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Families covered: Ogilvie of Balfour
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Reported by TSP (Airlie) as "stated to be ancestor of the Ogilvys of Balfour" was Walter, shown as 3rd son of James Ogilvy, 1st Lord of Airlie. However, this was corrected (in TSP, volume IX) to be "Oliver, who was (ancestor of the Ogilvys of Balfour)".
Oliver Ogilvy born in the 1470s-80s?
m. Felicia Fentoun
1. ?? Ogilvy or Ogilvie
A. James Ogilvie of Balfour (d 03.02.1583/4) possibly of this generation, it appears that he married twice
  m1. (mcrt 06.02.1553-4) Margaret Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart of Beath)
  m2. (mcrt 01.04.1562) Margaret Gray (dau of Patrick Gray, 4th Lord)
  i. ?? Ogilvie
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations. Presumed father of ...
  a. James Ogilvie of Balfour
  TSP (Arbuthnott) reports that on 31.12.1642 James was identified as the promised spouse of ...
  m. Margaret Arbuthnot (dau of Robert Arbuthnot of Findowrie)
Possibly parents (or uncle/aunt) of ...
  (1) John Ogilvie of Balfour
  John "younger of Balfour" is mentioned in TSP (Arbuthnott) as purchaser of Blackstoun by 1672. The dates suggest that he (or his son/nephew) may have been the Ogilve of Balfour who married ...
  m. Margaret Graham (dau of James Graham of Fintry, widow of Sir James Kinlock of that ilk)
  Possibly parents (or uncle/aunt) of ...
  (A) Patrick Ogilvy or Ogilvie of Balfour
  m. Mary Ogilvy (b after 1679, dau of Sir Patrick Ogilvy, 8th of Boyne)
  Possibly parents (or uncle/aunt) of ...
  (i) ?? Ogilvie presumed intermediary generation
  (a) Patrick Ogilvie of Balfour
  ((1)) Agnes Ogilvie
  m. John Hay, last of Pitfour (d 03.12.1809)
  B. Marjory Ogilvie possibly of this generation
  m. Patrick Halkett of Pitfirran (d 06.1573)

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