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William Docker of Newby, Westmoreland
1. Hugh Docker 'of Penrith' (b 11.05.1737)
  m. (24.06.1762) Barbara Wybergh (b 1732, dau of Thomas Wyberg of Clifton Hall)
  A. Hilton Docker (b 1773, youngest son)
  Hilton is shown by Burke's 'Royal Families' (vol II, 1851, Pedigree CXCIV, 'George Hilton Paterson') as married to ...
  m. Jane Hill ("widow of Captain Tone")
  i. Margaret Docker ("only surviving child")
  m. (24.08.1830) John Thornville Paterson (cleric, son of John of Sidehead by Margaret, dau of John Cameron of Louden Hill)
  B. Margaret Docker (b 04.01.1770, d 10.06.1807)
  m. (27.07.1795) John Halhead of Kendal (b 1657-8, d 06.07.1830, son of James of Kirkham)
  i. Hilton Halhead of Liverpool (b 30.06.1805, youngest son) had issue
  m. (11.08.1831) Alice Gardner (dau of James Gardner of Chester)
  ii.+ other issue - James (b 30.04.1796, d 10.01.1832), William (d 22.04.1823), John (d 14.04.1814), Elizabeth (b 05.03.1826), Barbara (d 04.08.1800), Margaret (d 09.01.1835)
  C.+ other issue - William (b 05.04.1763), Thomas (b 18.03.1761), Lancelot, Mary, Betty, Emma



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Elizabeth (a 08.1825)
m1. Joseph Hetherington of Burrough's Building (Surrey) then Brinkburn (d 06.09.1792)
m2. (29.05.1804) Richard Saumarez of Newington (brother of 1st Lord de Saumarez)



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Possibly of the same family as Richard Espec or Le Espek (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189), though possibly not as 'Espec' might originally have been a nickname rather than a family name, was ...
Walter (sb William?) Espec
Various web sites show this as the Walter who married Adeline de Beauchamp. However, we follow those other web sites, such as Wikisource ("Espec, Walter"), which report that that Walter ("probably the son of William Spech") had no surviving children and was succeeded by the children of his sisters.
1. Walter Espec 'of Helmesley and Wark'
This must be the Walter (d c1153, possibly 07.03.1153) described by BHO ('A History of the County of York, North Riding vol 1, 'Parishes: Helmsley') as "the foremost noble of his time in the northern counties". Wikipedia ("Walter Espec") reports that he built Helmsley Castle & Wark Castle and founded Kirkham Priory & Rievaulx Abbey. Vickers & Wikisource identify Walter's wife just as Adeline. Assuming that she was not his mother, this must be ...
  m. Adeline de Beauchamp (dau of Hugh de Beauchamp)
  A. Walter Espec (dvp c1121)
2. Hawise Espec
  m. William Bussey
  A.+ issue - William, Jordan, Roger
3. Allbreda Espec
  m. Nicholas Traille
  A.+ issue - Wilfrid, William, Nicholas, Gilbert
4. Adeline Espec --
  m. Peter Roos --



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John Paterson
m. Elizabeth Oliphant
1. John Paterson of Carpow, Perthshire (d 1822) had issue
  m. (1807) Jane Hay-Balfour (dau of John Hay-Balfour of Leys & Randersone, son of Peter Hay of Leys by Elizabeth Scott)



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HJHeraldry (vol 2, 'MacIver Campbells of Asknish', p76+) reports that Angus Campbell of Asknish was succeeded by his eldest daughter (not named), although it looks as though he was in fact succeeded by his eldest son Robert who had a son who apparently dsp. We presume that the daughter was not the original heir of Asknish but eventually became the heiress after her father's male issue dsp. From cross-references from elsewhere in the database, it appears that she married and had family as follows.
?? Paterson or Patterson
m. ?? Campbell (dau of Angus Campbell of Asknish)
1. James Campbell Paterson of Kilrush father of Agnes, possibly of this generation
  A. Duncan Paterson of Asknish brother of Agnes
  B. Agnes Campbell
  m. (1812) Francis Spaight of Derry Castle (b 24.06.1790, d 16.02.1861)
2. daughter of Inverary probably of this generation
  m. John Ewart, last of Mullock (a 1816)



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John Freeman of Hagnaby & Collier Row
The note reports that "Hagnaby near Alford, co. Lincoln, was a Norbertine or Premonstratensian Abbey. At the dissolution in 1538, it was granted to John Freeman of London and Collier's Row in Romford in Essex."
1. Anne Freeman
  m1. Nicholas Ogle of Bolingbroke (bur 06.09.1582)
  m2. John Bradley of Louth (d c06.1591)
  m3. Gervase Nevile (son of Alexander son of Sir Anthony of South Leverton)



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?? de Combemartin of London
1. William de Combemartin of Stoke Bruere & Alderton (d 1318)
  m. Margaret (a 1343)
  A. Alice de Combemartin (d 1364)
  m1. (1320) John de Oxenford, Lord Mayor of London (a 1341)
  i. John de Oxenford (dvp)
  a. John de Oxenford (dsp)
  m2. Sir Walter Cheshunt of Rainham, Essex (d 1344)
  ii. Walter Cheshunt (a 1366)
  a. Alice Cheshun
  m. Richard Horsham
  (1) Thomas Horsham (dsp)
  (2) Joan Horsham (dsp)
m. Robert Otteley
  (3) Joan Horsham (dsp)
  m. Saer Akye
  m3. (1346) Sir John de Staunton (dsp)
  B. Isabella de Combemartin
  m1. William de St. John of Plumpton (d 1331)
  m2. Richard de Rothing of London (dsp)
  m3. John de Daventre (aka John de Grimscote) (d 1350)
  C. Joan de Combemartin
  m1. (1329) Andrew St. Liz (dsp)
  m2. Sir John Wolverton of Wolverton & Wicken (d 1349)
  m3. Sir John Chastillon of Thornton, Buckinghamshire
  i. Sir John Chastillon (a 1414, dsp)
  m. Margaret
2. Stephen de Combemartin (a 1311, rector of Alderton)
3. Richard de Combemartin (a 1306)
  A. Henry de Combemartin (a 1306, 1338)
  i. Nicholas de Combemartin (a 1306)

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