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Families covered: Spofforth of Howden, Spofforth of Selby

BLG863 may be viewed as having been superseded by BFR which in turn has been superseded by ANHRS. Nevertheless, not least to act as an example of how even such worthy & useful sources such as BLG1863 & BFR can be found wanting, we provide some 'unnecessary' data below from those sources. BLG1863 shows errant dates for the first few generations and ignores siblings, showing the following Simon as father by Mary Palmer) of Robert father (by Ellen, dau of Roger Lacy of Barlby) of Robert father (by Alice Fawkes) of Robert father (by a dau of E. Maskall of Portington) of Robert (who m1. Ann (dsp), dau of Ralph Lodge) was father (by Ann Nixon) of Robert, Edward, Ralph-Grimston & Clara.
Simon or Simeon Spofforth or Spoford of Selby (b c1640, d 07.12.1688)
m. Mary Palmer (bur 14.02.1679, dau of William Palmer)
1. Samuel Spoford or Spofforth (b c1668) mentioned by ANHRS but shown a generation later (as son of Robert & Eleanor) by BFR
  m. Mary
  A. Samuel Spoford or Spofforth in Bermuda (b c1690, d 1729)
  i. Nathaniel Spoford or Spofforth
  a. Rebecca Spoford or Spofforth
  m. John Essen
  (1) Mary Essen
  m. ?? (a 1764, Chief Justice of Bermuda)
  ii. Samuel Spoford or Spofforth
  B. John Spoford or Spofforth of Lund, N. Yorkshire (d 1761) shown by BFR as son of Robert & Eleanor
  i. John (or William) Spoford or Spofforth
  m. (29.11.1774) Elizabeth Eure (or Ury)
  a.+ issue - William (b 1775), Robert (d 1781, d infant?), Robert (b 1782), Mary (b 1785)
2. Robert Spofforth of Turnhead (Selby) & Barlby Hall, Yorkshire (b c1674, d 06.02.1706/7)
  m1. (c1674) Anna (Mary) Blackbeard of Sutton Derwent omitted by BFR
  A.+ issue - James (b/d 1700), Mary (b/d 1701)
  m2. (08.09.1702) Eleanor Lodge of Barlby Hall (b 1670, d 25.01.1708/9) named just Eleanor by BFR
  C. Robert Spofforth of Turnhead, Selby, Barlby Hall & Howden (b 1705, youngest son)
  m1. Mary (Anne) Maslon (dsps 1728, dau of Rev. Charles Malston of Hemingboroiugh by dau of Ralph Lodge of Leeds & Barlby)
  i.+ issue - Anne (b 1727, d 1729), Elizabeth (b/d 1728)
  m2. Ann Nixon (d 1749, dau/coheir of Ralph Nixon of Howden)
  iii. Robert Spofforth of Howden (b 1740, d 22.08.1827, 2nd son)
  m. (1768) Hannah Markham (d 29.12.1816, dau of Thomas Markham of Howden)
  a. Robert Spofforth of Howden (b 10.06.1768, d 16.11.1830) had issue
  m. (1795) Anne Turnell dau of Thomas Turnell of Tickhill (Thornhill of Tickell))
  b. Ralph Spofforth (b 05.01.1771, d 10.06.1824, vicar of Howden, rector of Cowthorpe)
  BFR shows Ralph dsp. ANHRS shows that he had children by his marriage to ...
  m1. Elizabeth Dunn (dau of Blencowe Dunn of Howden & Kadby Manor)
  (1) Edward Spofforth (b 07.10.1810, d 21.08.1861, youngest son?) had issue
  m. Frances Hobson (widow of Rev. Fredrick Kendall)
  (2)+ other issue - Samuel, Robert (d unm), Ralph (d unm), Robert Horatio (d infant), Joshua Dunn (b 21.10.1805, d infant), Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Helen
  m2. Sarah (widow of William Clarke of Knedlington)
  c. Samuel Spofforth of Newfields, near Howden (b 1784, d 1869) had issue
m. (1823) Ann Richardson (dau of Thomas Richardson of Enthorpe House, Pangfoss Grange & Pocklington)
  d. Ann Spofforth (b 1773, d 1854)
  m. Robert Scholfield of Sand Hall, Howden
  e. Mary Spofforth (b 1775)
  m. William Haworth of Hull
  f. Elizabeth Spofforth (b 1777, d 1851)
  m. John Dixon of London (banker)
  g. Alice Spofforth (b 1781, d 1851)
  m. (1800) James Stovin Lister of Ousefleet Grange & Hirst Priory
  h.+ other issue - Edward (b 1779, dsp), Jonathan (b 1782, dsp), Hannah (b 1772, d unm), Helen of Fulford (b 1788, d unm 1879)
  iv. Edward Spofforth (b 1748, dsp 1816, youngest son)
  m. Alive Nixon (dau of Edward Nixon of Howden) named Clare by BFR & BLG1863
  v. Anne Spofforth (b 1738) named Clara by BFR & BLG1863
  m. (1763) Robert Bell of Selby
  vi.+ other issue - Ralph (b 1734, d 1736 (1756?), Ralph Grimston (b 1744, dsp 1759)
  D. Elizabeth (Mary) Spofforth (b 1706, d 1749) mentioned by ANHRS but not by BFR
  m. Edward Lacey of Gateford (d 1752)
  E.+ other issue - Gorges/George (b/d 1703), William/Ralph (b 1704, d 1705)
3. Reginald Spofforth (bur 30.01.1701) mentioned by BFR but not by ANHRS
  m1. Mary Trinkett
  m2. Elizabeth Aberganny
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  A. Reginald Spofforth (bpt 1670, bur 04.1716) 
  BFR reports that Reginald was ancestor of Reginald Spofforth, the poet.
4. Margaret Spofforth (b c1666) mentioned by ANHRS but not by BFR
  m. (1688) Elijah Haigh
5. Frances Spofforth (d 22.02.1701/2)
  m. (1701) Robert Johnson of London (linen draper)
6. Elizabeth Spofforth (b c1675, bur 06.08.1709)
  m1. (1697) Thomas Bywater
  m2. (18.11.1708) Charles Usher of York (a 1709)

Main source(s): BFR ('Spofforth', p545+), 'A New History of the Spofforth Family' (Ralph Spofforth, 1949, referred to above as "ANHRS") with some support/contradiction from BLG1863 ('Spofforth of Eastthorpe Hall')
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