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Families covered: Barclay of Auchroddie, Barclay of Bourtrie, Barclay of Kerkow, Barclay of Segatt, Barclay of Towie

John Barclay of Towie (d 1491)
m. ?? Innes (dau of Sir Robert Innes, 11th of that ilk)
1. Walter Barclay of Towie (d before 1515)
  m. ?? Gordon (dau of Patrick Gordon of Haddo)
  A. Patrick Barclay of Kerkow and Towie (d 1529)
  m. Elizabeth Barclay (dau of Patrick Barclay of Gartley)
  i. Patrick Barclay of Bourtire, Kerkow, Segatt and Towie (d 1558)
m1. Janet Ogilvy (of Boyne)
  m2. Elizabeth Forbes
  Not known which wife was mother of which of the children.
  a. Walter Barclay of Kerkow and Towie (d 1587)
  m. Elizabeth Hay (dau of Hay of Dalgetty)
  (1) Sir Patrick Barclay of Towie (d 1627)
m1. Janet Elphinstone (dau of Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord)
  (A) John Barclay (dvpsp 1587)
  (B) Patrick Barclay (dvp 1623)
  m. Anne Drummond (dau of Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord)
(i) Francis Barclay (dvpsp 1621)
  (ii) Walter Barclay of Towie (d 1643)
  m. Elizabeth Fraser (dau of Andrew Fraser, 2nd Lord)
  (a) Patrick Barclay of Towie (d 1668)
  m. Helen Douglas (of Whittinghame)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Barclay of Towie
  m. John Gordon of Rothiemay
  (b) Eizabeth Barclay
  m. (c1624) William Innes of Kinnermony
  (c) Anne Barclay
  (iii) Eizabeth Barclay
  (C) William Barclay of Ordley (dspm)
  m2. _ Lamont
  (2) William Barclay (to Norway about 1601)
  (3) George Barclay of Auchroddie (b 1576)
  m. Margaret Gordon
  (A) Patrick Barclay of Auchroddie (dsp)
  (B) Francis Barclay
  (i) William Barclay of Auchroddie
  (a) Jean Barclay
  (C) George Barclay of Seggatt
  m. _ Urquhart (dau of Adam Urquhart of Knockleith)
  (i) Adam Barclay of Netherthird (dspm 1695)
  m. Christian Chalmers
  (ii) Walter Barclay
  (iii) Patrick Barclay of Logie and Canalynes
  m. Isabel Wilson
  (a) William Barclay
  m. Jean
  (iv) John Barclay
  m. _ Stewart (dau of John Stewart of Ordley)
  (a) Patrick Barclay of Mill of Towie
  m. Barbara Wilson (of Towie)
  ((1)) John Barclay (d 1781, minister of Delting)
  m. Grizel Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce of Symbister)
  ((A)) Patrick Barclay (d 1844, minister of Sandsting)
  m. Isabel Barclay (dau of James Barclay of Mill of Towie) @@ just below
  ((i))+ 5 daughters
  ((B)) Sir Robert Barclay (d unm 1829, Colonel)
  ((2)) James Barclay of Mill of Towie (d 1784)
  m. Elspeth Mitchell-Innes
  ((A)) Peter Barclay (d 1841, minister of Kettle) had issue
  m1. Margaret Duddingstone
  m2. Euphame Macpherson
  ((B)) Isabel Barclay
  m. Patrick Barclay (d 1844, minister of Sandsting) @@ just above
((C)) Charles Barclay of Knockleith and Templar
  m. (1782) Bethia Smith (of Pitgair)
  (b)+ other issue - John (b 1693), 3 daughters
  (D) John Barclay
  (E) Barbara Barclay
  m. Robert Keith of Kindrecht
  (4) Jean Barclay probably of this generation
m. Robert Innes, 4th of Innermarkie (d 12.07.1595)
  b.+ other issue - James, Patrick, William of Segatt, John of Old Boultrie
  ii. Walter Barclay in Pedoulsie
  B. Margaret Barclay
  m. James Gordon of Balmedie
  C.+ other issue - John, Walter
2. William Barclay in Bourtrie
  A. Gilbert Barclay (d 1518)
3. Rachel Barclay
  m. Patrick Gordon in Fulemont
4. Marjory Barclay possibly of this generation
  m. James King of Barra & Bourtie (d by 1507)
5.+ other issue - Margaret, Christian

Main source(s): 'A History of the Barclay Family', Part 2 (The Barclays in Scotland, 1067 to 1660), by Col. Hubert F. Barclay, published by The St. Catherine's Press, 1933
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