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Families covered: Whitbread of Cardington, Whytbread of Gravenhurst, Whitbread of Loudham Park, Whitbread of Southill

Possibly descended from Roger Wybred (or Blaunpayne) of Gravenhurst, "who was living there in 1254", was ...
Thomas Whytbred of Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire
1. Lawrence Whytbred of Nether Gravenhurst
  m. Cicley
  A. Henry Whytbread of Gravenhurst
  i. Henry Whytbread of Gravenhurst (bur 14.03.1612/3)
  m. Alice
  a. Lawrence Whitbread
  (1) William Whitbread of Cardington (Bedfordshire) & Ion House, Upper Gravenhurst (a 1639)
  (A) Henry Whitbread of Cardington
  m. Elizabeth (a 1701)
  (i) Henry Whitbread of Loughton, Bedfordshire had issue
  (ii) William Whitbread of Cardington (b 1623-4, d 04.08.1701, 5th son)
  m. (02.02.1648) Lettice Leeds (d 04.06.1689, dau of Edward Leeds of Croxton)
  (a) Henry Whitbread of Cardington (b 1664, d 13.10.1727, Receiver General for Bedfordshire, 3rd son)
  m1. (1691) Sarah Ive (d 27.12.1710, dau/coheir of John Ive of London)
  ((1)) Ive Whitbread of Cardington & London (b 1700, d 07.05.1765, 3rd son)
  The following comes from BLG1886 ('Whitbread of Loudham Park') although that identifies Ive as 4th (and only surviving) son of Henry, elder brother of Samuel, the famous brewer. That is supported by BLG1886 ('Whitbread of Southill'), which starts with Samuel "the eminent Brewer" other than to identify him as "son of Mr. Whitbread, who resided at The Barns, near Cardington, co. Bedford, and younger brother of Henry Witbread, Esq., ancestor of Whitbread of Loudham Park". However, we are following BLG1952 which appears to have been based on further research.
  m. (1691) Elizabeth Hinde (dau of Peter Hinde)
  ((A)) Jacob Whitbread
  m. Anne Elizabeth Hinde (dau of Jacob Hinde)
  ((i)) Jacob Whitbread of Loudham Park, Suffolk (b 29.01.1782, d 20.01.1809) had issue
  m. Louisa Michell (dau of Samuel Michell, Lord High Admiral of the Portuguese Navy)
  ((2)) Rachel Whitbread (b 1692, d 1757)
  m. Oliver Edwards of London
  ((3))+ other issue - William (b 1693, d 16.07.1721), John (b 1694, d 12.02.1762), Lettice (d 21.12.1721)
m2. (11.12.1717) Elizabeth Read (d 09.01.1746, dau of Philip Read of New Sarum)
  ((6)) Samuel Whitbread of Cardington, Southill (Bedforshire) & Bedwell Park (Hertfordshire), Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b 30.08.1720, d 11.06.1796, brewer, MP, youngest son)
  The following is supported by Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Blancks, Crosse, Hayton, and Whitbread, of Bledlow', p117).
  m1. (1757) Harriet Hayton (d 1764, dau of William Hayton of Ivinghoe)
  ((A)) Samuel Whitbread of Cardington & Southill (b 1758, d 06.07.1815, MP)
m. (1789) Elizabeth Grey (d 28.11.1846, dau of Sir Charles Grey, 1st Earl Grey)
  ((i)) William Charles Whitbread (d infant)
  ((ii)) William Henry Whitbread of Southill, Sheriff of Bedfordshire (b 04.01.1795, dsp 1867, MP)
  m. (05.11.1845) Harriet Sneyd (dau of Rev. Wetttenhall Sneyd of Newchurch, widow of Major Turner Macan of Cardiff)
  ((iii)) Samuel Charles Whitbread of Southill (b 1796, d 27.05.1879, MP) had issue
  m1. (28.06.1824) Julia Brand or Brand-Trevor (d 13.10.1858, dau of (Henry Otway Brand, later Brand-Trevor), 21st Baron Dacre)
m2. (18.12.1868, sp) Mary Keppel (d 20.09.1884, dau of 4th Earl of Albemarle, widow of Henry Frederick Stephenson)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Whitbread (b 20.12.1791, d 01.03.1843)
  m. (10.08.1812) William Waldegrave, 8th Earl Waldegrave (d 24.10.1859)
  ((v)) Emma Laura Whitbread (b 19.01.1798, d 20.06.1857)
m. (24.06.1817) Charles Shaw-Lefevre, Viscount Eversley (d 28.12.1888)
  ((B)) Harriot Whitbread
  m. (1789) James Gordon of More Park
  ((C)) Emma Maria Elizabeth Whitbread (d 16.07.1825)
  m. (02.12.1780) Henry (Beauchamp) St. John, 12th Baron of Bletso (d 19.12.1805)
  m2. (18.08.1769) Mary Cornwallis (d 27.12.1770, dau of 1st Earl Cornwallis)
  ((D)) Mary Whitbread (b 12.1770, d 09.05.1858)
  m. (18.06.1795 (not 1791)) Sir George Grey, 1st Bart (d 03.10.1828)
  ((7))+ other issue - Henry (b 1718, d 22.04.1742), Elizabeth
  (b) Martha Whitbread
  m. (1672) John Howard of London
  (c) Lettice Whitbread
  m. (1675) John Wace of London
  (d) Elizabeth Whitbread
  m. _ Sandon
  (e) Alice Whitbread
  m. (1684) Thomas Withers of Newport Bagnell
  (f)+ other issue - Jonathan (b 1656), William (b 1663, d 1664), William (b 1667), Dorothy, Sarah
  (iii)+ other issue - Stephen of Cardington, John of Cardington (a 1701), Edward of Cardington (d 1727), Thomas, Alice, Elizabeth
  (2)+ other issue
  b.+ 3 sons
  B.+ son + daughter

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Whitbread of Southill') with input/support as reported above
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