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Families covered: Shove of Doddington, Sirr of Dublin, Sorsbie of Sheffield

Identified as having arms of "Ar. a chev. sa. between three holly leaves ppr." was ...
Henry Shove (d 1771, Rector of Doddington)
1. Edward Shove 'of Queenborough'
m. (21.08.1765) Anne Duthoit (b 20.08.1747, d 11.06.1824, dau/coheir of Peter Duthoit of Canterbury)
  A. Edward Shove (b 28.12.1778, d 06.09.1803)
  B. Ann Shove
  m. William Gregory (b 1765)
  C. Mary Shove (b 12.06.1771, d 24.05.1826)
  m. (04.10.1790) James Chalk
  i. William Shove Chalk (a 1849, rector of Wilden, Rural Dean) had issue
  m. (01.03.1821) Eliza Gregory (dau of Rev. Thomas Gregory by Mary Anne Prichard)
  ii. Edward Chalk (youngest son) had issue
  m. Mary Taylor
  iii. Sarah Ann Chalk
  m. Rev. George Hasker
  iv. Mary Chalk
  m. R. Humber
  v.+ other issue - James Jell, Richard Duthoit, Jane
  D. Jane Shove (b 04.01.1777)
  m. (11.01.1813) George Fitzgerald
2. Henry Shove (d 1773, Rector of Doddington)
  m. Jane Pincke (dau of Alured Pincke by Elizabeth, "Countess-dowager of Abergavenny")
3. daughter
  m. Geroge Fitzgerald
4. daughter
  m. _ Cleveland
5.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth



Peter Sers of Lincolnshire
1. Francis Sirr of London ( d 14.12.1735)
m. Catherine Judge of Somersetshire (bur 08.09.1729)
  A. Joseph Sirr of Dublin, Sheriff of co. Dublin & co. Fermanagh (b 1715, bur 12.11.1799, Town Major of Dublin)
  m. Elizabeth Hall (b c1729, bur 29.01.1790, dau of William Hall of Skelton Castle)
  i. Henry Charles Sirr of Dublin (b 25.11.1764, d 08.01.1841, Town Major of Dublin)
  m. Elizabeth D'Arcy (b 1767, d 12.1829, dau of James D'Arcy of Hyde Park by Martha Grierson)
  a. Joseph D'Arcy Sirr (d before 21.07.1868, 2nd son) had issue
  b. Henry Charles Sirr (d before 25.01.1873) had issue
  m. Louisa (a 1873)
  c. Alicia Frances Sirr (d 04.12.1869)
  m1. Rev. Connolly Coane of Bath
  m2. (10.12.1823) Charles E(dward) Herbert Orpen
  d. Catherine Louisa Sirr
m. John Sauchie Schaw (d before 23.09.1854)
  e.+ other issue - son (b 17.11.1793, d young), Elizabeth (b c09.1792, bur 04.01.1792), daughter (b c01.1797, bur 09.04.1797), Eliza Dorothea (d 1812)
  ii. William Whiteway Sirr (b 10.05.1766, d 08.1797, RN, youngest son)
  m. Frances Elizabeth Hewlins of Portsea
  iii. Catherine Frances Sirr (b 18.01.1759, d 09.10.1810)
  m. (14.01.1775) Humphry Minchin of Woodville (son of Charles of Woodville by Elizabeth Massy of Stoneville)
  iv.+ other issue (all d young?) - Joseph (b 29.07.1756), Francis Pole (b 09.12.1757), Gervais (b 13.06.1760), Dunne (b 27.07.1763), Elizabeth Martha Mory (Mary?) (b 04.04.1762, bur 31.03.1770), Jane (b 17.03.1769)
  B. Frances Sirr or Seer or Seers
  m. (1737) Archibald Eliott (son of Sir Gilbert of Stobs, 3rd Bart, brother of Lord Heathfield)



It is not known whether or not there was any connection between the following family and that of Soresby of Chesterfield.
Robert Sorsbie of Sheffield (Master Cutler)
m. (23.10.1597) Catherine Clayton
1. Malin Sorsbie of Sheffield (bur 08.12.1680)
  m. (14.10.1635) Elizabeth Rawson (bpt 01.11.1618, bur 13.03.1676, dau of John Rawson of Upper Thorpe)
  A. Robert Sorsbie of Sheffield & Owlerton (bpt 25.12.1636, a 1691)
  m. (08.6.1674) Elizabeth Revel
  i.+ issue - Robert (bpt 12.201.1679), Malin (bpt 02.08.1683), Anne, others (d infant - John, Stephen, Elizabeth)
  B. Malin Sorsbie of Riton (bpt 07.02.1639, a 1683)
2. Robert Sorsbie (bpt 25.03.1599, precentor of York)

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