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Families covered: St. Nicholas of Ashe, St.Nicholas of Isle of Thanet

(1) We thank CV whose work on this family directed us to the sources referred to below. Nichols's work referred to the Visitations of Kent & Leicestershire, parish registers, epitaths. etc.. Planché's work refers to Nichols's work and follows it "when not contradicted by researches of our own". CV's work follows those earlier works, giving precedence to Planché where appropriate, and adds some details on dates, etc.. We follow CV but report Nichols where we think it appropriate.
(2) Visitation (Kent, 1574, 'St. Nicholas') identifies the arms of this family as "Ermine, a chief quarterly indented per pale or and gules".
Sir Roger St. Nicholas of St. Nicholas Court, Isle of Thanet, Kent
1. Thomas St. Nicholas (d by 1350)
  A. Sir Thomas St. Nicholas (b c1338, d 1375)
  m. Elizabeth Goshall (a 1375, dau/heir of Sir John Goshall by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Sir John Grove)
  i. John or Thomas St. Nicholas (a 1415)
  m. Bennett/Benedicta
  CV confirms that Planché's work differs from Nichols's for these early generations. Nichols shows the following John and his siblings as children of ?? son of Thomas (a 1386) on of Sir Roger.
  a. John St. Nicholas of Ash, Kent (a 06.1462)
m. Margaret Champaine (dau/heir of Simon Champaine or de Campania)
  (1) Thomas St. Nicholas of Bury, Essex
  m. _ de Apulderfield (dau/coheir of William de Apulderfield of Badmangore)
  (A) Thomas St. Nicholas of Owre, near Feversham the first mentioned by Visitation (1574)
m. Johanna/Jane Manston (d 1499, dau of Roger Manston)
  (i) Thomas St. Nicholas
  (ii) Roger St. Nicholas of Ashe - continued below
  m. Jane Engham (dau of Vincent Engham of Sandwich)
  (B) Sir John St. Nicholas
  m. (before 1522) Mary/Mercy Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts of Cranbrook) ## see here ##
  (i) Anne St. Nicholas
  m. John Baker of Norfolk
  (2) Roger St. Nicholas (3rd son)
  m. (before 1522) Dorothy Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts of Cranbrook, widow of Simon Lynch) ## see here ##
  (3)+ other issue - Richard, Robert, 2 daughters
b. Thomas St. Nicholas of Thorne, Isle of Thanet (a 1474)
  Nichols identifies Thomas's wife as Joan, dau/heir of Edward Hant of Manston, and then shows them as parents of Thomas father (by Jane) of Roger (d 1476) father of Sir Roger father of Thomas & Elizabeth. CV follows Planché in omitting 2 of those intermediary generations and identifying Thomas's wife as ...
  m. Julian Manston (d before 31.01.1494, dau/heir of Nicholas Manston by Eleanor, dau/heir of Edward/Edmund Haute)
  (1) Roger St. Nicholas of Thorne (d 1484)
  (A) Thomas St. Nicholas (dsp)
  (B) Elizabeth St. Nicholas
  m. John Dyneley of Charlton
  (2) Thomas St. Nicholas (d 1493)
  m. Katherine (a 1493)
  (A) Elizabeth St. Nicholas (a 1493)
  (3) Richard St. Nicholas (d before 1493?)
  (4) John St. Nicholas of Thanet (a 1493)
  (A) daughter
  m. Henry Aucher (son of Robert)
  (B) daughter
  (5) Eleanor St. Nicholas
  m. _ Aucher
  c. Elizabeth St. Nicholas
  m. William Edwards
  ii. Nicholas St. Nicholas
  a. Christian St. Nicholas (Prioress of the Minories)
  iii. Lawrence St. Nicholas (a 1375, 1401)
  a. Joanna St. Nicholas
  m1. Salam or Solomon at Berton
  m2. Richard Finneux
  iv.+ other issue (a 1375) - Elizabeth, Agnes
  B. William St. Nicholas



Roger St. Nicholas of Ashe - continued above
m. Jane Engham (dau of Vincent Engham of Sandwich)
1. Vincent St. Nicholas of Ashe (b c1531, d 20.08.1589)
m. (after 1559) Marion Brockuill (d 27.06.1604, dau of Edward Brockhull (Brockhill) of Allington, widow of Sir Thomas Hartfleet of Molland)
  A. Thomas St. Nicholas of The Mote & Ash (bpt 1567, bur 30.10.1626, 2nd son)
  m1. Dorothea Tilghman (b 11.01.1577/8, d 18.09.1605, dau of William Tilghman of Snodland)
  i. Thomas St. Nicholas of Ashe (bpt 03.10.1602, bur 1668, MP)
  m1. (17.02.1625) Elizabeth Croke (d 09.03.1631, dau of Henry Croke or Crooke of Well Place (of the Inner Temple))
  a.+ 4 sons
m2. Susan(na) Copley (dau of William Copley of Wadworth)
  e. Thomas St. Nicholas of Ath (Ashe) (bpt 01.10.1637, d 1668)
  m. (before 1663) Elizabeth Plomley or Plumley or Pembley (d 1671)
  (1) Vincent St. Nicholas (b 1664)
  (A) Grace St. Nicholas
(2) Thomas St. Nicholas (bpt 27.05.1667)
  f. Elizabeth St. Nicholas
  m1. (1655) Whittingham Wood of Canterbury (b 1613-4, d 27.07.1656)
  m2. Thomas Pratt of Hinckley (b c1628, a 1683, m1. Elizabeth, dau of Christopher Copley of Wadworth)
  ii. John St. Nicholas of Knoll, Watwickshire (bpt 25.03.1604, d 30.05.1698, rector of Lutterworth)
  m1. Ethelreda/Audrey Goode (dau/heir of Basil Goode of Stretton-under-Foss)
  a. Timothy St. Nicholas of Stretton-under-Foss (b c1629, d 10.06.1698)
  m1. Anne Copley (d 12.04.1664, dau of Christopher Copley of Wadworth)
  (1) Basil St. Nicholas (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth More of Linkey (d 10.06.1698)
  b. Mercy or Marie St. Nicholas (b c1630, d 03.08.1725)
  m1. _ Morick (Captain)
  m2. Henry Watts of Barwell (b c1626, d 02.02.1690, minister of Weddington)
  (1) Timothy Watts, later St. Nicholas of Burbach (b c1674, d 16.09.1733)
  m1. Elizabeth Selby (dau of John Selby, alderman of Northampton)
  (A) Timothy St. Nicholas, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d by 1753)
  m. ??
(B) Mercy St. Nicholas
  m. (11.07.1727) William Bentley (d 10.01.1784)
  (i)+ issue (dsp) - Timothy of Stretton-under-Foss (d 10.02.1805), William (d 20.05.1800)
  (C)+ other issue - St. Nicholas Watts (d young), John Watts (d young), Elizabeh (d young), Henry (dsp)
  m2. Dorothy Davis (dau of Rev. John Davys of Leek)
  (2)+ 12 other children
  c.+ other issue - Vincent (b c1634, d 09.07.1653), Thomas, Abigail (d 10.11.1653), Elizabeth
  m2. (05.06.1657) Priscilla Grey (b 1615, d 1665, dau of Anthony Grey, 9th Earl of Kent)
  iii. Deborah St. Nicholas (bpt 20.08.1598)
m. (04.01.1618) German Maior/Major
  iv. Dorothy St. Nicholas (bpt 05.04.1601, d before 07.05.1633)
  m. Edward Pordage of Bekesbourne (b c1582, m1. ??)
  v.+ other issue - Vincent (bpt 20.09.1605, bur 01.03.1606), Susanna (bpt 07.02.1599, bur 1601)
  m2. Elizabeth Woodward
  vii. Timothy St. Nicholas (b 1616, bur 19.05.1638, youngest son)
  m. Anne Guesquires
  a.+ issue - John, Anne (bpt 1637)
  viii. Elizabeth St. Nicholas
  m. (after 1626) Edward Mills of Westbere
  ix.+ other issue - Samuel (b 18.08.1614, d 10.1624), Thomas
  B. Mary or Mercy/Marcy St. Nicholas (bpt 25.03.1564)
  m. Anthony Field (d before 15.05.1626, Rector of Chillenden)
  C.+ other issue - John (bpt 24.12.1565, d 1565), John (bpt 28.11.1568, d 1568?), Samuel (bpt 1567, bur 1571), Timothy (bpt 1573, d young)

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol IV, Part 1 (1807), 'Pedigree of St. Nicholas', p269), 'A Corner of Kent' (J.R. Planché, p361+), a schedule ('St. Nicholas') kindly provided by a regular contributor (CV, 08.09.22)
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