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Families covered: Woodchurch of Woodchurch, Willets in Staffordshire, Wittewronge of Rothamsted, Wittewrong of Stantonbury, Warrington of Lancashire, Carew of Carew Castle, Carew of Crowcombe
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Aketill de Woodchurch of Woodchurch, Kent
1. Ralph Woodchurch of Woodchurch (a temp William Rufus who r. 1087-1100)
  A. Roger Woodchurch of Woodchurch
  m. Isabella Wakehurst (dau of Richard de Wakehurst of Wakehurst)
  i. Thomas Woodchurch of Woodchurch the first mentioned by BIFR1976
  m. Anna Harvy (dau of Sir Walter Harvy or Hervey, Lord Mayor of London in 1272-3)
  a. Sir Simon Woodchurch of Woodchurch (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. Susanna Clerke (dau/heir of Henry le Clerke of Munfidde (Montforts or Mumford Hall, Kingsnorth))
  (1) Simon Woodchurch of Woodchurch
  m. Isabella Roxley (dau of Sir Robert Roxley or Rockesley of Horton Kirby)
  (A) Mary or Isabella Woodchurch
  m. Sir Adrian Fortescue
  (2) (Thomas) Clarke Woodchurch, later Clerke or Clarke
  m. Benedicta or Bennet Shurt (dau/coheir of Robert Shurt or Shert of Woodchurch)
  (A) Peter Clerke or Clarke alias Woodchurch
  m. Eleanor Rowling (dau of Peter Rowling)
  ii. Henry Woodchurch
  a. Isabella Woodchurch



William Willets of Dudley (d 1702)
m. Anna Colborne (dau of Humphry Colborne)
1. William Willets of Newcastle-under-line (sic), Staffordshire (b 09.04.1697, d 1779)
  m1. _ Latham (sister of Dr. Ebenezer Latham of Findern)
  m2. (c1754) Catherine Wedgwood (sister of Josiah Wedgwood of Etruria)
  A. ?? Wittets of Burton-upon-Trent (Staffordshire) (dsp)
  B. Mary Willets (d 03.10.1803)
  m. Peter Holland of Knutsford (surgeon)
  C. Ann Willets
  m. Swinton Colthurst Holland of London
  D. Jane Willets
  m. (sp) William Turner of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b 1761, d 04.1859)



BEB1841 repors that the following Jaques was "born in the city of Ghent in 1531, of an honourable stock, was forced to quit his native country in consequence of the persecutions to which, as a protestant, he was exposed, and in 1564, sought an asylum in England".
Jaques Wittewrong (b 1531, d 1594, to England)
1. Jacob Wittewrong, later of Westham in Essex (b 15.01.1558, a 1619)
  m1. (spm) Susanna Tileman (dau/heir of Bernard Tileman "a German")
  m2. Anna Vanacker (dau/coheir of Garrard Vanacker of Antwerp, m2. Sir Thomas Middleton, Lord Mayor of London)
A. Sir John Wittewrong of Stantonbury (Buckinghamshire) & Rothamsted (Hertfordshire), Sheriff of Hertfordshire, 1st Bart (bpt 01.11.1618, bur 23.06.1693)
  m1. (30.12.1638) Mary Middleton (d 04.04.1640, dau of Sir Thomas Middleton of Chirck Castle by Mary Napier)
  i. Sir John Wittewrong of Stantonbury, 2nd Bart (b 18.02.1639/40, d 30.01.1697)
  m1. (c10.1664) Clare Alston (b c1645, d 12.10.1669, dau of Sir Joseph Alston, Bart of Chelsea)
  a. Mary Wittewrong
  m. _ Crompton of London
  m2. (c10.1670) Martha (bur 02.06.1698, niece of Alderman Edward Blackwell, widow of _ Sebrook)
b. Sir John Wittewrong of Stantonbury, 3rd Bart (bpt 11.07.1673, d 30.01.1721-2, Colonel, MP)
  m. Mary White (bur 15.05.1716, dau of Samuel White of London, niece of Richard Perry of London)
  (1) Sir John Wittewrong of Stantonbury, 4th Bart (bpt 21.12.1695, d unm 27.03.1743-4)
  (2) Sir William Wittewrong of Stantonbury, 5th Bart (bpt 19.12.1697, d 01.1761, 3rd son)
  m. Sybilla (a 12.1771)
  (A) Sir John Wittewrong of Stantonbury, 6th Bart (d unm 13.01.1771)
  (3) Martha Wittewrong
  m. John Gumley (son of John of Isleworth)
  (4)+ other issue - George, Samuel, Mary, Lucia, Susanna
  p. Margaret Beaum**
  (9)+ other issue - Wittewrong, John
  c. Martha Wittewrong
  m. Thomas Saunders of Brixworth
  d.+ other issue - Edward, Thomas, James
  m2. (23.06.1642) Elizabeth Middleton (dau of Timothy Middleton of Stansted Montfichet by Martha Johnson)
  ii. James Wittewrong(e) of Rothamsted (bur 05.03.1721, recorder of St. Albans, 3rd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Dickenson (dau of Thomas Dickenson of Hillingdon)
  a. Jacob Wittewrong (eldest son)
  m. Elizabeth Coghill (dau of Henry Coghill of Aldenham)
  (1) Jacob Wittewrong had issue
  m. Anne Bennet
  (A) James Bennet (b c1720, bur 28.09.1748) mentioned by TCB (vol 3, Wittewrong of Stanton Bury)
(B) Thomas Bennet of Rothamsted probably of this generation
  b. Elizabeth Wittewronge apparently of this generation
  The following comes from BP1934 (Lawes-Wittewronge).
  m. Thomas Bennet
  (1) ?? Bennet
(A) John Bennet of Rothamsted (dsp)
  (B) Mary Bennet
  m. Thomas Lawes
  (i) John Bennet Lawes of Rothamsted (d 22.10.1822) had issue
  m. (08.1812) Marianne Sherman (dau of John Sherman of Drayton by Margaret, dau of James Johnstone)
  (2) Mary Bennet probably of this generation
  m. (1725) Francis Capper of Bushey
  c. Elizabeth Wittewrong (b 1673-4, d 26.09.1735) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Sir Thomas Gery (b 1657-8, d 15.08.1727, Master in Chancery)
(1) Susanna Gery (b c1711, d 12.11.1783, coheir)
  m. (30.11.1731) Sir John Cullum of Hawstead, 5th Bart
  m2. Mary Cock (dau of John Cock of St. Moans)
  m3. Susan Pedley (dau of Sir Nicholas Pedley of Huntingdon, widow of William Bullock of Sandhurst)
  iii. Catherine Wittewrong
  m. Edward Lloyd of Montomeryshire
  iv. Anne Wittewrong
  m. Robert Siderfin of Croydon
  v. Hellen Wittewrong
  m. Samuel Gibbs of Stoke Nayland
  vi.+ other issue (dsp) - Jacob, William
  m3. Catherine Thompson (sister of John, Lord Haversham)
2. Abraham Wittewrong
  A. daughter
  m. _ Paggen
3.+ other issue (dsp) - Marcus, William, Christian, Sarah, Mary, Susanna



John Warrington of Aigberth, Lancashire
m. (1693) _ Percival (dau of William Percival of Allerton)
1. George Warrington (b 1695, to Wales)
  m. (1728) Elizabeth Thornhill (b 1706, d 1788, dau of John Thornhill of Stanton)
  A. William Warrington (b 1735, d 1827, vicar of Old Windsor, 4th son)
m. (1765) Dorothy Lever (dau of Darcy Lever of Alkington (Alkrington))
  i. Dorothea Warrington (d 1793)
  m. J. La Grange
  B. George Warrington (b 1744, d 01.08.1830, rector of Pleasley (Derbyshire), vicar of Hope (Flint), canon of St. Asaph)
  m. (1768) Mary Strudwyck (b 1740, d 1802, dau/heir of Henry Strudwyck (by Mary, dau/heir of Rees Hanmer of Pentrepant) son of Henry (by Theodosia dau/coheir of Edward Broughton of Marchwich Hall), son of Henry Strudwyck from Francee)
  i. George Henry Warrington of Pentrepant, later Carew of Carew Castle & Crowcombe (b 06.1769, d 1842)
  m. (1794-5) Mary Carew of Carew Castle & Crowcombe (d 1852, dau of John Carew)
  The following comes from BLG1886 ('Carew of Carew Castle and Crowcombe') & Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Carew of Crowcombe', p138).
  a. Thomas George Warrington, later Carew of Carew Castle & Crowcombe (b 1797, d 05.1850) had issue
  m. (15.02.1827) Elizabeth Hannah Clarke (dau of Thomas Reid Clarke of Turnham House, Chard)
  b. Henry Warrington or Carew (b 1799) had issue
  m. Jane Maria Rogers (dau of John Rogers of Ayshford)
  c. Gerald Warrington or Carew (b 1808, cleric, 4th son)
  m. (1841) Elizabeth Ann Black (dau of Rev. William Black of Bath)
  d. Nesta Warrington or Carew
  m. Gabriel Powell of Peterton Court
  e. Mary Ann Warrington or Carew
  m. Thomas Luxton of Weacombe
  f. Ellinora Carew
  m. (1847) M.E. Forster (Commander RN)
  g. Caroline Harriet Carew
  m. (02.01.1838) J. C. Dansey (Colonel)
  h.+ other issue - John Francis (d 1860), Louisa, Elizabeth (d unm 1871)
  ii. William Warrington (rector of Thirske, Yorkshire) (b 1772)
  m. Anne Priscilla Mainwaring (dau of William Mainwaring, MP for Middlesex)
  iii. Hanmer Warrington (b 09.1776, d 03.07.1841, Major, Consul General at Tripoli)
  m. (1798) Jane Elizabeth Price (dau of Charles Price & heir of Mrs. Elizabeth Panton of Oakfield)
  a. William Henry Warrington (b 1802, Captain) had issue
  m. (1830) Emma Van Cortlandt (dau of Brigadier-Major _ Van Cortlandt, son of Colonel Philip)
  b. Jane Elizabeth Warrington (b 1803)
  m. (1835) G. Wood
c. Emma Mary Warrington (d 1828)
  m. (1825) Gordon Laing (Major)
  d.+ other issue - Hanmer George (b 1799), Charles Thornhill (b 1806, d 09.1839), Frederick (b 1808), Herbert James Bird (b 1816), Osman Fieance (b 1819), Henry Anderson (b 1823), Louisa Buena Parry, Julia
  iv. Thornhill Warrington (b 1778, Captain)
  m. (1808) Bridget Emma O'Brien
  v. Anne Warrington (b 1774)
  m. (1805) _ Van Cortlandt (Captain)
  vi. HArriet Warrington
  m. (1805) Peppard Knight (Lt. Colonel)
  vii.+ other issue - Mary Elizabeth (d 1839), Elizabeth (b 03.06.1780, d 22.02.1840)
  C. Elizabeth Warrington (b 1733)
  m1. (1766) William Simpson
  m2. John Parry (MP for Carnarvon)
  D. Anne Warrington (d 1790)
  m. Henry Hesketh of Newton
  E.+ other issue - Thomas, George, John, Eleanor (b 1738, d 09.03.1828)
2.+ other issue - John, William, Mary (d 1766), Jane, Hannah

Main source(s):
(1) For Woodchurch (uploaded 02.12.08) : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Clark), Wotton's 'The Baronetage of England' (vol I, as extended by Kimber & Johnson, 1771, 'Clarke of Salford') with some support from BIFR1976 (Clarke (co Cork))
(2) For Willets (uploaded 02.03.09) : FMG (vol I, Turner-Willets)
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(4) For Warrington (uploaded 03.06.15) : BLG1847 ('Warrington of Lancashire') with input as reported above
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