Using PayPal to transfer funds to Stirnet

If you have an account with PayPal, you may use that account to transfer funds to other people. You might wish to use that facility should you wish to transfer funds to Stirnet. If you do not have an account with PayPal then you should be aware that PayPal make it easy to open a temporary account with them (which you may set to become a permanent account by instructing PayPal to save your details). You would then be able to use them as your Paying Agent (but remember that they will only pay funds at your instruction should they have means to recover those funds from you). Please note that we have no relationship with PayPal other than through our being one of their many customers and through our using PayPal as our Collection Agent.


Our Login & Registration System includes a facility to make payments to us for Membership Subscriptions via PayPal and for those payments to be processed automatically so that you may have immediate membership. However, it is also possible to make payments to us by Bank Transfer or Sterling Cheque (see that page) or via PayPal in ways that will then have to be processed by us manually. Why might that be necessary? Relevant circumstances include:

– when you are paying for an ‘unusual service or order’ (which should be done only if it has been agreed with us in advance);

– when you are sending us a donation (which, over the years, quite a few people have done – and which is always welcome!); or

– when our automatic system is not working properly (as was unfortunately the case in late 2017 into 2018).


There are two ways to pay us via PayPal (apart from through the automatic Login & Registration process). Please note that it will save time if you have registered an account with us before using either of these methods AND advise us by email, just before or during or promptly after using PayPal, that you have done so. See Note 1 below. Failure to provide us with the information we need will slow down the whole process.

(1) Whether or not you presently have an account with PayPal, you may transfer funds to us via the ‘’ facility. That facility is intended to make things easy for people to transfer funds to small businesses such as ours. To use it, just click on the following link (or copy it into your browser’s address bar) and then, if necessary, change the figure of 10 to whatever the number of pounds you wish to transfer to us (see note 3 below, do make sure that you keep “gbp” at the end) and then continue as directed. If you do not yet have an account with PayPal then this way should offer you opportunity to open one, temporary or permanent.

(2) If you already have an account with PayPal, login to that account, go to the Money page, click on ‘Send or request money’, then click on ‘Pay for goods or services’ and enter as the email address and continue as directed, making sure that you specify the number of pounds you wish to transfer AND identify GBP as the currency.



1. We should be advised by PayPal when funds are transferred to our account. However, as requested above, please do Contact Us (by email) to advise us of:
– your registration details (or, if you have not yet registered with us, what Username and Temporary Password you wish us to set for your account),
– the purpose of the payment,
– your country of residence, and
– if relevant, the date you would like the membership period to start (if it is practicable for us to arrange).

2. Normally Peter checks for new emails several times a day, and is able to check Stirnet’s account with PayPal without any difficulty, but there are days when he does not have access to emails. They are relatively rare but, when they happen, they will probably coincide with it being difficult for Peter to check Stirnet’s account with PayPal. If you do not hear from us within a reasonable time of telling Peter (by email) that you have made the transfer, try another e-mail to Peter but please be patient if there is a delay in your receiving a response.

3. For paying for a normal subscription, the normal subscription costs apply, being: £10 for 14 days, £15 for 31 days, £30 for 93 days, and £60 for 365 days. It is possible to use the above methods to pay for a recurring annual subscription but the subscription will not be renewed until we have received confirmation that we have received the funds.