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Families covered: Bradgate of Hellidon, Bradgate of Little Peatling (Peatling Parva), Bradgate of Ullesthorpe
[Part of this page came from Visitation and was originally shown in a section on BZmisc30 on 25.09.19.]

Richard Bradgate of Peatling Parva (b 23.04.1563, d 27.02.1602)
m. Frances Moore (dau of John Moore alias Meredith of Weale)
1. William Bradgate of Peatling Parva, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 18.03.1585, a 1657, d unm)
2. Thomas Bradgate (b 25.05.1589, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Theed of Buckinghamshire
  A. William Bradgate (dsp)
3. Richard Bradgate of Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire (b 07.10.1590, d 1665)
  m. Agnes Bishop (dau of Arthur Bishop of Buckinghamshire, relict of Robert Theed)
  A. Richard Bradgate of Ullesthorpe (b 1624-5, d 05.08.1680)
  m. Barbara Faunt (dau of Henry Faunt of Foston)
  i. William Bradgate of Little Peatling (a 1683)
  Nichols (p122) shows William (aged 32 in 1682-3) as father of 5 children by 1683 (William, Richard, Jane, Barbara, Elizabeth) by Jane, dau of Henry Barbourt of Adderbury. This looks like the William Bradgate (b 1652, a 1683) shown by 'Pedigree of Bradgate of Little Peatling' who is shown on p330 as having the following family.
  m. Jane Rawlins (dau of William Rawlins of Adderbury)
  a. William Bradgate (b 1681, bur 21.04.1749)
  m. Dorcas (bur 05.09.1749)
  (1)+ issue - William (bur 29.03.1741), Thomas (bpt 05.12.1711), Edward (bpt 15.078.1713, bur 23.08.1713), William (b 07.06.1711), Robert (b 29.11.1716), Timothy (bpt 21.08.1729), Edward (bpt 08.09.1730), Mary (bpt 26.02.1722)
  b. Edward Bradgate (b 1702, d 1769, rector of Bruntingthorpe, 3rd soin)
  m. Catharine Foster of London (b 1688-9, d 02.06.1738)
c.+ other issue (a 1682) - Richard, Jane, Barbara, Elizabeth
  ii. Richard Bradgate (b 1655-6, d 04.1733, rector of Scraptoft)
  m. Anne Purefoy (b 1663-4, d 04.05.1710, dau of George Purefoy of Wolvershill)
  a. Edward Bradgate (b c1702, d 1769, rector of Bruntingthorpe)
  m. Catherine Foster of London (b c1689, d 1738)
  iii. Barbara Bradgate (bur 04.04.1685) 
m. Robert Ferrand of Harding Grange (bpt 1647, d 1711)
  iv.+ other issue - Henry (settled in Virginia), Anne (d unm), Mary, Elizabeth (d 1682)
  B. Elizabeth Bradgate
  m. Edward Clarke of Stony Stanton
  C. Anne Bradgate
  m. _ Baxter
  D. Frances Bradgate
  m. Charles Wright of Hinckley
E. Dorothy Bradgate
  m. William Iliffe of Hinckley
4. Jervis Bradgate of Wibtoft, Warwickshire (b 16.01.1591)
  m. Joan Sanderson (dau/heir of Richard Sanderson of Great Peatling, son of Thomas of Ayleston)
  A. Richard Bradgate of Great Peatling (d 02.05.1692)
  The following is supported by Nichols (same volume, 'Pedigree of Bradgate of Great Peatling', p330).
  m. Jane Jervis (dau of William Jervis of Great Peatling)
  i. James (probably not Jervis) Bradgate of Great Peatling (b 1660, a 1682)
  m. Mary Lucas of Gilsborough (bur 19.12.1697)
  a.+ issue - James (probably not Jervis, a 1711), Lucas, Richard (bpt 23.04.1695), Anne (b 21.07.1684, d infant?), Elizabeth (b 24.03.1689), Anne (b 14.04.1692),
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Mary (d unm)
B. Thomas Bradgate of Ullesthorpe (b 1624, d 01.02.1670)
  m. Frances Bradgate (dau of Christopher Bradgate) @@ below
  i. William Bradgate (b c1656, a 1682, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Halford (d 02.1677, du of Stephen Halford of Newhouse Grange)
  ii. Thomas Bradgate (b c1656, d 10.10.1712)
  m. Mary Faunt (d 07.01.1705-6, dau of Geo. Faunt)
  iii. Frances Bradgate (b c1654, d 1729)
  m. Roger Smith of Frolesworth
  iv. Anne Bradgate (d 1731)
  m. Henry Wigley (rector of Ecclestone)
  v. Dorothy Bradgate
m. (1695) Lionell Legatt (vicar)
  vi.+ other issue - Christopher (d young), Thomas (d young), Christopher (d in East Indies)
  C. Robert Bradgate (d c1669)
  i. Robert Bradgate (d unm)
  D. Christopher Bradgate of Lutterworth & Wibtoft (d c1675)
  m. Abigail Caldecot (a 1682, dau of T(homas) Caldecot of Calthorpe)
  i.+ issue - James, Christopher, William, Abigail, Frances, Catherine, Jane
  E. Frances Bradgate
  m. Thomas GIbson (rector of Grenon)
  F. Anne Bradgate (d 1682)
  m. Ralph Winterton of Wibtoft
  G. Amy Bradgate
  m. John Mettiot
  H. Frances Bradgate
  m. Andrew Hall of Frolesworth
  I.+ other issue - Elizabeth (dsp), Elizaberth (dsp), Katharine (a 1682)
5. Robert Bradgate of Peatling Parva (b 28.05.1593)
  m. Prudence Palmer (dau of Thomas Palmer of Sadington)
  A. William Bradgate (a 1682)
  m. Ellen Corney
  B. Frances Bradgate
  m. Nicholsa Payne
  C.+ other issue - Henry, Robert, Elizabeth
6. Christopher Bradgate of Ullesthorpe (b 29.09.1597)
  m. Frances Palmer (dau of Thomas Palmer of Sadington)
  A. Frances Bradgate
  m. Thomas Bradgate of Ullesthorpe @@ above
7. Edward Bradgate of Hellingdon (Hellidon), Northamptonshire (b 06.02.1603, d c1661) this line followed by Visitation.
  m. Elizabeth (bur 30.07.1654, dau of Robert Wheld or Theed of Buckinghamshire)
  A. Edward Bradgate of Hellidon (b c1638, d before 05.09.1689)
  m. Mary Ireland (bur 15.10.1704, sister of William Ireland of Sutton Basset)
  i. William Bradgate of Hellidon (bpt 09.02.1661-2, d before 09.10.1724)
  m. (20.10.1692) Sarah Clifton (a 1724)
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 11.10.1693, a 1724), Edward (bpt 29.12.1695), Edward (bpt 18.04.1697), Jonas (bpt 17.10.1701), Thomas (a 1724), Sarah (bpt 30.05.1699, a 1724)
  ii. Edward Bradgate of Tamwrth, Warwickshire (bpt 15.03.1663-4, apothecary)
  m. Mary Man
  a. John Bradgate
  (1) Gilbert Bradgate (dspms) had issue
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 13.10.1672, a 1688), Cjarles of Daventry (bur 25.11.1704, surgeon), Gervase (bpt 12.10.1676, a 1688), Christopher (bpt 07.06.1681, bur 24.05.1690), Mary (bur 29.05.1664), Mary (bpt 16.12.1665, bur 09.11.1669), Mary (a 1688), Elizabeth (bpt 24.10.1667), Sara (bpt 04.06.1669, a 1688), Elizabeth (bpt 24.11.1670, a 1688), Katharine (bpt 08.09.1679, a 1688)
  B. Richard Bradgate of Adston in Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire (bpt 22.11.1640, a 1682)
m1. Anne Hedge (dau of Thomas Hedge of Adston)
  i. Elizabeth Bradgate (b c1666, a 1682)
  m2. Mary Clarke (dau of John Clarke of Mickleton)
  ii.+ other issue - Edward (b c1670, a 1682), Thomas (b c1676, a 1682), Richard (bur 23.08.1678), John (bur 21.12.1679), Sarah (b c1668, a 1682), Mary (b c1674, a 1682), Anne (b c1678, a 1682)
  C.+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 29.06.1648, d unm), William (bpt 15.03.165-1, d unm), George (bpt 31.07.1654, a 1682), Elizabeth (bpt 16.08.1638), Anne (bpt 24.02.1642-3), Mary (bpt 17.09.1646, bur 28.10.1646)
8. Catharine Bradgate (b 11.03.1587)
  m. George Lewis of Manchester
9. Frances Bradgate (b 03.11.1599)
  m. Henry Wigley of Scraptoft (b 1601, d 1645)
10. Elizabeth Bradgate (b 1600)
  m. (c1626) Richard Butler of Preston Capes (d 1645)
11.+ other issue - John (d unm), Dorothy (b 03.08.1594, d 09.1594)

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 1, 1807, 'Pedigree of Bradgate of Little Peatling, Bruntingthorpe, Ullesthorpe, and Wibtoft', p122) with some input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, 'Bradgate of Adston and Hellidon')
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