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Families covered: Waterhouse of Kingston-upon-Thames, Waterhouse of Pontefract, Waterhouse of Skircot, Waterhouse of Wellhead

Robert Waterhouse, Constable of Skircot (d c08.1481)
m. Joan
1. John Waterhouse of Newhouse, Skircot (d before 03.12.1534)
  A. John Waterhouse of Newhouse (bur 11.07.1545)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. John Waterhouse
  BLG1886 identifies John as ancestor of Waterhouse of Norwood Green (in Hipperholme), of Pontefract, and of Kingston-on-Thames. We presume that he was grandfather of the undermentioned John of Hipperholm who is the first mentioned by FMG (vol 1, MS373, 'Waterhouse', p163+) which provides the following (which was first shown on 19.04.10 within Temp77).
  a. ?? Waterhouse presumed intermediary generation
  (1) John Waterhouse of Hipperholm (bur 13.09.1660)
  (A) Michael Waterhouse of Pontefract & Selby (b c1617, bur 02.11.1697)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1705)
  (i) John Waterhouse of Pontefract (dvp bur 23.03.1691)
  m. (06.04.1678) Ann Ashton
  (a) Michael Waterhouse, Mayor of Pontefract (a 1710)
  m. Catherine Talbor (great-granddau of Sir Christopher Trentham)
  ((1)) Michael Waterhouse of Kingston-upon-Thames
  m. Jane Jefferies
  ((A)) John Waterhouse of Twickenham
  m. Martha Haslan (dau of Percival Haslan of Feltham)
  ((i))+ issue - John Wilmot, Anthony, Maria, Martha Anna
  ((B)) Jane Waterhouse (d young)
((2)) Michael Waterhouse of Kingston
  m. _ Hopkins
  ((A)) Thomas Waterhouse
  m. Ann Gross (dau of Francis Gross of Richmond, widow of John Mattewson)
((i)) Trentham Thomas Waterhouse
  ((3))+ other issue including Michael, George, Talbot, Frances
  (b) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. (c1730) Thomas Hawksworth of London (b c1680, d 05.01.1771)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Hawksworth
  m. (c1730) Richard Milnes of Chesterfield
  (c)+ other issue including Thomas, Ann, Margaret, others (d young)
  (ii) Ann Waterhouse (d 23.09.1736)
  m. Richard Lapidge of Pontefract
  (iii) Mary Waterhouse (b 1665, d 08.04.1728)
  m. (08.01.1697) James Milnes of Chesterfield
  (B) John Waterhouse (bpt 1619)
  ii. Michael Waterhouse of Woodhouse, Skircot (bur 25.11.1587)
  m1. (18.11.1555) Grace Wilkinson (bur 03.03.1581)
  a. Isaac Waterhouse of The Woodhouse
  m. Mary Crowther (sister of John Crowther)
  (1)+ 8 sons and 5 daughters
  b. Joshua Waterhouse
  c. Caleb Waterhouse of Skircot, later of Shibden Hall (bpt 21.09.1561, bur 01.01.1613)
  m1. ?? (bur 02.1596)
  (1) John Waterhouse of Wassarlane, Skircot (d 1649, 2nd son)
  m. Mary (m2. Thomas Oldfield of Newland-in-Warley)
  (A) John Waterhouse (bpt 25.10.1631, 2nd son)
  m. (04.1656) Priscilla Chadwick (dau of Michael Chadwick of Norland by Susan)
  (i) Samuel Waterhouse of the Lower Range (bpt 01.04.1663, bur 01.05.1702, 3rd son)
  m. (06.05.1694) Mary Brooksbank (b 1669-70, d 01.02.1744, dau of Gilbert Brooksbank of Halifax)
  (a) Samuel Waterhouse (bpt 29.10.1696, d unm bur 14.01.1756)
  (b) John Waterhouse of Halifax (bpt 05.10.1698, d 04.04.1759)
  m. Ellen Waterhouse (d 17.11.1792, dau of John Waterhouse, 2nd cousin)
  ((1)) Samuel Waterhouse in West Riding, Yorkshire (b 08.12.1727, d 04.03.1801)
  m. Anne Alexander (b c1734, d 13.12.1800, dau of William Alexander of Halifax)
  ((A)) Ellen Waterhouse (dsp 1826)
  m. Edward Alexander of Dannets Hall
  ((B)) Elizabeth Waterhouse
  m. (1797) John Kershaw of Halifax
  ((C)) Mary Waterhouse
  m. James Mellor of Willan
((2)) John Waterhouse of Wellhead, Halifax (b 01.07.1736, d 15.06.1801)
  m. (1767) Elizabeth Beaty (d 1820, dau/coheir of Charles Beaty of Louth by Bridget, dau/coheir of Robert Saunderson of Alford)
  ((A)) John Waterhouse of Wellhead (b 01.12.1773, d 21.01.1847) had issue
  m. (17.10.1805) Grace Elizabeth Rawson (d 1849, dau of John Rawson of Stonyroyd in Halifax)
  ((B)) Anne Waterhouse
  m. Edward Protheroe (MP for Bristol)
  ((C)) Harriet Waterhouse
  m. (1803) Rev. Francis Huyshe of Clisthydon
  ((D))+ other issue - Samuel of Old Wellhead, Frances
  (c) Sarah Waterhouse (bpt 02.10.1695)
  m. Elkanah Haddock of London
  (ii)+ other issue
  (B)+ 2 sons
  (2)+ 2 sons
  m2. Elizabeth Armytage (dau of John Armytage of Huddersfield Hall, m2. _ Winter)
  (4)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  m2. Cecilia (relict of William Rayner)
  d. Nathaniel Waterhouse (bpt 11.09.1516, dsp 03.06.1647)
  m. (16.11.1607) Dorothy Wilson of Eland (d before 09.03.1669)
  iii.+ 3 daughters
  B.+ other issue including Sir Lawrence, Edward
2. Gilbert Waterhouse had issue

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Waterhouse of Well Head) with input as reported above
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