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Families covered: Breton of Teton

Baker identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, a fess dancette Gules, in chiecf three boars' heads couped Sable".
William Le Breton of Teton (a 1197)
1. William Le Breton of Teton (a 1232)
  A. William Le Breton of Teton (a 1274)
  i. William Breton of Teton (b 1247-8, d 08.05.1328)
  a. William Breton of Teton (b c1294, d 04.10.1334)
  m. Margaret Trussel (d 1337, dau of William Trussel)
  (1) John Breton of Teton (a 1347)
  m. Cecily
  (A) Edmund Breton of Teton (a 1381)
m. Joan (m2. John Key)
  (i) William Breton of Teton (a 1410)
  m. Margaret
  (a) John Breton of Teton (a 1439)
  m. Joan
  ((1)) John Breton of Teton (a 1506-7)
  m. Elizabeth St. Germyn of London (m2. John Holdenby)
  ((A)) Christopher Breton of Teton (bur 18.09.1556) - continued below
  m1. Christian Saunders (bur 04.03.1544-5, dau of Thomas Saunders of Sibbertoft)
  m2. Anne Baynham (bur 05.03.1558-9, dau of Robert Baynham)
  ((B)) Henry Breton (a 1532, vicar of St. Gregory's)
  ((C)) Mary Breton
  m. John Hill of East Haddon



Christopher Breton of Teton (bur 18.09.1556) - continued above
m1. Christian Saunders (bur 04.03.1544-5, dau of Thomas Saunders of Sibbertoft)
1. Robert Breton of Teton (d 24.03.1596-7)
m. (11.06.1561) Ursula Foxley (bur 24.07.1597, dau of Thomas Foxley of Foxley)
  A. John Breton of Teton (bpt 03.10.1567, d 23.04.1619)
  m. Jane Bosvile (a 1617, dau of Rodolph (Ralph) Bosvile of Bradborne, sister of Sir Robert)
  i. Robert Breton of Teton (bpt 09.04.1592, d 16.01.1640-1)
  m. Elizabeth Harvey (bur 04.09.1686, dau of Sir Francis Harvey of Cotton End (judge))
  a. Francis Breton of Teton (bur 10.07.1659)
  m. Mary Mulso (d 16.01.1704-5, dau of Thomas Mulso of Twywell)
  (1) Robert Breton of Teton (bpt 02.05.1656, bur 12.01.1714-5, of the Middle Temple, 2nd son)
  m. (24.09.1683) Mary Reynolds (b 26.06.1660, d 22.01.1708-9, dau of Rev. Edward Reynols of Kingsthorp)
  (A) Frances Breton (b 18.11.1685)
  m. Hans Hysing of London
  (B)+ other issue - Edward (b 23.04.1687, d 08.04.1689), Robert (b 21.05.1688, d 10.04.1689), John (b 28.04.1693, d 21.06.1694), William (b 09.05.1699, bur 19.05.1700), Thomas (b 16.12.1702, bur 02.10.1715), Mary (b 22.06.1684, bur 31.10.1713), Eliza (b 09.05.1689, bur 01.11.1708), Dorothy (b 21.06.1690), Penelope (b 20.02.1691-2), Sarah (b 29.11.1694)
  (2) Thomas Breton of Culworth (bpt 19.05.1658)
  m. (18.06.1685) Frances Reynolds (bpt 09.10.1661, d 02.10.1704, dau of Rev. Edward Reynols of Kingsthorp)
(A)+ issue - Francis (bpt 28.04.1686), Elizabeth (bpt 28.04.1686, bur 06.01.1694-5)
  (3) Elizabeth Breton (bpt 01.04.1651)
  m. (25.05.1676) Thomas Harris of Cranford
  (4)+ other issue - Francis (b 12.07.1654, bur 16.01.1663-4), Mary (bpt 17.05.1652, bur 22.05.1662), Sarah (bpt 27.06.1653, bur 20.01.1680-1)
  b. Mary Breton (bpt 25.05.1617)
  m. (22.04.1645) William Chester
  c. Anne Breton (bpt 10.06.1633)
  m. (11.12.1656) William Berkeley of Daventry
  d. Martha Breton (bpt 07.07.1641, d 1685)
  m. George Butler of Apeltree
  e.+ other issue - John (bpt 21.03.1621-2), William (bpt 27.03.1622), Edward (d infant), Richard (bpt 13.11.1628), Thomas (bpt 04.12.1629), Stephen (bpt 20.10.1635), Judith (d infant), Elizabeth (d infant), Mabel (bpt 29.08.1624, bur 11.07.1646), Sarah (bpt 13.10.1625, bur 31.03.1645), Christiana (bpt 1*.11.1626, bur 15.03.1661), Jane (bpt 24.01.1630-1, bur 02.02.1630-1), Jane (bpt 21.08.1634), Prudence (bpt 27.12.1636), Esther (bpt 19.11.1639)
  ii. Ursula Breton (bpt 19.08.1593)
  m. Arthur Darcy
  iii.+ other issue - Francis, John (bpt 08.03.1600-1, d infant), John (bpt 14.03.1601-2), Thomas 9bpt 24.07.1603), Anthony (bpt 21.02.1607-8), Benedict/Bennet (bpt 13.07.1595, bur 01.06.1613), Prudence (bpt 12.09.1596), Elizabeth
B.+ other issue - Bridget (bpt 16.06.1563), Mary (bpt 06.07.1577, a 1596)
2. Elizabeth Breton
  m. Laurence Swete of Creton
3. Dorothy Breton
  m. Edward Holmes of London
4. Frances Breton
  m1. Humphrey Dexter of Cransley
  m2. J. Wimberd of Cottesbrook
  m3. J. Evans of Lodington
5. Margaret Breton
  m. (10.09.1567) William Turnour
6.+ other issue - Richard (had issue), Edward, Katherine, Mary, Joice
m2. (20.01.1545-6) Anne Baynham (bur 05.03.1558-9, dau of Robert Baynham)
11.+ other issue - Alexander, Joseph (bur 04.08.1587), William, Martha (bpt 21.02.1551-2), Mary (bpt 15.11.1553)

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Breton of Teton', p220)
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