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Families covered: Bulmer of Brancepeth, Bulmer of Bulmer, Bulmer of Wilton
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Walker starts his pedigree of this family with Ansketil. The two earlier generations are as reported by BE1883 and must be viewed with caution not least because they are identified as 'of Brancepeth' yet Walker, through identifying Ansketil's wife as heiress of someone of Brancepeth, implies that Brancepeth may have come into the family at his time rather than earlier.
Henry de Bulmer, lord of Bulmer and Brancepeth
1. Alan de Bulmer (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  A. Bertram de Bulmer, lord of Bulmer and Brancepeth
  i. daughter
  m. Robert, Lord Neville of Raby
  B. Ansketil or Anketell de Bulmer, Sheriff of York (d c1129)
m. ?? (heiress of Peter de Humez of Brancepeth)
  i. Bertram de Bulmer, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d c1166)
  BE1883 inserts some additional generations between (Bertram, Stephen, Thomas, Robert) between Anketell and the Bertram whose daughter was the heiress Emma. We follow Walker in disregarding them.
  m. Emma (possibly dau of Robert Fossard)
  a. Emma de Bulmer (d by 1208) Y
  m1. Geoffrey de Valoignes (d 1169)
  m2. (by 12.1176) Geoffrey de Nevill (d 1194) Y
  b.+ other issue - Ansketil (dvp), Stephen, William (d 1176-8)
  ii. Stephen de Bulmer of Northumerland (d 1171/2)
  m1. ??
a. Robert de Bulmer of Burnsal (d before 1202)
  m. Joan Ellington (d before 1181, dau of Hugh de Ellington by dau of Walter Grenville of Jesmond)
  (1) Henry de Bulmer or de Ferlington of Norham Castle (d 1237)
  m. Joan de Asselegh (d 1274)
  (A) Henry de Ferlington of Burnsal (d 1263)
  m. Sarah (niece of John Maunsel)
  (i) Sir John de Ferlington (b 1252, d c1320)
  (a) Giles de Ferlington
  (2)+ other issue - Walter (a 1195, Constable of Durham), Simon (Archdeacon of Durham)
  m2. Cecily de Muschamps (sister/heir of Thomas & Ranulf de Muschamps)
  b. Thomas de Muschamps
  iii. Ralph de Bulmer or de Wilton or de Farlington (a 1166)
  m. Aufrida
a. Alan de Wilton (d c1205)
  (1) Ralph de Wilton
  m. Cecily
  (A) Alan de Wilton (dsp 1230)
  m1. Mary
  m2. Avice
  (B) Thomas de Wilton (d 1236)
  b. Stephen de Bulmer
  (1) John de Bulmer of Bulmer (a 1227)
  m. Alice
  (A) John de Bulmer of Bulmer (d c1265)
  m1. Alice (possibly dau of William FitzRalph)
  m2. Katherine (a 1268)
  C. Alphonsus de Bulmer

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Bulmer of Bulmer and Wilton), BE1883 (Bulmer)
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