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This page provides connections between Camilla, the Queen Consort, and the Families Database. Siblings are normally excluded.

Hugh Morton Shand of London (originally from Scotland?)
m. Edrica Faulkner (dau of Joshua Wilson Faulkner of Kent?)
1. Alexander Faulkner Shand of London (b 20.05.1858, d 06.01.1936)
  m. (1886) Augusta Mary Coates (dau of Charles Coates of Bath)
  A. Philip Morland Shand of London (b 21.01.1888, 30.04.1960)
  m1. (1916, div c1920) Edith Marguerite Harrington (dau of Charles Harrington, m2. Herbert Charles Tippett)
  i. Bruce Middleton Hope Shand of the Laines, Plumpton (b 22.01.1917, d 11.06.2006, Major)
  m. Rosalind Maud Cubitt (b 1921, d 14.07.1994, dau of Robert Calvert Cubitt, 3rd Lord Ashcombe) @1@ below
  a. Camilla Rosemary Shand (b 17.07.1947)§G
  m1. (04.07.1973, div 1995) Andrew Parker-Bowles (b 27.12.1939, (m2. Rosemary Dickinson), Brigadier, son of David son (by Wilma, dau/heir of Sir Henry Bowles, Bart)) of Eustace son of Algernon son of Thomas Parker, 6th Earl of Macclesfield)
  m2. (09.04.2005) Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, King Charles III of the United Kingdom (b 14.11.1948, m1. (div) Diana, dau of Edward, 8th Earl Spencer) ## see ROYALS01 ##
  b.+ other issue
  m2. ??
  m3. ??
  m4. Sybil Mary Sissons
  ii. Elspeth Shand (Baroness Howe)



Thomas Cubitt of Denbies, Surrey (b 1788, d 20.12.1855)
m. (1819) Mary Anne Warner (dau of Samuel Warner)
1. George Cubitt, 1st Lord Ashcombe of Dorking & Bodiam Castle (b 04.06.1828, d 26.02.1917)
  m. (14.06.1853) Laura Joyce (d 07.07.1904, dau of Rev. James Joyce of Dorking)
  A. Henry Cubitt, 2nd Lord Ashcombe (b 14.03.1867, d 27.10.1947)
  m. (21.08.1890) Maud Marianne Calvert (d 07.03.1945, dau of Col. Archibald Motteux Calvert of Ockley Court) @2@ below
  i. Roland Calvert Cubitt, 3rd Lord Ashcombe (b 26.01.1899, d 28.10.1962)
  m1. (16.11.1920, div 1947) Sonia Rosemary Keppel (dau of Lt. Col. George Keppel) @3@ below
  a. Rosalind Maud Cubitt (b 11.08.1921, d 1994)
  m. (02.06.1946) Bruce Middleton Hope Shand @1@ above
  b.+ other issue
  m2. (06.08.1948) Idina Joan Myddelton (d 09.10.1954, dau of Col. Robert Edward Myddelton of Chirck Castle)
  m3. (02.07.1959) Jean Garland (d 05.03.1973, dau of Charles Tuller Garland of Moreton Hall)
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue



George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle (b 13.06.1799, d 21.02.1891, General)
m. (04.08.1831) Susan Trotter (b c1806, d 03.08.1885, dau of Sir Coutts Trotter, 1st Bart)
1. William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle (b 15.04.1832, d 28.08.1894)
  m. (15.11.1855) Sophia Mary McNab (d 05.04.1917, dau of Sir Allen Napier McNab, Prime Minister of Canada, 1st Bart (son of Allan by Anne, dau of Capt. Peter William Napier))
  A. George Keppel (b 14.10.1865, d 22.11.1947, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (01.06.1891) Alice Frederica Edmonstone (d 11.09.1947, dau of Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Bart) @4@ below
  i. Violet Keppel (b 06.06.1894, dsp 01.03.1970)
  m. (16.06.1919) Denys Robert Trefusis (Major)
  ii. Sonia Rosemary Keppel (b 24.05.1900, d 1986)
  m. (16.11.1920, div 1947) Roland Calvert Cubitt, 2nd Lord Ashcombe (b 26.01.1899, d 28.10.1962) @3@ above
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue



Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Bart of Duntreath (b 29.01.1810, d 18.02.1888)
m. (07.1841) Mary Elizabeth Parsons (d 11.08.1902, dau of Lt. Col. John Whittle Parsons)
1. Alice Frederica Edmonstone (d 11.09.1947)
  m. (01.06.1891) George Keppel (b 14.10.1865, d 22.11.1947, Lt. Colonel) @4@ above
  p. Edward, King Edward VII of United Kingdom, etc.
2.+ other issue



Charles Calvert of Ockley Court (d 08.09.1832)
m. (31.03.1823) Jane Rowley (dau of Sir William Rowley, 2nd Bart of Tendring Hall)
1. Charles William Calvert of Ockley Court (b 21.12.1823, d 29.07.1870)
2. Archibald Motteux Calvert of Ockley Court (b 24.12.1827, d 07.12.1900, Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (14.08.1862) Constance Peters (d 1915, dau of William Peters of Ashfold)
  A. Maud Marianne Calvert (d 07.03.1945)
  m. (21.08.1890) Henry Cubitt, 2nd Lord Ashcombe (b 14.03.1867, d 27.10.1947) @2@ above
  B.+ other issue
3.+ other issue


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