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Families covered: Sheffield of Cappoly, Sheffield of Croxby, Sheffield of Navestock, Sheffield of Seaton (Seton)
[We are not aware of any connection between the families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.]

John Sheffield of Croxby, Lincolnshire
m. Joan Thoresby (d befoer 12.10.1530, dau/heir of John Thoresby of Croxby (son of John by Joan, sister/heir of John, uncle/heir of John, son/heir of Roger, son/heir of Sir Robert, son/heir of Sir Roger Aysterby of Croxbye))
1. Christopher Sheffield of Croxby
  m. Elizabeth Pyllett (dau/coheir of _ Pyllett of Welton)
A. John Sheffield of Croxby (bur 09.12.1586)
  m. Dorothy Amcotts (dau of Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe)
  i. Edmund Sheffield of Market Rasen & Stainton-le-Hole (d by 01.1596-7)
  a. Vincent Sheffield (dvpsp)
  ii. Vincent Sheffield of Croxby (b c1550, a 1597)
  m1. Anne Skegness (dau/coheir of Thomas Skegness of Skendleby Thope)
m2. Elizabeth Fulnetby (b c1561, d 01.10.1628, dau/coheir of Sir Vincent Fulnetby of Fulnetby, m2. Charles Metham of Bullington)
  iii. John Sheffield of Gokewell in Broughton (d before 31.01.1596-7, 4th son)
  m. Susan Shawe (dau of Robert Shawe)
  a. Vincent Sheffield of Croxby
  m. Mary Amcotts (dau of Sir Richard Amcotts of Aisthorpe)
  (1) John Sheffield 'of Croxby' (b c1616, d before 05.08.1665)
  m. Elizabeth Amcotts (dau of Vincent Amcotts of Langton-by-Wragby)
  (A) Christopher Sheffield, last of Croxby (a 1685, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret (a 1676)
  (B) Elizabeth Sheffield (d by 1665)
  m. Robert Hollome
  (C)+ other issue - Vincent (dsp), Edmund (a 1665), Robert (a 1665), Susana, Mary
  (2)+ other issue (a 1634) - Richard, Edmund, Elizabeth, Susan, Mary, Jane
  b.+ other issue (a 1596) - Thomas, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  iv. Dorothy Sheffield named Joane by Metcalfe
  m. Nicholas Dowson of Tetney
  v.+ other issue - Henry, Philip of Fulstow (bur 05.11.1592)
  B. Alice Sheffield
2. Charles Sheffield of South Willingham (d before 15.06.1541)
  m. Grace Compton (dau of John Compton of South Willingham)
  A. George Sheffield of Tothill (d c06.1577)
  m. Margaret
  i. Dorothy Sheffield (a 1577)
  m. Richard Alleriston
  ii.+ other issue (a 1577) - Anne, Alice
  B. Jasper Sheffield (a 1541)
i. Katharine Sheffield (a 1577)
  C. Edmund Sheffield (a 1541)
  D. Elizabeth Sheffield
  m. _ Windell
3. Jasper Sheffield of Croxby (d c12.1536)
  m. Elizabeth Estoft (bur 05.05.1567, dau of Christopher Estoft of Estoft, m2. Christopher Thorpe of Welwick)
  A. Anne Sheffield probably the Anne who married ...
  m. (1543) Christopher Thorpe of Thorpe (a 1565)
  B.+ other issue - Jane, Mary
4. Margaret Sheffield
  m. Henry Dowson of Tetney
5. Alice Sheffield
  m. John Lownde
6. Catherine Sheffield
  m1. _ Atkinson
  m2. _ Matison
7. Elizabeth Sheffield
  m. _ Geyton
8.+ other issue - Edmund (dsp), John (rector of Hameringham)



William Sheffield of Rutland
m. (1409) Elizabeth (or Isabella) St. Liz (dau/coheir of Rowland de St. Liz)
1. John Sheffield (2nd son?)
  m. Agnes Promis or Promise
  A. William Sheffield
  m. Agnes Bayster or Baxter
i. John Sheffield
  m. Elizabeth Petiver of Peytiver
  a. Edward Sheffield
  m. Margaret Morgan of Worcestershire
  (1) George Sheffield of Seaton (Seton or Seyton), Sheriff of Rutland the first mentioned by CTG (vol IV)
m. Elizabeth Harrison (dau of Robert Harrison of Stow by Elizabeth FitzGeffrey of Bedfordshire)
  (A) Robert Sheffield of Seaton
  m. Dorothy Boughton of Cawston
  (i)+ issue (dsp) - John, Dorothy
  (B) Sampson Sheffield of Seaton (bur 12.12.1619)
  m. Elizabeth Woodroffe (dau of Robert Woodroffe of London (son of David, Sheriff of London) by Dionysi, dau/heir of Edmund Calthorpe & niece of Sir Martin (Calthorpe), Lord Mayor of London)
  (i) Sampson Sheffield, last of Seaton, later of Navestock (Essex) (b c1606, bur 25.09.1652)
  m. Jane Greene (d 1659, dau of Reginald./Reynald Greene, sister/heir of James of Navestock, relict of Ralph Fetherston)
  (a) John Sheffield of Navestock (b c1632, d 03.12.1670)
  m. Sarah Sedgwick (a 1671, dau/coheir of John Segwick of Runton Holme)
((1)) John Sheffield of Navestock (a 08.1728, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Mary (d 16.11.1725)
  ((A)) Henry Sheffield (dsp 1718)
  ((B)) John Sheffield of Navestock (b c1659, dsp c08.1734)
  (b) Joseph Sheffield in London, later of Navestock & Cappoly, Queens' Co. (d before 09.11.1738)
  m. (25.06.1665) Mary Archer (a 1670, dau of John Archer)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Sheffield
  m. (1692) Stephen Cassan of Cappoly
  Cappoly passed into the Cassan family who renamed it 'Sheffield'.
  (c) Christian Sheffield (bpt 18.02.1633, d 03.04.1695)
  m. (c11.1662) John Castell (d 25.03.1686, rector of Greenford Magna)
  (d)+ other issue
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1618) - Elizabeth, Sara, Agnes, Mary, Deliverance
  (C) George Sheffield of Seaton
  m. _ Burdett of Warwickshire
  (i)+ issue - James, Bridgett
  (D)+ other issue - William of Lidington (a 1618), Edward (bpt 15.02.1565, dsp?), Kenelm (bpt 22.04.1567, dsp?), Kenelm (dsp?, sb Anthony bpt 25.04.1570?), John (bpt 21.05.1579, dsp), Anne, Margaret (bur 14.06.1562, dsp?)
  b. Robert Sheffield (dsp)
  c. Joane Sheffield
  m. John Walthrop
  (1) Edward Walthrop
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, George (dsp), Richard, Christopher, John, Rowland
  B.+ other issue - John, Raffe, others (dsp - Sentlis, Julian, Mauld, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Julian)
2. Alice Sheffield
  m. William Simpson
3.+ other issue (dsp) - William, John, Raffe, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
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