As far as I can tell, I am no different from most other people in liking, on occasion, to sit back and People Watch. I am doing that more often nowadays than I used to. That is partly because I have fewer distractions than I used to have but also because I have learned quite a few interesting things about Human Nature over the last few years and they have led me to reappraise myself and what it is to be Human. This has led to my judging others (and myself) a bit more kindly than I used to but it has also led me to expect less from others (and myself). I hope to share some of what I have learned through this page. I view this as being very self-indulgent but it seems that this sort of thing is common nowadays, not least in young people who spread their views through Social Media. I am not a young person and I know very little about things like WeChat, Instagram & TikTok, and I became fed up with Facebook & Twitter a long time ago. That limits me to either use print as my medium, which would be far too inflexible & limiting (and expensive) for what I have in mind, or a web site. For the moment I am using this web site but I may move all this to another site in due course.

I intend to develop this page over the next few years, probably with bursts of activity followed by periods of little change. I will add tabs, links and other ways to introduce subjects. It is rare that I get things right first time so it is likely that I will change wording every now & then, hopefully improving it each time. I hope that you will find somethings that interest you and possibly even be of use to you. I hear and read that many users of Social Media aspire to ‘influence’ or ‘inspire’ other people. I have no such aspirations or desire. I am merely using this page to:
* indulge myself (for none of this has anything to do with the main purpose of this site); and
* discipline my thoughts as I realise that readers may lose respect for all of what I have written should I show sloppy-thinking on just a bit of it, and I don’t want that.

We live in a world where Fake News abounds and even proven facts are not accepted by many people, apparently for no reason other than that they do not like the implications of those facts. Hence, it is certain that some readers will disagree with some of the things I write. However, I hope that you will temper any disagreement with a modicum of indulgence for me. I am just indulging myself and sharing some thoughts.

Peter BG


@@@ More coming soon! Watch this space!


page launched 02.12.21