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This section first uploaded 07.02.16.
"Descended from the Ashtons of Ashton in Makerfield" was ...
Nicholas Ashton of Liverpool and Woolton Hall
m1. (1763) Mary Philpot (dau/heir of John Philpot of Chester by Elizabeth, dau of Matthew Henry of Chester)
1. John Ashton of Woolton Hall (b c1766, d 1815)
  m. Mary Noble Jarret (dau of John Jarret of Freemantle)
2. Elizabeth Ashton
  m1. William James of Liverpool
  m2. George Williams of Little Woolton
3.+ other issue - William (dsp, Lt. Colonel), Thomas (b 1775), Mary (b 1772)
m2. (01.1781) Catherine Hodgson (b 09.01.1762, d 12.05.1806, dau of Thomas Hodgson of Liverpool)
4.+ other issue - Joseph (b 15.05.1783), Ellis, Henry (b 04.10.1795)



This section first uploaded 28.02.16.
Henry Wykes of Putney
1. Johan Wykes
  m. John Williams alias Cromwell of Southwark (son of Walter & elder brother of Morgan, the ancestor of Oliver Cromwell)
2. Elizabeth Wykes (d 1527)
  m. (c1513) Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, Lord Chamberlain (b c1485, d 24.07.1540)



This section first uploaded 30.03.20.
Raynolde (Reginald) Waterville of Thorpe & Achurch
m. Sara Estrange
1. Johanna Waterville, heiress of Thorpe Watervill
  CTG identifies Johanna's husband Robert de Vere as son of Sir Johnde Vere of Twywell. The connection shows him as son of Baldwin de Vere of Addington.
  m. Robert de Vere (d before 1277)
2. Margaret Waterville
  m. Robert Tichmarsh
3. Maude (or Elizabeth?) Waterville
  m. Robert Wickham



This section first uploaded 06.04.20.
Visitation identifies the arms of this family as "Sable, a pale argent".
John Weaver 'of Burton' of Strangford, Hereforshire
m. Jane Burfeild (dau of Roland Burfeild of Thingyne)
1. Margaret Weavere
  m1. William Forster of Watlingstreet (dvp 04.05.1590)
  m2. _ Ketelby
  m3. _ Scudamore
2. Elianora Weaver
  m. Christopher Whittington of Notgrove (d by 1579?)
3. Siblilla Weaver
  m. Francis Ketleby of Cotheridge



This section first uploaded 11.09.20.
?? May
m. Alice King (dau of _ King of Boxford, m2. Thomas Spring of Lavenham) ## see here ##
1. Margaret May (a 11.1552)
  m. William Risby of Lavenham & Thorpe Morieux (d 11.1551)
2. Alice May (a 1552)
  m1/2. Thomas Heyward of Ipswich
  m2/1. Sir Richard Fulmerston of Thetford



This section first uploaded 11.10.20.
Charles Newnam of Lewisham & Stepney (b c1658, d before 1720, Captain, mariner)
m. (02.02.1682) Rebecca Bennett (b c1667, a 1720, dau of Isaac Bennett of London by Sarah)
1. Rebecca Newnam (b 22.02.1669/1700, d c1763)
  m1. Charles Small (b 03.07.1691, bur 04.08.1736, Captain)
  m2. John (David?) Hunter
  A. Amelia Hunter
  m. Thomas Bates Rous of Moor Park (b c1739, dsps 01.02.1799/1800, MP)
  B. (Elizabeth) Caroline Hunter (d 17.01.1798)
  m. (04.11.1768) John Buller of East Looe & Bake (b 24.01.1721, d 26.07.1786, MP)

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