) Farington of Chislehurst by Theodosia, sister/coheir of Sir Edward Bettenson)
  (1) John Selwyn of Matson (dsp 27.06.1751, MP)
  (2) George Augustus Selwyn of Matson (b 11.08.1719, dsp 25.01.1791, MP)
  (3) Albinia Selwyn (b 1701/1713-4, d 09.1739 (1780?))
m. (02.05.1730) Thomas Townshend (d 20-1.05.1780, son of Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend)
  b. Charles Selwyn (b 1689, dsp 19.06.1769, MP)
  m1/2. Mary Cook (relict of _ Houblon)
  m2/1. Anna Maria Hyde (d 25.12.1763, dau of Thomas Hyde, relict of John Geddes)
  c. Henry Selwyn 'of Berwick and/or Matson' (b 1688-9, d 09.1734, Captain)
  m. Ruth Compton (d 03.05.1761, dau of Anthony Compton of Gainslaw)
  The following is supported by 'Transactions' (vol II, 'Selwyns of Gloucestershire', table IV, p283).
  (1) Charles Jasper Selwyn (b 19.02.1726, d 1794, vicar of Blockley, rector of Beverstone)
m. (06.1750) Elizabeth Coxeter (b 1730, dau of Thomas Coxeter of Bampton)
  (A) Henry Charles Selwyn of Matson (b 1751, d 1807, Captain)
  m. Sarah Thompson (b c1760, d 1820, dau of Nathaniel Thompson of Quebec)
  (i) Townshend Selwyn (b 10.06.1782, d 30.05.1823, rector of Kilmington, vicar of Milton Cleve, canon of Gloucester) had issue
  m. (16.06.1812) Charlotte Sophia Murray (b 1785, d 1866, dau of George Murray, Bishop of St. Davids, son of Duke of Athol)
  (ii) Charles Jasper Selwyn (b 1792, d(sp?) 1847, Colonel)
  m. Sophia Tupper (dau of John Tupper)
  (iii) Edward Selwyn (b 1794, d 1867, rector of Hennington Abbots) had issue
  m1. Fanny Mayers (dau of T. Mayers or Margelts)
  m2. Fanny Simons (d 1848, dau of Rev. J. Simons of St. Paul's Cray)
  (iv) Albinia Selwyn (b 1797)
  m. Congreve Selwyn @@ just below
  (v) Charlotte Selwyn (b 1798?)
  m. John
  (vi)+ other issue - Henry Charles (b 1789), Maria Louisa (b 1786), Henrietta Elizabeth (b 1797)
  (B ) John Selwyn (b 1753, d 1823, rector of Ludgarshall)
  m. Bridget Dyer (b c1753, d 1823, dau of William Dyer of Bristol)
  (C) Congreve Selwyn (b 1762, MP)
  m. Lydia
  (i) Congreve Selwyn
  m. Albinia Selwyn @@ just above
  (D) Albinia Selwyn (b 1758)
  m. George, 3rd Lord Myddleton ???
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - William (b/d 1755), William (b 1771, d infant?), William (b 1775), Mary (b 1763), Harriet (b/d 1767), Elizabeth (b 1769)
  (2) William Selwyn (b 1732, of Lincoln's Inn)
m. (1763) Frances Dod (b 11.1733, dau of John Dod of Woodford)
  The following is supported by 'Transactions' (vol II, 'Selwyns of Gloucestershire', table V, p284).
  (A) William Selwyn (b 1775, d 1855, QC, youngest son) had issue
  m. Letitia Frances Kynaston (dau of Thomas Kynaston of Waltham Grove)
  (B)+ other issue - George (b 1766), Thomas (b 1769, d 1771), Catherine (b 1765), Elizabeth (b 1767), Frances (b 1770)
  (3) Albinia Selwyn (b 1719, d 01.04.1769)
m. (20/26.08.1746) William Irby, Lord Boston
  (4) Catherine Selwyn
  m. Thomas Wilks of Blockley
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Charlotte, Frances, Louisa, Hannah
  d. Frances Selwyn
  'Transactions' shows that it was Frances who married Thomas Hayward but the Hayward records suggest that it was Margaret.
  m. Thomas Hayward
  e. Albinia Selwyn (d 1702)
  m. John Hanbury (Major)
  f. Margaret Selwyn (d unm)
  iii. Edward Selwyn (dsp 1673)
  m. Johanna Browning (m2. Joseph Knight)
  iv. Sophia Selwyn
  m. (1689) Thomas Gwyllam or Gwyllim
  v. Beata Selwyn
  m. William Johnson of Bowden & Barnwood Court
  vi. Margaret Selwyn
  m. Samuel Browning
  vii. Anne Selwyn
  m. _ James
  viii. Mary Selwyn
  m. _ Weight
  ix.+ other issue - William (b c1644, d 1649), Theophilus (b c1652, d 1655), Jasper (b c1654, d 1655), Sarah (bpt 1645-8)
  B. Edith Selwyn (bpt 1627)
  m. Richard Clutterbuck of Eastington
  C. Ursula Selwyn (bpt 1632)
  m. (1641) Jeremy Burke of Minchinhampton
  D.+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 1629), Sarah (bpt 1625), Anne (bpt 1631, bur 1632)
2. Richard Selwyn of Wheatenhurst, Gloucesterhire (bpt 1590?/b c1601?, d c1666)
  The following is supported by 'Transactions' (vol II, 'Selwyns of Gloucestershire', table III, p282).
  m1/2. (23.10.1622) Mary Rogers (dau of John Rogers of Partons Court in Gloucester)
  A. Jasper Selwyn of Frampton (bpt 1627, d 16.10.1696)
  m1. Elizabeth Tyrell (dau of Richard Tyrell of West Keinton)
  i. Jasper Selwyn (b c1661, d 1743)
  m1. Elizabeth Morse (dau of Thomas Morse of Berkeley)
  a.+ issue (a 1682) - Richard (b c1680), Elizabeth (b 1681-2)
  m2. Joan Symonds
  c. Jasper Selwyn (b c1688, d 1778)
  m. Eleanor (d 1778)
  d. Rosamund Selwyn (d 1776)
  m. W. Holborrow
  m2. Mary Morse (dau of Thomas Morse of Berkeley)
  B. Dorothy Selwyn
  m. William Mayor of Charlville
  C. Margaret Selwyn
  m. Alexander Martin of London (grocer)
  m2/1. Anne Lloyd (dau of _ Lloyd of Wheatenhurst, relict of Richard Trotman of Cam)
  D. Anne Selwyn (in London?)
3. Joan Selwyn (bpt 1603)
  m. _ Bower
4. Ann Selwyn (bpt 1605)
  m. William Dutton of Chedworth
5. Sarah Selwyn (bpt 1606)
  m. William Jones of Bristol
6.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1600), John (bpt 1602, bur 1603), Jasper (bpt 1608), John (bpt 1617), Catherine (bpt/bur 1598), Margaret (bpt 1604, d unm), Dorothy (bpt 1615, d unm)

Main source(s): 'Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society for 1877-8' (vol II, 'Selwyns of Gloucestershire' table 1I, p280+) (available at archive.org, with thanks to a contributor (CV, 05.03.17) for bringing that to our attention), Visitation (Fenwick & Metcalfe, Gloucestershire, 1682-3, 'Selwyn of Horsemarly, Rodborough and Frampton'') with input/support as reported above
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