Page last updated 30.03.15 - Up to and including Stafford06 - See notes below

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'S' sub-index page.


Stafford01 Stafford-1 & Clifton
- Stafford02 Stafford-2 & Buckingham
- Stafford03 Bromshull, Grafton-1, Hooke & Sandon
- Stafford05 Grafton-2 & Blatherwick
- Temp18 Bradfield

Shown separately: Stafford04 Eyam

Descended from the Echlin family: Echlin1 Mount Stafford & Portglenone
Descended from the Kelloway family: Stafford06 Devon & Cornwall

PCBG note on The 2015 Review
I have started preparations for a Review of this illustrious family.

Notes on the sources
Unlike most of the other families which so far have been subject of a Review, we have not yet found a single source to cover a large number of the branches of this family. We would welcome any suggestions/recommendations for making it easier for us (!) as otherwise we will have to
deal with this family 'piecemeal'.