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Families covered: Sydserff of Ruchlaw, Sydserff of Sydserff

Thomas de Sydserff (a 1447) probably father of ...
1. Patrick Sydserff of that ilk (a 1451)
  A. Alexander Sydserff of that ilk (d 1502)
  i. Patrick Sydserff of that ilk (a 1541)
  m. Janet Lauder (of family of Bass)
  a. John Sydserff 'of that ilk' of Sydserff (d after 1586)
  m. Katharine Swinton (dau of John Swinton of Greenrig of the family of that ilk)
  (1) Patrick Sydserff (dvp after 1569)
  (A) Patrick Sydserff 'of that ilk' of Sydserff (d after 1597)
(B) William Sydserff 'of that ilk' of Sydserff
  (i) John Sydserff 'of that ilk', last of Sydserff
  b. Patrick Sydserff of Ruchlaw (a 1591, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Wood
  (1) William Sydserff of Ruchlaw (d before 1624)
  m. Eupheme Hay (dau of William Hay of Barra, sister of Sir John of Barra)
(A) James Sydserff of Ruchlaw (d 1659)
  m. Marion Hepburn (dau of Patrick Hepburn of Smeaton)
  (i) Archibald Sydserff of Ruchlaw (bpt 28.12.1630, d after 08.1700)
  m. Elizabeth Sydserff (d 1664, dau of Sir Archibald Sydserff) @@ below
  (a) James Sydserff of Ruchlaw
  m. (mcrt 27.04.1686) Katherine Suttie (dau of George Suttie of Adinston, sister of Sir George, 1st Bart of Balgone)
  ((1)) Archibald Sydserff of Ruchlaw (dsp 03.1760)
  ((2)) Martha Sydserff of Ruchlaw (dsp)
m. Archibald Sydserff (b 1690, d 25.01.1764, minister of Dumbarton) @@ below
  ((3))+ other issue - James (d 1749), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (b) Archibald Sydserff (d 1698)
  (c) John Sydserff in Dunbar (b 1640?)
  m. Margaret Ranken (dau of Walter Ranken of Orchardhead by Sarah Little of Liberton)
  ((1)) Archibald Sydserff (b 1690, d 25.01.1764, minister of Dumbarton)
m1. (1726) Sarah Brodie (d 1730, dau of Rev. David Brodie of Dalserf by Rachel, dau of Walter Ranken of Orchardhead)
  ((A)) John Sydserff of Ruchlaw (b 1728, d 1782)
  m. (1765) Janet Reid (dau of Rev. Matthew Reid of Prestonkirk)
  ((i)) Martha Sydserff of Ruchlaw (b 1770, d 24.10.1804)
  m. (1791) Francis Buchan of Edinburgh, later Buchan-Sydserff (b 1756, d 1820, son of John of Letham by Anne Brown)
m2. Martha Sydserff of Ruchlaw (dsp, dau of James Sydserff of Ruchlaw) @@ above
  ((2)) Walter Sydserff (b 1692, physician in Antigua)
  m. Mary Carrot (half-sister of Sir George Thomas, Bart of Yapton)
  ((A)) Margaret Sydserff
  m. Sir William Thomas, 2nd Bart of Yapton
  ((3)) Alexander Sydserff (b 1697, d 1751, WS)
  m. Janet Penman
  ((4)) Margaret Sydserff (b 1696, d unm)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Sydserff (d 14.06.1771)
  m. John Thomson (minister of Libberton)
  ((A)) Margaret Thomson (dsp 1771)
  m. John Menzies of Culterallers
  ((6)) Sarah Sydserff (b 1700)
  m. Alexander Weir of Edinburgh
  (ii) William Sydserff
  m. Mary Inglis
  (iii) Margaret Sydserff
  m1. (1645) George Home of Gamelshiels
m2. (1654) John Darleyth (brother of George of that ilk)
  (B) Sir Archibald Sydserff of Lowden (Bailie of Edinburgh)
  m1. (20.12.1627) Sarah Wilkie (dau of William Wilkie of Edinburgh)
  m2. (1633) Marion Hodge (relict of James Ewing of Edinburgh)
  Not certain which wife was mother of ...
  (i) Elizabeth Sydserff (d 1664)
  m. Archibald Sydserff of Ruchlaw @@ above
  (ii) Anne Sydserff
  m1. John Semple of Balgone
  m2. (1666, sp) Sir David Dunbar, Bart of Baldoon (b c1610, d 12.12.1686)
  (C) John Sydserff of Quarrelsyde (d 1638)
  (i) John Sydserff
  (D) George Sydserff (d before 1654, minister of Cockburnspath)
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  (i)+ issue including William
  (E) William Sydserff had issue (descendant in Amsterdam)
  c.+ other issue - Archibald of Ruchlaw (dsp before 1561), Alexander (d 09.1555)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Buchan-Sydserff of Ruchlaw)
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