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Families covered: Stansfeld of Sowerby, Stansfeld of Stansfeld

(1) The ancestry provided by BLG1952 for Thomas Stansfeld (d 1508) disagrees completely with that given by Commoners. Assuming that the later BLG1952 was based on the results of research which was not available to Commoners, it appears that Commoners has either followed a different line altogether or has included 'suspect material'. It seems that the ancestry provided by Commoners was questioned by the time of BLG1886 which starts with the great-grandson of that Thomas. We show first the Commoners pedigree, as far as Thomas, on the grounds that it might have been following a different line. However, as it contains so many marriage connections with 'good families', we suspect that it is not fully reliable and so show it in italics and do not try to place any of the alleged marital connections unless they are shown already in the respective families.
(2) Commoners starts its article with: "The family of Stansfield, or Stansfeld as anciently written, trace their descent from one of the companions-in-arms of William The Conqueror, who obtained the grant of the lordship of Stansfeld."
Wyons Martons, lord of Stansfeld, Yorkshire (a 1066)
1. Jordan de Stansfeld
  m. _ Towneley (dau of Sir John Towneley of Towneley)
  A. John Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Elizabeth Entwistle (dau of Thomas Entwistle)
  i. Richard Stansfeld of Stansfeld (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
m. Alice Tonstall (dau of Sir Thomas Tonstal (Tunstall) of Thurland Castle)
  a. Edmund Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Agnes de Midgley (dau of Thomas de Midgley)
  (1) Ralph Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Jane Copley (dau of Thomas Copley of Copley)
  (A) Henry (or William?) Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Dinois Thornhill (dau of Bryan Thornhill of Thornhill)
  (i) William Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Joane Burton (dau of Sir John Burton of Kinslow)
  (a) Thomas Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  m. Barbara Lascells (dau of John Lascells of Lascells Hall)
  ((1)) John Stansfeld of Stansfeld Hall
  m. (1410) Mary Fleming (dau of John Fleming of Wathe)
  ((A)) Thomas Stansfeld of Stansfeld Hall
m. Alice Savile (dau of John Savile)
  ((i)) William Stansfeld of Stansfeld Hall
  m. Elizabeth Duckenfield (dau of John Duckenfield of Duckenfield)
  ((a)) James Stansfeld of Stansfeld Hall, later of Hurtshead (a 1536)
  ((b)) Thomas Stansfeld of Heptonstall in Stansfeld (d by 1508) - see ## below
  This is the Thomas (m. Blanche) for whom BLG1952 provides a different ancestry.
  ((B)) Ann Stansfeld
  m. Thomas Savile (son of Henry by Ellen Copley)
  ((C))+ other issue - Henry, Isabel, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary
  (B)+ other issue - Ralph, William, Joan
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Hugh, Roger
  ii. Jane Stansfeld
  m. Rafe Copley of Copley
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Oliver (constable of Pontefract Castle)



1. Roger de Stansfeld of Stansfeld, Yorkshire
  m. Amabell (dau of John, son of Askolf de Thornhill)
  A. Helie de Stansfeld
  i. Richard de Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  a. Richard de Stansfeld of Stansfeld
  ii. John de Stansfeld (a 1276)
  a. William de Stansfeld (a 1286, 1318)
  (1) William de Stansfeld of Sowerby, Yorkshire (d c1357)
  (A) William de Stansfeld of Sowerby
  m. Matilda Culpon (dau of Thomas Culpon)
  (i) Rafe de Stansfeld of Sowerby & Wadsworth (a 1404, d before 1463)
  m. Johanna
  (a) William Stansfeld (5th son)
((1)) Nicholas Stansfeld of Stansfeld, Hegynchambre & Sowerby
  ((A)) Nicholas Stansfeld of Heptonstall (dspm 01.1539/40)
  ((B)) Thomas Stansfeld (Stancefeld) in Sowerby (d 1508-9)
  This is the Thomas for whom Commoners provides a different ancestry. See ## above.
  m. Blanche (a 1508)
  ((i)) Laurence Stansfeld of Stansfeld, Hegynchambre, Sowerby & Hawkesclough (d 1534)
  m. Isabel Horsfall (dau of Richard Horsfall)
  ((ii)) Thomas Stansfeld of Sowerby (d c1537)
  (b)+ 5 sons

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol 3, Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Stansfeld of Field House)
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