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Families covered: Walrond of Antigua, Walrond of Barbadoes, Walrond of Dulford House, Walrond of Sea, Walrond de Vallado

Osmond Walrond
m. Emlyn Buckthought of Devon
1. Humphrey Walrond of Sea in Ilminster (d 1580)
  m1. Elizabeth Brokehampton (dau of John Brokehampton of Sea)
A. Henry Walrond of Sea (d 18.02.1616)
  m. Elizabeth Devenish (dau of William Devenish of Hellingleigh)
  i. Humphrey Walrond of Sea (d 17.02.1621)
  m. Elizabeth Colles (dau of Humphrey Colles of Barton by Elizabeth, sister of Thomas, 1st Lord D'Arcy of Chiche)
  a. Humphrey Walrond of Sea, Governor of Barbadoes, 1st Marquis de Vallado (a 1653, Colonel)
  Vivian identifies Humphrey's wife as Grace. BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Napier (d 1635, dau of Nathaniel Napier of More Critchel)
(1) George Walrond of St. Philip, Barbadoes, 2nd Marquis de Vallado (d before 18.12.1688)
  m. (c1645) Frances Coryton (d 09.1665, dau of William Coryton of Coryton by Elizabeth Chichester)
  (A) George Walrond (a 1688, dvp unm) not mentioned by Vivian
  (B) Theodore Walrond of St. Philip, Barbadoes, 3rd Marquis de Vallado (d 01.06.1706)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (sister of Captain William Smith)
(i) Theodore Walrond of Antigua, 4th Marquis de Vallado (d after 1748)
  m1. (1724) Elizabeth Wills (d 1733, dau of Thomas Wills of Wivelscombe)
  (a) Main Swete Walrond of Antigua, 5th Marquis de Vallado (b 1725, d 1764)
  m. (1748) Sarah Lyons (sister/heir of William Lyons of Antigua & Philadelphia)
  ((1)) Joseph Lyons Walrond of Antigua then Dulford House, 6th Marquis de Vallado (d 13.01.1815, 2nd son?)
  m. (28.12.1797) Caroline Codrington (dau of Edward Codrington of Dodington, son of Sir William, Bart)
  ((A)) Lyons Walrond of Dulford House, 7th Marquis de Vallado (b 21.04.1800, d unm 21.05.1819)
  ((B)) Bethell Walrond of Dulford House, 8th Marquis de Vallado (b 10.08.1802, d 28.05.1876) had issue
  m. (10.11.1829) Janet St.Clair-Erskine (d 16.11.1880, dau of James, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn
  ((2)) Charles Wills Walrond (b 21.10.1754, d 1795, 3rd son)
  m. (18.05.1777) Elizabeth Day (dau of John Day of Antigua, sister of William, Governor of Sierra Leone)
  ((A)) Theodore Walrond of Calder Park (b 08.01.1788, d 31.12.1864) had issue
  m. (11.09.1820) Jane Hastings (dau of Sir Charles Holland Hastings)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Holloway Walrond (d 1833)
  m. (1799?) Henry Bennett Wood of St. Kitts
  ((C)) Sarah Walrond (d 1833)
  m. (1813) Rev. Thomas Blackburn of St. Kitts
((D)) Grace Walrond
  m. (1828) F. Martin of Venezuela
  ((E))+ other issue - Ann Caroline, Mary (d unm 1816)
  ((3)) Main Swete Walrond of Manadon (d 16.05.1817, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (1778) Elizabeth Chabert (dau of Charles Andrew Chabert, Governor of St. Eustacia)
  ((A)) Main Swete Walrond of Hereford (b 22.11.1779) had issue
m. (01.07.1807) Antoinette Louisa Sandberg (dau of John Sandberg, chief justice of St. Croix)
  m2. (02.1803) Elizabeth Hall (dau of Humphrey Hall (not Hill) of Manadon by Jane St. John)
  ((B)) Jane St.John Hall Walrond (b c10.1805, d 18.04.1809)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Walrond
  m. John Holloway 'of Wells' (d 06.1826, Admiral)
  ((A)) Clementina Holloway
  m. (1801) Sir Robert Waller Otway, Bart
  ((B))+ other issue - Sarah Emma Orde, Ann Wallace
  ((5)) Sarah Walrond
  m1. (1782) _ Fluker (Major)
  m2. Vaughan Lloyd (b 17.01.1736, d 16.06.1817, General)
  ((6)) Catherine Walrond
  m. (1784) John Lyons of Antigua & St. Austins
((7))+ other issue - Theodore (dvp unm 1767), Lyons (dsp)
  m2. Amy (relict of John Parry)
  (b)+ other issue
  m3. Mary Keynell (d 01.07.1766)
  (ii) George Walrond of St. Philip, Barbadoes (d 1743) had issue
  m. (09.07.1724) Dorothy Pickering
  (iii) Mary Walrond
  (C) Grace Walrond
  m. _ Le Conte of New York
  (D) Elizabeth Walrond (d 1723)
  m. (23.11.1680) Francis Wills of Wivelscomb
  (E) Frances Walrond
  m. Richard Michell of Barbados
  The following (in this generation) all comes from Vivian.
  (2) Humphry Walrond had issue
  m. Jane Pennoyer (dau of Thomas Pennoyer of Chalford)
  (3) Thomas Walrond (5th son)
  m. Frances Atkins (dau of Colonel Sir Jonathan Atkins)
  (A) Frances Walrond
  m. William Adams
  (4) Grace Walrond
m. Constant Sylvester
  (5) Bridget Walrond
  m. _ Crofts
  (6)+ other issue - Henry (d before 03.03.1693, Lt. General, had issue), John of Barbados (had issue), Edward, Anne
  b. Maurice Walrond of London (d 1639) had issue, not mentioned by Vivian
  m. Elizabeth Harrison (dau of Gilbert Harrison, Sheriff of London)
  c. Elizabeth Walrond
  m. Henry Sydenham of Cholworthy
  d.+ other issue - Edward (a 1624), John, George (a 1632), Katherine
  ii.+ other issue - William of Iselbrewers (d 24.08.1662), Henry
  B.+ 3 chilldren (dsp)
  m2. Katherine Popham (dsp c1593, dau of Sir John Popham)
2. Roger Walrond (a 1577)
  m. Agnes Mansell (dau of John Mansell)
  A.+ issue - James, Nicholas, Roger
3. William Walrond of Fysett
  m. Margaret Dolman
  A.+ issue - William, Henry

Main source(s): BP1934 ('de Vallado' (in foreign section)), Commoners (Vol 2, 'Walrond of Dulford House', p557+), BLG1952 ('Walrond formerly of Dulford House') with some input/support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Walround of Bradfield', p768+)
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