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Families covered: Bodenham of Biddenden, Bodenham of Bodenham, Bodenham of Byford, Bodenham of Dewchurch, Bodenham of Ryal, Bodenham of Wormington

Hugh de Bodham or Bodehnam, lord of Bodehnam (a 1154)
There is some uncertainty on the next couple of generations. Commoners identifies Hugh's sons as Ralph, William and Roger with Roger being the progenitor of the later Bodenhams. Visitation shows some dotted lines tp Ralph, William, Hugh and Walter, with Walter being the progenitor of the later Bodenhams. We show what is shown by Visitations, supported by Commoners for Ralph and William, and what is shown by Commoners for the continuing line.
1. Ralph de Bodehnam (dvp)
  A. Matilda (Mauld) de Bodehnam
  m. Walter de Traveleigh
2. William de Bodehnam of Bodehnam
  A. Margaret de Bodehnam
  m. Roger de Burnvale (Burnyvale), lord of Segre
3. Hugh de Bodehnam shown by Visitation but not by Commoners
  A. Roger de Bodehnam (a 1237)
  i. Petronell de Bodehnam
  m. Sir Foulk Lucie of Bodenham
The youngest son shown by Visitation, with a dotted line indicating some uncertainty, was named Walter whose younger son was William, father of Sir John of Monington. Commoners identifies the youngest son as ...
4. Roger de Bodehnam
  A. Roger de Bodehnam, lord of Bodehnam
  B. Walter de Bodenham of Byford and Wormington
  i. Robert de Bodenham of Byford and Wormington
  m. Matilda
  a. Robert de Bodenham of Byford
  m. Margery
  (1) Walter Bodenham of Byford (d c1420)
  m. Matilda de Bowlewas (sister of Sir John de Bowlewas of Salop)
  (A)+ issue (dsp) - John (d 1431-2), Thomas (d 1432-3)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, John (parson of Wormington)
  ii. Sir John de Bodenham of Monington Stradley (a 1302)
  a. William de Bodenham of Monington (a 1340)
  m. Emma de Huish (dau of William de Huish)
  (1) Sir John Bodenham of Monington, Walterston, Cheriston and Dewchurch (d 1375-6)
  m1. Margaret Ragon (dau of John Ragon of Walterston and Cheriston)
(A) John Bodenham of Monington, etc. (d 1425-6)
  Visitation shows alternatives for John's wife and mother of Margaret, Margaret Brugge and Joane Willyn, but Commoners shows just ...
  m. Margaret Brugge (dau of Thomas Brugge)
  (i) Margaret Bodenham
  m. Hugh (Higgyn) Hargest of Hargest or Hergest
  (a) Richard Hergast
  ((1)) Roger Hergast or Hergist 'of Shenston or Chanstone'
  ((A)) Elizabeth Hergast or Hergist
  m. John Baskervile of Erdisley (d 1577)
  (B) Robert Bodenham of Woodchurch or Biddenden, Kent not mentioned by Visitation
  m. Juliana Finch (dau of Sir Thomas Finch)
  (i) John Bodenham of Biddenden
  m. Juliana May (dau of Thomas May of Mayfield)
(a) Roger Bodenham of Biddenden
  m. Margaret Hales (dau of John Hales, baron of the Exchequer)
  ((1)) William Bodenham of Biddenden (b c1516, d 1579)
  m(2). Juliana Welles (dau of _ Welles of Smardsen)
  ((A)) Sir William Bodenham of Biddenden (b c1555, d 1613)
  m1. Susan Harington (dau of Francis Harington of South Witham)
((i)) Sir Francis Bodenham of Ryal (d 1671)
  m1. Penelope Wingfield (dau of Sir Edward Wingfield of Kimbolton)
  ((a)) Sir Wingfield Bodenham of Ryal (b c1615)
  m. Frances Beaumont (dau of Farnham Beaumont, son of Sir Thomas of Stoughton)
  (((1))) Beaumont Bodenham of Ryal (d 1681)
  m1. Ursula Wigmore (dsp, dau of Gilbert Gilmore of Shelford)
m2. Elizabeth Wigmore (dau of Daniel Wigmore of Stamford, she m2. Edward Browne)
  (((A))) Elizabeth Bodenham (bpt 1678)
  m. Thomas Burrell of Dowsby
  m2. (1627) Theodosia Hastings (dau of Francis, Lord Hastings)
  ((ii)) Frideswide Bodenham
  m. Thomas Wattes of Thurlethorpe
  ((iii)) Frances Bodenham
  m. Henry Goodricks of the Isle of Ely
  ((iv)) Anne Bodenham
  m. Thomas Clarke of Godmanchester
  ((v)) Elizabeth Bodenham
  m. Sir James Wingfield of Kimbolton
  ((vi)) Sensa Bodenham
  m. William Bolton of Ufford
  m2. Isabella Quarles (dau of John Quarles of Ufford)
  ((B)) John Bodenham (dsp)
  ((C)) Joane Bodenham
  m. Josias Sulyard of Biddenden
  ((D)) Jane Bodenham
  m. Stephen Bateman of Biddenden
m2. Isabella de la Barre (dau of Walter de la Barre, she m2. Walter Coykin)
  (C) Roger Bodenham of Dewchurch (d 1452)
  m1. Elizabeth Amondesham (dau of William Amondesham)
  (i) Johanna Bodenham
  m. Thomas Henbarrowe of Dymock
  (ii) Anna Bodenham
  m. Thomas Brugge
  (iii) Isabella Bodenham
  m. Walter Monington of Monington
  m2. Agnes Vaughan (dau of Thomas Vaughan of Tiliglas)
  (iv) Roger Bodenham of Rotherwas (d 1514)
  m. Joane Bromwich (dau of Thomas Bromwich in Hampton Bishop)
  (v) Walter Bodenham
  (vi) Alice Bodenham
  m. John ap Gwillim ap Thomas of Gillough
  (D) Elizabeth Bodenham
  m. _ Gower of Were

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, Bodenham of Rotherwas) with support from Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Bodenham)
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