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Families covered: Early family in Brecknockshire (Brecon), Family of Park Lettice

Commoners reports that this family descended from Caradog Vreichvras who was direct ancestor of Maenyrch, lord of Brecon, father of Bleddyn, lord of Brecon (a temp William Rufus who r. 1087-1100), father of Blegwryd who was ancestor "in the fifth degree" of Einion Sais. Our continuations suport that except that no Blegwryd is shown. We hope to review this further in due course. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 25.02.16) for drawing our attention to the entry on this family in Jones's 'History of Brecknockshire' and for preparing a schedule on this family based not only on that 'History' but also on other sources.
Trahaiarn of Llangorse (ap Gwgan ap Bleddin ap Maenarch)
The mother of Howel is shown by Betham to have been a daughter of Rhys Vableday of Manergam. She is identified by Jones as ...
m. Joan (dau of Bleddin of Cilsant)
1. Howel
  Jones shows Howel's son Rhys separately from his other children, Reynallt & Gwenllian, which may indicate that he had more than one wife/partner. We presume that they were all in fact by ...
  m. Gwenllian or Gwenlyn (dau/heir of Griffith ap Ivor of Sanghenith (Gruffith ap Jebas de Senghend))
  A. Rhys ap Aberllyfni
  m. Catherine (dau of Gryffith Gwyror of Gower (Gruff ap Gruff Gwine))
  i. David
  m. ?? (dau of Howel melyn)
a.+ 9 sons
  ii. Howel Morganwg
  a. Rhys (a temp Henry 3 who r. 1216-1272)
iii. Einion 'Sais' in Llywel (of Pen Pont, Llansbyddyd), Brecon
  (1) Commoners reports that Einion was called Einion Sais "because he could speak the English language". Commoners identifies this Einion as ancestor of Sir David Gam (on continuation page through Llewelyn below), differentiating him from another Einion Sais.
(2) Jones shows Einion as m1. Joan (dau of Howel of Miscin), mother of Eion, Rees, Trahaern & Einion (2nd), m2. Gwenllian (dau of Howel ap Rhys Grug), mother of Meredith & Lieici. Betham shows just one son, 'Matthew ap Rhese', by Joan, dau/heir of Howel ap Mredd ap Craddock ap Istyn ap Gwergan. Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, 'Ap Rhese') starts with 'Juan ap Rhese' (apparently the same person as this Einion) who was father of Matthew by a "da. and one of ye heyres of Cradok". Jones (p112) shows the undermentioned Rhys of Porthgogof as having a 2nd son David "from whom Aprice of Washingley". We follow Betham & Visitation (Huntingdonshire) in showing that family descend from the undermentioned Matthew. CV's schedule does not mention that family.
(3) We are following CV's above-mentioned schedule in identifying the family of Einion as follows except that we show Matthew as an additional son by ...
  m1. Lwcy (dau of Hywel ap Maredudd ap Caradog)
  a. Rhys of Porthgogof, Ystradfellte, Brecon
  m. Gladys or Elen (dau of Llwellyn ap Hywel Felyn)
  b. Matthew 'ap Rhese' of Lan, Brecknockshire
  m. _ Radnoll or Radnall (heir)
  m2. ??
  m3. Joan Crest
c. Hywel of Park Lettice, Lngtwgdyfrynwysg, Monmouthshire named Einion by Jones
  m. Letis (dau of Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd)
  (1) Hywel of Park Lettice, Lngtwgdyfrynwysg, Monmouthshire
  m. Alice (dau of Llywelyn ap Hywel)
  (A) David ancestor of the Williams of Park Lettice
  (B) Jeuan
  (C) Llewelyn
  Identified by Commoners as "Third in descent from Einion". The intervening generations are supported by Wikipedia ('Sir David Gam').
m. Matilda (Mawd) (dau of Ieuan ap Rys ap Ivor, of Elvel)
  (2) David Llwyd ancestor of the Skulls of Monington, ## see here ##
  (3) Gwillym ancestor of Griffith of Blancrai
  (4) Bleddin
  B. Reynallt
  C. Gwenllian
  Gwenllian is shown in her husband's records as dau of Howel ap Ifan ap Traiharn ap Gwgan but the Ifan generation is not shown by Jones.
  m. Griffith ap Ednyfed Vychan
2. Ellyw
  m. Rhys Vychan neu Mechyll
3. Joan
  m. Madoc ap Trahearn
4.+ other issue - Rees, Trahaern Vychan
Shown by Jones separately from Trahearn's other children, possibly because her mother was not Joan, was ...
6. Maud
  m. Howel ap Sitsyllt

Main source(s): 'History of Brecknockshire' by Theophilus Jones (vol 2 part 1 (1809), p165) with some input/support from Commoners (vol 3, 'Price of Castle Madoc representing Powell of Castle Madoc', p176), Betham's 'Baronetage of England' (vol 4, 1904, 'Apreece of Washingley', p114+)
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