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Families covered: Amphlett of Clent, Amphlett of Hadzor (Hadsor), Amphlett of Horseley, Amphlett of Salwarpe

William Amphlett of Pulley in Salwarpe, Worcestershire (d before 05.02.1581)
1. William Amphlett 'of Hadzor, Worcestershire' (bur 01.04.1620)
  A. William Amphlett of Salwarpe (bur 21.12.1625)
  i. William Amphlett of New Inn (London), Pulley & Hadzor (b 1588, d 06.1662)
  m. (18.12.1614) Frances Sparry (bpt 15.05.1587, bur 12.07.1667, dau of John Sparry of Clent in Staffordshire, son of Henry by Rose, dau of Richard Pipe of Bilston & sister of Sir Richard, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. William Amphlett (bpt 05.06.1620, d before 20.03.1660/1)
  b. Richard Amphlett of Hadzor & Clent 'of Four Ashes', Sheriff of Staffordshire (bpt 30.03.1624, bur 25.11.1703)
m. (10.02.1647/8) Anne Cookes (dau of Edward Cookes of Bentley Pauncefote by Mary, dau of Nicholas Cotton of Hornchurch)
  (1) John Amphlett of Hadzor & Clent (bpt 10.10.1656, d 16.06.1705)
  m. (18.06.1685) Lucy Perrott (bur 24.12.1733, dau of Humphrey Perrott of Bell Hall, m2. John Egginton)
  (2) William Amphlett of Astley, later of Hadzor, Sheriff of Worcestershire (bpt 03.01.1663/4, d 20.03.1727/8)
  m. Ann Janns (b 1660-1, d 27.06.1727, dau of Rev. Thomas Janns of Sedgeley)
  (A) Richard Amphlett of Hadzor (b 1688-9, d 13.06.1743)
  m1. Sarah Hyett (b 1691-2, d 29.03.1729, dau/heir of Charles Hyett of Amely)
  (i) William Amphlett of Hadzor, Sheriff of Worcestershire (b c1719, d 20.11.1768)
  m. Christian Amphlett (b 28.01.1734/5, dau of John Amphlett of Clent, m2. Thomas Holbeche of Hill Court) @@ below
  (a) William Amphlett of Hadzor (b c1751, d 28.07.1776)
  (b) Richard Amphlett of Hadzor, Sheriff of Worcestershire(d 16.09.1785)
  m. Lydia Holmden (dau/coheir of John Holmden of Crowle)
  ((1)) Richard Amphlett of Hadzor (bpt 16.08.1782, d 08.0.1842, rector of Hadzor) had issue
  m1. (15.01.1807) Sarah Paul (b 1780-1, d 24.06.1823, dau of Samuel Paul of London & Finedon)
  m2. (01.02.1827) Jane Dudley (d 13.11.1861, dau of Thomas Dudley of Himley)
  ((2)) Lydia Amphlett
  m. John Banks Hollingworth (b 1779-80, d 09.02.1856, archdeacon of Huntingdon, rector in Lothbury & Peterhouse, m2. Mary Anne, dau of John Tabor of London)
  (c) John Amphlett (b 1755-6, d 26.06.1834, vicar of Dodderhill, rector of Hampton Lovett)
  m1. Catherine Graves (dau of Morgan Graves of Mickleton by Anne, dau of James Baldwyn of Longworth)
  m2. Elizabeth Frances Bourne (dau of Aubrey Bourne of Monmouth)
  (d) Joseph Amphlett of Dudley (Worcestershire) & Horsley or Horseley House (Tipton, Staffordshire) (bpt 03.05.1757, d 14.01.1801)
  m1. (12.05.1778) Mary Bree (b 1757-8, d 20.01.1784, dau of Robert Bree of Solihull)
  ((1)) Christiana Amphlett (b 30.09.1779, d 01.01.1840)
  m. (09.12.1803) Edward Dudley (b 1777, d 06.12.1858, rector of Broome)
  m2. (16.04.1792) Mary David Dixon (b 18.05.1770, d 21.10.1794, dau of Edward Dixon of Dudley & Ashwood)
  ((2)) Edward Amphlett of Horseley House, Broome & Cheltenham (b 28.09.1794, d 25.02.1867) had issue
  m. (04.06.1817) Caroline Turner (b 26.01.1794, d 27.12.1872, dau of Jacob Turner of Park Hall in Kidderminster by Anne, dau of Thomas Farley of Henwick)
  (e) Harriet Amphlett (a 1801)
  m. John Edwards (Captain)
  (f)+ other issue - Martin (b c1767, a 1807, vicar of Ryhall, rector of Stamford), Charlotte (a 1801), others (d infant)
  (ii) Susannah Amphlett
  m. (after 04.02.1744/5) John Shaw of Richmond
  (iii) Ann Amphlett
  m. (after 04.02.1744/5) John Kyrwood of Letton Court
  (iv)+ other issue - Frances (d young), Mary (bpt 19.10.1721)
  m2. Mary (d before 23.03.1744/5)
  (B) John Amphlett of Astley (b 1693-4, d 16.12.1731, vicar of Halesowen)
  (C) William Amphlett (d before 15.08.1734) had issue
  m. Mary (a 08.1734)
  (D) Joseph Amphlett of Enville, Staffordshire (b 1702-3, d 20.01.1758) had issue
m1. Mary Grove (dsp, dau of William Grove of Halesowen)
  m2. Elizabeth Wollaston (b 1705-6, d 11.02.1783, dau of Thomas Wollaston of The Four Ashes)
  (E) Thomas Amphlett (b 1702-3, d 10.08.1769) had issue
  m. Anne Perkins of Worcester
(F) Anne Amphlett
  m. Thomas Bell (b 10.07.1687, bur 27.05.1742, rector of Quatt)
  (3) Joseph Amphlett of Clent (bpt 26.04.1672, d 27.06.1720)
  m. (04.06.1704) Ann Lyttelton (bur 28.05.1715, dau of Sir Charles Lyttelton of Hagley, Bart, by Anne, dau of Thomas Temple of Frankton)
  (A) John Amphlett of Clent & Hart Hall (Oxfordshire) (bpt 22.03.1704/5, d 11.05.1740)
m. Mary Cardale (bpt 03.04.1697, bur 25.06.1766, dau of John Cardale of Dudley (by Eleanor, dau of William Smale of Stoke Prior), relict of Edward Martin of Leigh Court)
  (i) John Amphlett of Clent (b 22.08.1736, d 22.06.1777)
m. (17.01.1758) Mary Hopwood (a 09.1777, dau/coheir of Thomas Hopwood of Milton)
  (a) John Amphlett of Clent, Sheriff of Worcestershire (bpt 20.11.1763, d 03.06.1844)
  m. (07.02.1789) Eliza Anne Hill (bpt 19.09.1770, d 25.08.1837, dau of Thomas Hill of Dennis)
  ((1)) John Amphlett of Clent (b 13.09.1795, dvp 09.12.1826) had issue
  m. (05.12.1816) Eliza Benyon (b 28.04.1793, d 06.01.1858, dau/coheir of Benjamin Benyon of Haughton by Eliza, dau of Jacob Sankey of Coolmore by Mary Elizabeth, dau of Charles Caldwell of Dublin)
  ((2)) Thomas Amphlett of Odnall Cottage, Clent (b 26.03.1797, d 06.12.1876)
  m. Elizabeth Dudley (d 21.12.1890, dau of Rev. Edward Dudley of Broome by Christian Maria, dau of Joseph Amphlett of Dudley & Horseley House)
  ((3)) Harriet Amphlett
m. John Perrot Noell of Bell Hall (b 18.11.794, son of John & Margaret Amphlett, m2. Mary Waldron of Belbroughton)
  ((4))+ other issue - Margaret (b 14.04.1790, bur 26.04.1839), Eliza Anne (b 07.04.1791, d 03.1840), Mary (b 11.10.1792, d 20.12.1874), Caroline (b 31.10.1799, d 09.1865), Sophia (bpt 06.05.1801, bur 31.03.1802), Louisa (b 04.03.1803, d 11.11.1875)
(b) Elizabeth Amphlett (bpt 25.11.1759)
  m. (15.12.1768) Edmund Andrews (Colonel)
  (c) Mary Amphlett (bpt 30.12.1758)
  m. Henry Cameron (son of Charles of Worcester)
  (d) Christian Amphlett (bpt 05.06.1762)
  m. William Wilkinson
  (e) Margaret Amphlett (bpt 10.06.1765)
  m1. (sp?) Edward Andrews of Newent
  m2. (29.01.1790) John Perrott Noel of Bell Hall (bpt 28.03.1765)
  m3. (sp?) John Gwinnell
  (ii) Joseph Amphlett (bpt 06.12.1738, bur 24.05.1740)
  (iii) Christian Amphlett (b 28.01.1734/5)
  m1. William Amplett of Hadzor (b c1719, d 20.11.1768) @@ above
  m2. (26.04.1772) Thomas Holbeche of Hill Court, Droitwich
  (B) Joseph Amphlett (bpt 21.05.1715, a 1778, vicar of Bampton, youngest son)
  m. Ann Anson (dau of John Anson of Lees)
  (C) Anna Maria Amphlett
m. Francis Clare of Clent, Sheriff of Worcestershire
  (D)+ other issue - Charles of Clent (b 20.6.1709, bur 25.06.1735), Henry of Hagley (bpt 02.12.1710, bur 25.04.1741), Thomas (b 15.10.1712, a 07.1740)
  (4) Mary Amphlett (d unm bur 29.04.1669)
  (5) Frances Amphlett (bpt 05.03.1650/1)
  m. John Doughtie
  (6) Elizabeth Amphlett (bpt 24.01.1654/5, d 07.09.1738)
  m. (24.11.1681) Robert Clive of Styche
  (7) Dorcas Amphlett (bpt 10.05.1658)
  m. (24.11.1681) John Hunt of Chester & Gray's Inn
  c. Frances Amphlett (a 1660)
  m. Henry Cocks of Hynlip (a 1663, son of John of Claines son of Gilbert of Claines)
  ii. Mary Amphlett
  m. Joseph Webb of Worcester
  iii.+ other issue - Richard of Worcester, Edmund of Salwarpe (a 1624), Thomas of Worcester (had issue), Samuel
  B. Elizabeth Amphlett (a 12.1580)
2. daughter
  m. William Cox of Claines (a 12.1550)

Main source(s): Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 5, 1903, 'Amphlett of Hadzor' & 'Amphlett of Clent') with some support from BLG1952 (Amphlett of Wychbold), BLG1952 (Amphlett formerly of Horseley), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1663-4, Amphlet of Clent)
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