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Families covered: Synnot of Ballybrennan, Synnot of Ballynamoe, Synnot of Ballytramon, Synnot of Farrolstown

BIFR1976 reports that "The family may have come originally from France or Flanders, or from England, where the name "Sigenod" meant "Victory-bold". A Sir Richard de Synad is alleged to have crossed to Ireland with Strongbow 1169 ...".
Adam Synad
1. David Synad
  Sons or grandsons of David, "or possibly those of William, John, Henry, Redmond or Nicholas Synod", were ...
  A. David Synagh in co. Wexford (a 1280)
  i. John Synnah of Ballybrennan, co. Wexford (a 1355)
  a. William Synot of Ballymangan, Sheriff
  m. (1360) Catherine Whittey (dau of Sir Richard Whittey)
  (1) Richard Synot
  m. Agnes Rossiter
(A) Richard Synot (a 1408)
  (i) Richard Synot (a 1420)
  (a) Pierce Synot of Ballytramon, co. Wexford
  ((1)) Stephen Synot of Ballytramon
  ((A)) John Synot of Ballytramon
  ((i)) Walter Synot of Ballytramon & Ballybrennan (d 20.05.1529) - continued below
  ((ii)) James Synot (rector of Kyllcom)
  ((iii)) Pierce Synot
  ((iv)) Thomas Synot
  ((v)) Marian Synot
  m. Philip Lamport
  ((B))+ other issue - Nicholas, Richard
  b. David Fitzjohn Synot (a 1351)
  (1)+ issue - John, Nicholas
  c. Nicholas Synagh or Synath (d 1376, Chief Sergeant of co. Wexford)
  m. Johanna de Rufe (widow of William Le Hore of Ballyshelane)
  d.+ other issue - John of Cleyland & Deeps (d 1395, had issue), Thomas of Moyglas (a 1412)
  B. Richard Synagh
  i.+ issue - John (a 1331), William
  C. John Synagh
  D. Michael Synagh
  i.+ issue - David (a 1325), John (a 1345)



Walter Synot of Ballytramon & Ballybrennan (d 20.05.1529) - continued above
1. Richard Synnott of Ballybrennan & Rosegarland, Sheriff of co.Wexford (b 1527, d 09.09.1591)
  m. Mary Codde (d 11.04.1592)
  A. Walter Synnott of Ballybrennan, Sheriff of co.Wexford (dvp 1580)
  m. Mary Masterson (dau of Sir Thomas Masterson)
  i. Martin Synnott of Ballybrennan & Ballycarran (b 1573, d 31.07.1618)
  m. Elinor Scurlock (dau of Aristotle Scurlock of Rosslare)
  a. Walter Synnott of Ballybrennan (b 1600, d 13.02.1637)
m. Anastace Edmonde (dau of Robert Esmonde of Johnstown, niece of 1st Baron Esmonde)
  (1) William Synnott (d c1660, 4th son)
  m. Margaert Meyler of Duncormick
  (A) Richard Synnott
  m. Alicia Collins
  (i) William Synnott (captain)
  m. Catherine Sall (dau of James Sall of Cashel)
  (a) Joseph Synnott in Cadiz
  (2) Katherine Synnott
  m. John Colclough of Pouldarrig (son of Sir Thomas of Tintern Abbey)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (b 1621, a 1642), John, James, Margaret, Mary
  b.+ other issue - Ellen, Christina
  B. James Synnott of Rosegarland (a 11.1624)
  m. Anstace Lambert
  C. Sir William Synnott of Ballyfarnock (d by 1611, 5th son)
  m. Catherine Walsh
  D. Edmund Synnott of Lyngstown (dsp 15.04.1630)
  m. Elizabeth Bryan
  E. daughter
  m. William Browne of Malrankin
  F.+ other issue - John of Cooladyne, Nicholas of Rosegarland
2. Walter Synnot of Farrolstown (alias Ballybrennan) (a 1588, 4th son)
  m. Margaret Turner (dau of Richard Turner of Wexford)
  A. Nicholas Synnot of Farrolstown
  i. Peter Synnot of Farrolstown (a 1633)
  m. Marion
  a. Walter Synnot of Farrolstown (a 1650, Colonel)
  m. Barbe (dau of Louis Francois de Choiseul, Baron de Beaupre)
  ii. Eleanor Synnot
  m. Dionisius Stafford of Baleconnor
  iii.+ other issue - Patrick of Farrolstown, Pierce
  B. Walter Synnot
  C. Richard Synnot, Sheriff of Wexford (a 1588)
  m. Amy McDavid (dau of Rosse McDavid)
  i. James Synnot
  ii. Walter Synnot of Ballykanyle & Ballynamoe
  m. Amy O'Doran (dau of Cahir O'Doran)
  a. Richard Synnot of Ballykanyle & Ballynamoe
  b. Amy Synnot
  m. Teige McBrane Kavanagh
  c.+ other issue - Melchior (b 1598, m 1622), Michael, Baltazar, John, Mathew, Ellen
3.+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas of Farrolstown (a 1556, Sheriff of co. Wexford)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Synnott)
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