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Families covered: Abrahall of Abrahall, Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz, Abrahall of Ingeston

Robinson adds the following caution to the following pedigree: "That portion of the ... pedigree which relates to the middle of the 17th century, must be received with aution, as it is almost impossible to identify, with accuracy, so many members of the family bearing the same Christian names."
Richard Abrahall
m. Elizabeth Pechere (dau/heir of _ Pechere of Pechere (possibly Pichard of Ocle Pichard))
1. John Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz (d by 1443, MP)
  Visitation shows that John married 3 times: Margaret Hampton and the daughter of Richard More (order not shown) then Peryn Whitney, showing Margaret as mother of Anne & Elizabeth and the daughter of Richard More as mother of William. We follow Robinson subject to adding John's daughters who are not shown by Robinson.
m1. Pelyna Whitney (dau of Sir Thomas Whitney of Whitney)
  A. William Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz & Abrahall (d 10.12.1487)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of William ap Howell of Perthyr)
  i. John Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz (b c1465, d 1534)
m. Agnes Brudenell (d 03.02.1544, dau of Edmund (Drew) Brundenell of Stoke Mandeville)
  a. John Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz (b c1494, a 1544)
  m. Anne Vaughan (dau of Watkin Vaughan of Hargest or Hergest)
(1) John Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz (d 31.12.1592)
  m. Blanche Walwyn (dau of Thomas Walwyn of Hellens or Helling)
  (A) John Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz & Ingeston (bur 21.06.1621)
  m1. Frances Parry (dau of Sir Thomas Parry of Hampstead Marshall)
  (i) John Abrahall of Ingeston (dsp bur 18.04.1640)
  m1. Elizabeth Huntley (bur 1638, dau of Sir George Huntley of Frocester)
  m2. Dorothy Kyrle (dau of Francis Kyrle of Walford, m2. Sir Robert Hoskyns, Bart)
  m2. Dorothy Dayrell (bur 03.1618, dau of Paul Dayrell of Lillingston)
  (ii) Henry Abrahall
  m. (1615) Margaret Collins (dau of James Collins of Foy)
  (a) George Abrahall (bpt 1616)
  (b) Catherine Abrahall (bpt 1618)
  m. James Collins of Foy
  (iii) Paul Abrahall of Eaton Tregoz (b 1571-2, bur 10.06.1654)
  m. Jane (d 1622)
  (a) John Abrahall (bpt 04.11.1622)
  (iv) Gilbert Abrahall (a 1640)
  (a) John Abrahall (bur 05.04.1679, Major)
  m. (25.01.1640-1) Mary Ash
  ((1)) John Abrahall of Ingeston (bur 1703)
  m. Winifred Markey (bur 09.8.1684, dau of William Markey of Alton Court)
  ((A)) Markey Abrahall of Ingeston, Sheriff of Herefordshire (bur 18.01.1715)
  ((B)) Mary Abrahall (d 1721)
  m. Gilbert Abrahall of Ross
  ((i))+ 6 children (d young)
  ((C)) Benedicta Abrahall (bur 06.12.1742)
  m1. Oswald Andrews of Hereford (dsp)
  m2. (1725) John Abrahall of Cradock (dsp)
  ((2)) Mary Abrahall (bpt 20.01.1701)
  m. James Collins of the Hill of Eaton in Foy (d 07.09.1683)
  ((3))+ other issue - Richard of Hom Lacy (d before 29.03.1706), George (bpt 06.02.1653)
  (v) Richard Abrahall
  m. Taci (d 1652)
  (a) John Abrahall (a 1673)
  ((1)) Paul Abrahall (dsp bur 17.11.1675)
  m. (26.02.1665) Mary Abrahall @@ just below
  (b) George Abrahall (b 1616, bur 21.02.1673-4, vicar of Foy)
  m. Elizabeth Apperley (d c07.1681)
  ((1)) Mary Abrahall
  m1. (26.02.1665) Paul Abrahall (dsp bur 17.11.1675) @@ just above
  m2. Jeremiah Bubb, Governor of Carlisle (Colonel, m2. _ Dodington)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bubb
  m. Reginald Aubrey (vicar of Foy)
  ((B))+ other issue - Judith, others (d young)
  ((2)) Dorothy Abrahall (bpt 07.06.1663, d 18.10.1690)
  m. William Jones (rector/vicar)
  ((3))+ other issue - Paul (b 1650, d 1665), John (b c1657, dsp), George (bpt 07.04.1658, a 1681, dsp)
  (B) Sibyl Abrahall
  m. Rowland Hunt of Hereford
  (C) Anne Abrahall
  m. Philip Morgan
  (D)+ other issue - Edmund, Elinor, Margaret
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, George, Elizabeth
  ii. Fulk Abrahall of Abrahall in Michaelchurch
  a. Thomas Abrahall of Abrahall (d before 1588)
  m. Joan Gilbert (bur 02.05.1588, dau of _ Gilbert of Orcop)
  (1) Richard Abrahall of Abrahall (bur 1613)
  m. Jane Grey (bur 06.06.1588, dau of Christopher Grey of Upton Bishop)
  (A) John Abrahall of Abrahall (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Bennet (dau of Thomas Bennet of Evorston)
  (i) William Abrahall of Abrahall
  m. Ann Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor)
  (a) William Abrahall (a 1665)
  m. Jane
  ((1))+ issue - John (b 1661), William (b 1663), Thomas 9b 1665), Armila (b 1667)
  (b)+ other issue - Richard (b 1639), George (b 1649), Gilbert (b 1657), El**, Mary
  (ii) Elizabeth Abrahall
  m. John Hole of London
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard, John (b 1615, d 1663), Jane, Ann, Cosntance, Blanche
  (B) Joane Abrahall
  m. John Willim of Lyston
  (C)+ other issue - Richard in Ireland, George in Ireland
  (2)+ other issue - Symond, Philip
  iii. Jane Abrahall
  m. William Grey of Upton Bishop
  m2. Matilda (or Margaret) Hampton (heir)
  B. Anne Abrahall
  m. Gilliam
  C. Elizabeth Abrahall (dsp)
  m3. _ Moore (dau/heir of Richard Moore)

Main source(s): Robinson (Hereford, Abrahall of Abrahall and Ingeston) with some support from Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Abrahall (of Abrahall in Michaelchurch))
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