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Families covered: White of London, White of St. Germain's, White of St. Stephens

Vivian identifies the following as the arms for this family:"Arg., on a bend Sa. three griffins' heads erased of the first".
Oliver White of St. Stephens iuxta Launston (Launceston), Cornwall (bur 02.10.1598)
m. Annys (bur 10.01.1606-7)
1. Oliver White of St. Stephens (bur 14.06.1611)
  m. Alice Mannaton (dau of Peter Mannaton of Mannaton)
  A. Oliver White (bpt 02.08.1604, bur 31.03.1642)
  m. Audrey (m2. Thomas Edgcumbe)
  i.+ issue - Ambrose (bpt 24.03.1631-2, bur 30.04.1643), Grace (bpt 24.11.1630), Frances (bpt 17.09.1639)
  B. William White (bpt 08.04.1609, bur 27.08.1643, 4th son)
  m. Joan
  i. William White (bpt 01.03.1634-5, bur 05.07.1709, 2nd son)
  m. (30.07.1666) Martha Dinham (bur 08.01.1690-1)
  a.+ issue - John (bpt 04.11.1673), Mary (bpt 20.02.1676-7)
  ii. Christopher White (bpt 06.05.1639, bur 23.06.1718)
  m. (10.05.1666) Agnes Leonard
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 25.01.1667-8, bur 28.01.1723), Jone (bpt 17.11.1672, bur 01.01.1676-7)
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 24.03.1632-3), Jane (bpt 22.01.1636-7, d infant?), Jane (bpt 03.10.1641), Elizabeth (bpt 03.03.1643-4)
C.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 23.08.1606, bur 23.03.1648-9), Simon (bpt 26.01.1607-8), Anne (bur 13.12.1615)
2. Digory White (younger son)
  m. (05.06.1594) Joan Ware
  A.+ issue - Oliver (bpt 04.05.1595, bur 30.07.1595), Thomas (bpt 26.05.1599)
3. Jane White
  m. John Cole of Linkinhorne
4. Anne White
  m. John Hext of Lanston
5. Margaret White (bpt 09.12.1574)
  m. (25.11.1596) Edward Kempthorne of Hockland
6.+ other issue - John (bur 26.02.1643-4), George (bpt 25.04.1570), Beaton (bur 30.09.1625)



Vivian, supported by Berry, identifies the following as the arms for this family: "Or, on a chev. vert a crescent ar. betw. three goats' heads, erased, sa.".
?? White of St. Germain's, Cornwall
1. Richard White of St. Germain's
  m. Margaret
  A. Robert White of Truro, Cornwall (a 1606, 1614)
  m. Muriell Sydenham (a 1606, 1614, dau of Humphrey Sydenham of Tregonie)
  i. Peter White of Truro & London (b c1600, a 1670, of the Middle Temple)
m. Alice (a 1631)
  a. John White 'of Trelugas' of London (b 15.01.1631-2, d before 28.02.1700-1, silkman)
  m1. (12.06.1660) Aurelia Hollier (b 29.10.1640, d 02.12.1679, dau of Thomas Hollier of London (barber surgeon) by Lucy, dau of Thomas Knowles of London by Lucy, dau of James Mullins)
  (1) John White of London (b 15.12.1665, a 07.1732)
  (A) Aurelia White (a 1731)
  (B) Mary White
m. (08.10.1713) Richard Marsh of Mortlake
  (2) Aurelia White (b 04.09.1667)
  m. (12.06.1693) Hugh Bawden of Cornwall (b c1672)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (b 24.03.1669, a 04.1720), Peter (b 06.04.1676, a 1700), Lucy (b 12.04.1672, d infant), Lucy (b 06.04.1676, d unm 06-7.1748), Alice (b 19.06.1664, d 1664), Mary (b 06.12.1672, a 1731, d unm?)
  m2. (23.02.1681-2) Susanna Ayleway (b 15.03.1647-8, d before 31.07.1732, dau of John Ayleway (Aylway or Alway) of London ('by Anne, dau/heir of Sir Henry Hastings of Newington Butts (grandson of George, 4th Earl of Huntingdon'), son of Richard of Taynton (Gloucestershire) by Frances, dau of James Colwell)
  (9) Susanna White (b 08.07.1684, bur 05.03.1762)
  m. (17.12.1709) John Lloyd of London & Northamptonshire (d 31.10.1744)
  b. Prudence White (bpt 08.05.1637)
  m. (1670?) _ Cussens
  c.+ other issue - James (a 1670), Peter of London (a 12.1685, silkman), Robert (a 1670), Frances (bpt 28.06.1636)
  ii. William White (b c1604, a 1670, cleric)
  m. (08.09.1629) Constance Decker
  a. Robert White of London & Nazing, Essex (bur 22.08.1704)
  m. Martha (bur 09.02.1701-2)
  (1) Daniel White of Highgate, Middlesex (d unm before 05.12.1722)
  (2) Deborah White (a 1698)
  m1. _ Shambrooke
  m2. _ Maynard
  (3) Bridget White (a 1722)
  m. (25.04.1690) Daniel Thomas of Highgate (a 1698)
  (4) Constance White (a 1698)
  m. John Shower (a 1698, cleric)
  b.+ other issue (a 1670) - Benjamin, William (d before 12.1685), Peter (a 1698, goldsmith), Alice, Muriel, Elizabeth, Matilda
  iii. Robert White (b c1606, a 1622)
  iv. Joanna White (a 1670)
  m1. Humphrey Swimmer of Market Jew
  m2. Robert Lamerton (a 1670)
  v. Honor White
  m. Francis Gregor of Truro
  a. Francis Gregor (a 1670)
  vi. Martha White (b c1597, a 1670)
  m. _ Michell
  vii. Anne White (b c1599, a 1670)
  m. _ Hill
  B. John White
  i. John White (b c1595, a 1619)
  C. Elizabeth White
  m. _ Wallis
  D. Margaret White
  m. _ Spiller
E.+ other issue - Francis, Alice
2. John White of London
  m. (c1574) Mary
  A. Jane White (b c1574, d 13.10.1607)
  m1. Samuel Thornhill (dvp 1597)
  m2. Sir Richard Smith of London
  i. Mary Smith
  B. Alice White
  m. Edward Fisher
  C. Joane White
  m. John Cage
3. Joanna White
  m. _ Gay
4. Agnes White
  m. Thomas Golston

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'White of St. Stephens', p552)
(2) For lower section (part uploaded 09.04.17 into White01, moved here for review & expansion 04.12.18) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'White of Truro', p553+) with some input/support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p467)
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