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Families covered: Stote of Jesmond Hall, Stote of Newcastle

Richard Stote of Newcastle
1. Robert Stote of Newcastle
  A. Richard Stote of Newcastle (d c1615)
m1. Isabel Atkinson (bur 02.08.1587, dau/heir of Robert Atkinson, alderman of Newcastle)
  i. Robert Stote (bpt 08.05.1586)
  a. Robert Stote (bpt 18.06.1649)
  (1) Richard Stote of Claremont (bpt 10.03.1684, d 11.1757)
  m2. Eleanor Bertram (bur 17.04.1598, dau/heir of Edward Bertram of Newcastle)
  ii. Edward Stote of Newcastle (bpt 05.06.1597, bur 21.12.1648, Captain)
m. (14.04.1618) Jane Bewick (b 1600, bur 01.12.1663 (1660?), dau of Cuthbert Bewick of Newcastle)
  a. Sir Richard Stote of Jesmond Hall (b c1620, d 25.12.1682, Sergeant-at-law)
  m. (24.01.1653/4) Margaret Holmes (dau of Henry Holmes of Newcastle, m2. Henry Basier)
  (1) Bertram Stote of Jesmond Hall (bpt 08.02.1674/5, d unm bur 22.07.1707, MP, 4th son)
  (2) Margaret Stote (bpt 27.04.1668, dsp bur 09.02.1734)
  m. (29.10.1709) John Tonge (rector of Brancepeth)
  (3) Frances Stote (bpt 27.08.1671, dsp bur 02.09.1747)
  m. (07.1712) William Shippen of London
  (4) Dorothy Stote (bpt 19.01.1672/3, dsp bur 03.01.1756/7)
  m. (20.10.1743) Dixie Windsor of Lamaby (son of Thomas, 1st Earl of Plymouth)
(5)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 11.12.1663, bur 07.03.1669), Henry (bpt 10.05.1666, dvp), Edward (dvp), Jane (dvp), Mary (dvp)
  b. Cuthbert Stote of Tollerton, Norfolk (bur 10.01.1669/70, curate in Ncwcastle)
  m. Ann
  (1) Ann Stote (bpt 30.11.1664, bur 19.05.1741)
  m1/2. William Manby of Louth
  m2/1. William Cook
  (2) Jane Stote (bpt 19.11.1665, dsp)
  m1. _ Curtis
  m2. _ Oliver
  m3. _ Atkinson
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 12.03.1660/14, bur 02.03.1660), Cuthbert (bpt 29.08.1667, bur 30.08.1667), Cuthbert (bpt 14.09.1668, bur 15.09.1668), child (bur 28.12.1661), Margaret (bpt 09.09.1662, bur 10.09.1662), Jane (bpt 13.09.1663, bur 01.12.1663), Mary (bpt 31.01.1669/70, bur 04.02.1669/70)
  c. Barbara Stote
  m. Nicholas Hodgson of Whickham
  d. Ann Stote
  m. William Commerdale of Newcastle
  e.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 12.05.1625), Edward, Nicholas, other children (d young)
  iii.+ other issue - Bertram (b 1591, bur 1692 (sb 1592?)), Richard (b 1595, bur 1596), Margaret (bpt 02.11.1590)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Stote of Stote's Hall and of Kirkheaton', p383) with a little support from 'Le Neve's Knights' (George Marshall, 1873, p274)
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