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Families covered: Wallis of Ballycrenan, Wallis of Curryglass (Curraglass), Wallis of Drishane Castle, Wallis of Renny

Thomas Wallis, 1st of Curraglass (Curryglass), co Cork (a 1595, d before 1630)
BLG1886 & BLGI1912 identify the place of residence as "Curryglass" whilst BIFR1976 identifies it as "Curraglass".
1. Thomas Wallis of Curraglass or Curryglass
  A. Thomas Wallis of Curraglass or Curryglass
i. Boyle Wallis (b 1644, d unm)
  ii. Thomas Wallis of Curraglass or Curryglass
m1. (1679) Jane Ludyman
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Thomas, Grace
  m2. Persis Holmes
  c. George Wallis of Curryglass or Curraglass
  m. (1721) Elizabeth Wallis (dau of Henry Wallis of Drishane) @@ below
  (1) Henry Wallis of Curryglass & Drishane 'of Westwood'
m. (1758) Elizabeth Paul (dau of Christmas Paul of Paulville by Ellen, dau of Robert Carew of Ballynamona)
  (A) John Wallis of Drishane Castle (d 1810)
  m1. Patience Longfield (dau of John Longfield of Longueville)
  (i) Patience Wallis
  m. James Hanning of Kilcrone
  m2. (09.1787) Marianne Carleton (dau of John Carleton of Woodside)
  (ii) Henry Wallis of Drishane Castle, Sheriff of co Cork (d 06.01.1862, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m1. (sps) _ Forster
  m2. (1827) Ellen Smyth (dau of Grice Smyth of Ballynatray)
  (iii) Mary Gertrude Wallis (d unm 05.05.1857)
  (iv) Penelope Wallis
m. Samuel Adams of Kilbree
  (v) Elizabeth Wallis
  m. Rev. Charles Morgan
  (vi) Marianne Wallis
  m. Simon Newport of John's Hill Vale/Villa
  (B) Christmas Paul Wallis of Renny, co Cork (b 1760, d 1826)
  m1. (1783) Elizabeth Stopford (dau of Rev. James Stopford, sister of Edward, Bishop of Meath)
  (i) Penelope Wallis (d 1851)
  m. Rev. Digby Joseph Stopford Ram
  (ii) Ellen Wallis (d 1850)
  m. (1816) William Lombard of Danesfort (d 1841, son of Rev. Edmond of Lombardstown)
  (iii)+ other issue (d unm) - John (d 1818/21), Henry (d 1815/7), James (d 1811), Elizabeth (d 1839), Catherine (d before 1839)
  m2. Johanna (or Hannah) FitzGerald (d 1863)
  (viii) Thomas Wallis (d 1859, 5th son) had issue
  m. _ Macdermot
  (ix) Christmas Paul Wallis (b 1823, d 08.1866) had issue
  m. (1849) Blessing Gardner (d 23.04.1910, dau of Thomas Browning Gardner of Youghal)
  (x)+ other issue (d unm) - George (d 1850), Anna (d 1880)
  (C) Thomas Wallis
  m. _ Cooke
  (i) Harry Wallis (d 1829) had issue
  m. _ Justice of Mount Justice
  (ii) John Wallis of Minehill, co Cork had issue
  m. (1846) Elizabeth Gahan (dau of Major Beresford Gahan)
  (iii) Rebecca Wallis
  m. H. Sherlock
  (iv) Elizabeth Wallis (d unm)
  (v) Mary Wallis
  m. J.E. Herrick
(vi) Ellen Wallis
  m. Rev. A. Sargent of Waterford
  (D) Henry (Harry) Wallis of Maryborough, Glanmire, co Cork
  m. Helen McCall (dau of James McCall of Braehead)
  (i) James Wallis (b 18.01.1806, d 23.05.1893, Lt. Colonel, 4th son) had issue (in Canada)
m1. (22.04.1840) Jane Fisher (d 16.05.1849, dau of Judge Fisher of Adolphustown)
  m2. (30.12.1851) Louisa Forbes (d 28.01.1887, dau of Cmdr Robert Millar Forbes of Peterborough, Ontario)
  (ii) Sarah Wallis (b 1797, d 1877)
  m. William Smith of Carbeth Guthrie
  (iii) Margaret Wallis
  m. George Dennistoun of Glasgow
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Henry, Robert, John, Ellen, Mary, Barbara, Isabella
  (E) Ellen Wallis
  m. Charles Bohun of Curraghduff
  (F) Elizabeth Wallis (dsp 16.04.1836)
m. (1811) Sir Joshua Christmas Paul of Ballyglan, 2nd Bart
  (2) George Wallis (d unm)
  (3) Penelope Wallis
  m. John Parker of Cherrymount
  (4) Elizabeth Wallis
  m. Samuel Adams
d. Anne Wallis
  m. Thomas Moore of Ggregg
  e. Elizabeth Wallis
  m. Samuel Meade
  f. Arabella (sb Isabella?) Wallis
  m. Michael Webber
  g. Jane Wallis
m. Digby Cooke
  h.+ other issue - Thomas, Persis
  iii. Henry Wallis of Drishane, co Cork
  m. Penelope Nettles (dau of John Nettles of Toureen)
  a. Mary Wallis
  m. George Jackson of Grangebeg
  b. Elizabeth Wallis
  m. (1721) George Wallis of Curraglass @@ above
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Henry (b 1697, d 1749), John of Renny (d 1787, Sheriff of Cork)
  B. Peter Wallis of Shanagary (or Shangary), Sheriff of co Cork (a 1630, d 1679, Major)
m. Audrey Baker (d 1685, dau of Barachias Baker of Carrigrohane)
  i. John Wallis of Carrigrohane
  a. Mary Wallis
m. Charles Gookin
  ii. Barachias Wallis of Ballycrenan (d 1711)
  m. (1688) Ellen Cross of Ballybrazil
  a. William Wallis of Ballycrenan
  m. (1738) Clotilda Uniacke (dau of Thomas Uniacke of Woodhouse)
  (1) Barachias Wallis of Ballycrenan (dsp 01.1765)
  m. (1763) Anne Pigott (dau of Emanuel Pigott)
  (2) Helena Wallis
  m. John Colthurst
  (3) Clotilda Wallis (d 03.09.1816)
  m. (24.09.1771) Sir Edward Hoare of Annabella, 2nd Bart (d 30.04.1814)
  b. Susan Wallis
  m. William Corker of Kilbrenan
  c. Eleanor Wallis
  m. (01.1730) Sylvester Cross of Passage (d 1767)
  iii. Margaret Wallis (dsp 17.07.1721)
  m. Edward Corker of Ballymaloe (Colonel)
  iv. Katherine Wallis (d 08.07.1697)
  m. (1679) Ebenezer Low
  v. Mehetebel Wallis (d 01.07.1703)
  m. Francis Foulke
  vi. Mary Wallis
  m. Benjamin Glascott of New Ross (d 10.1723)
2.+ 2 sons

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Wallis), BLGI1912 (Wallis, late of Drishane Castle), BLG1886 (Wallis of Drishane Castle)
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