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Families covered: Skinner of Ledbury, Skinner of London, Skinner of Oxford

Commoners reports that "This family can be traced by well established authorities from Sir Robert Skynner, or Skinner, a Norman knight, who served under Duke William in his expedition to England, and received from huis royal master, in recompense for his valiant services, the lands of Bolingbroke, in Lincolnshire, accompanied with the hand, in marriage, of the daughter of the former owner, Robert de Bolinbroke, a Saxon of the conquered side." Descended from Sir George Skinner, Sir Robert's 2nd son, was ...
Sir John Skinner (a 1440, "went into Kent")
m. _ St. Leger (dau/heir of Sir Robert St. Leger of Nowel)
1. Robert Skinner (prior of Malvern, 2nd son)
2. John Skinner of Malvern, Herefordshire
  A. ?? Skinner
  i. Edward Skynner (Skinner) of Ledbury
  m. _ Somers (dau of _ Somers of Bromyard)
  a. Stephen Skinner of Ledbury
  m. _ Cambers (dau of _ Cambers of Elstowe)
  (1) Stephen Skinner of Le Burtons in Ledbury, Herefordshire (bur 14.09.1557)
  m. Joan Bradford of Dymock (bur 19.008.1557)
  (2) Thomas Skinner of Ledbury - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Newdigate of Warwickshire
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 1557), Edward of Ledbury (a 1552, dsp)



Thomas Skinner of Ledbury - continued above
m. Elizabeth Newdigate ("of the ancient Warwickshire family of that name")
1. Edmund Skinner (d c1628, rector of Pisford, Northamptonshire)
  m. Bridget Ratclyffe (dau of Humphrey Ratclyffe of Warwickshire)
  A. Robert Skinner, Bishop of Bristol then Oxford then Worcester (d 1670)
  m. Elizabeth Banger (dau of Bernard Banger of Oxford)
  i. Matthew Skinner of Welton, Northamptonshire
  m. Frances Simpson (dau of John Simpson, prebendary of Canterbury)
  a. Robert Skinner (d 1698, judge marshal)
  m. Anne Buckby (dau of William Buckby, serjeant-at-law)
  (1) Matthew Skinner of Oxford (d 1749, chief justice of Chester, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Whitfield (dau of Thomas Whitfield of Watford)
  (A) Matthew Skinner of Oxford (b 1730, d 02.07.1814)
  m. Ann Moody (dau of Hatch Moody of Carpenters)
(i) Rev. Matthew Skinner (dsp 1825)
  (ii) Mary Anne Skinner
  m. Rev. Alexander Longmore of Great Baddow, Essex
  (a) Samuel James Longmore, later Skinner, of Woolwich (a 1825)
  (2) Catherine Skinner
  m. David James of London
  (3)+ other issue - Robert of London (d 1746), Samuel d 1731, captain), Anne (d unm), Mary (d unm 1768)
  b. Catherine Skinner (b c1656, d 02.10.1726)
  m. (1680) John Knapp of Linford
  c. Frances Skinner
  m. Edmund Bromwich of Hillmorton
  d. Mary Skinner
  m. _ Bradford (brother of the Bishop of Rochester)
  e. Anne Skinner
  m. William Lee of Northamptonshire
  f.+ other issue - Matthew (d unm), Jane (d young)
  ii. Samuel Skinner of London (d 1708-9, 4th son)
  m1. ??
  a. Anne Skinner
  m. William Proctor of Epsom
  b. Hannah Skinner
  m. Daniel Bratle
  c. Elizabeth Skinner
  m. _ Ambrose
  m2. ??
  d. Samuel Skinner of St. Leonard Bromley, Middlesex
  m. Catherine Russell (d 28.09.1763, dau of Elias Russell of Bromley)
  (1) John Skinner of London (d before 13.06.1751, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Rose
  (A) Joseph Skinner of London & Wanstead, Essex
  m. (20.05.1762) Mary Walker (d 02.1798, dau/coheir of Capt. Thomas Walker of London)
  (i) Russell Skinner (b 17.06.1765)
  m. (01.05.1798) Mary Fenn (dau of Thomas Fenn of Ballington)
  (a) issue - Samuel (b 18.06.1799, d unm 1811), Russell (b 06.1802), Mary
  (ii) Joseph Skinner (dsp 08.02.1819)
  m. (31.10.1798) Frances Godwin (dau of Major _ Godwin)
  (iii) Samuel Skinner of Shirley Park, Surrey (b 04.06.1774) had issue
  m. (13.06.1808) Mary Routledge (dau of Robert Routledge of Kirk Mannington)
  (iv) Catherine Skinner
  m. James Simon Ewart (Captain)
  (v) Sophia Skinner
  (B) Russell Skinner of Newtown House in Lymington, Hampshire (d 29.12.1785) had issue
  m. Mary Page
  (C) Anne Skinner (d unm)
  (2) Elizabeth Skinner
  m. Josiah Cole of London
  (3)+ other issue - Samuel of London (d 1742), Russell of London (d unm), Joseph (d unm), Benjamin (d unm)
  e. Frances Skinner
  m. Christopher Hanbury
  iii. Mary Skinner
  m. Jeremy Oakeley of Cardington
  iv. Anne Skinner
  m. Rev. Philip Gardner of Tackley
  v. Elizabeth Skinner
  m1. Thomas Hall of Worcester
  m2. John Irons of Martin
  vi. Margaret Skinner
  m1. _ Sharpe
  m2. John Tyas (son/heir of Sir Daniel)
  vii.+ other issue - Robert of Whitstone (d 1681), Thomas of Lanton (dsp), William (rector of Hartlebury, had issue), Humphrey (d unm c1659), Bridget (d young)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol IV, Skinner of Shirley Park) with some support from Robinson (Hereford, Skinner of Ledbury and Pixley)
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