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Families covered: Bury of Easton, Bury of Grantham, Bury of Linwood Grange

Maddison reports that the following Nicholas ("some call him William", which is done by FMG) "came out of ye house of Berie of Collyton, co. Devon", which family is shown on Bury2. FMG shows him with 2 wives, _ De la Pole and Edith Pickering, showing both as mothers of his children. We follow Maddison in showing just Edith Pickering.
Nicholas or William Bury of Ashwell, Rutland (d by 1603)
m. Edith Pickering (d by 07.1604, dau/heir of James (John?) Pickering of Titchmarsh)
1. William Bury of Grantham, Lincolnshire (b c1578, bur 29.03.1617)
m. (05.10.1599) Emma Dryden (b c1565, a 1644, dau of John Dryden of Canons Ashby)
  A. Sir William Bury of Ernwood & Grantham (bpt 03.06.1604, a 1666, MP)
  m1. (28.04.1629) Jane Plomer (bur 29.05.1643, dau of Sir William Plomer of Hill)
  i. William Bury of Cistarcius (Cortecus) Place, Grantham Grange (bpt 1630-1, bur 04.07.1678, of Gray's Inn, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Dockwra (bur 25.03.1680, dau of Periam (or Thomas) Dockwra of Putteridge)
  a. William Bury of Grantham (b 1658-9, d 17.04.1684)
m. Mary Warburton (bur 13.01.1713-4, dau of Sir George Warburton of Arley, Bart)
  (1)+ issue - William (bpt 20.03.1681-2, bur 02.04.1683), William (bpt 17.07.1683, bur 26.03.1706-7), Diana (bpt 05.08.1679, bur 03.08.1680), Mary (bpt 24.10.1680)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (bur 11.01.1657), Docwra (bpt 16.03.1659-60, bur 27.04.1660), Dorothy, Jane
  ii. John Bury of Hackets Town, co. Catherlogh (youngest son?)
  m. Frances Burrowes (dau of Sir Erasmus Burrowes (Borrowes), Bart)
  a. John Bury mentioned by FMG but not by Maddison
  (1)+ issue - John, William, Thomas
  b.+ other issue - William, Jane
  iii. Emma Bury (bpt 02.12.1636, d 24.01.1703-4)
  m. (09.11.1653) William Rokeby of Ackworth Park & Burnby (b c1630, bur 12.10.1700)
  iv. Mary Bury (bpt 21.10.1638, d 08.06.1704)
m. John Ascham (d 03.05.1675)
  v. Elizabeth Bury (bpt 10.01.1641-2) presumably the Elizabeth noted by FMG as married to ...
  m. William Spencer of Attercliffe
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 12.03.1629-30, bur 16.03.1629-30), Thomas (bpt 24.01.1631-2, bur 26.12.1633), Godfrey (bpt 01.09.1635, bur 26.01.1635-6), Robert (bpt 24.11.1640, bur 10.01.1640-1), Jane (bpt 06.04.1634)
  m2. Jane Ellis (dau/coheir of George Ellis of Wyham)
  ix. Gilbert Bury (a 1695)
  m. (18.02.1668-9) Mary Hodgkin (dau of Alexander Hodgkin by Elizabeth Cart)
  a. William Bury of Linwood Grange
  m. Mary Morrison (dau/coheir of Rob. Morrison)
  (1) William Bury of Linwood Grange & Irby-in-the-Marsh (a 1722)
  m. Susanna Gardiner
  (2) Thomas Irwyn Bury
  (3) Gilbert Bury of Linwood Grange
  m. Elizabeth (d 31.07.1768)
  (A) Jane Bury (b 1721-2, d 26.05.1746)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas, Gilbert, John of Nottingham
xii. Sir Thomas Bury (bpt 29.02.1651-2, d 04.05.1722, Chief Baron of the Exchequer)
  xiii. Anthony Bury
  m. (11.04.1670) Jane Eyre (dau/coheir of George Eyre of Haldworth, widow of Nicholas Shiercliffe)
  B. Emma Bury (bpt 06.11.1600)
  m. George Byard of Skellow
  C. Bridget Bury (bpt 01.09.1602, bur 14.03.1688-9) named Sarah by FMG
  m. (05.10.1626) John Huchinson of Alford (woollen draper)
  D. Elizabeth Bury (bpt 25.09.1603, bur 02.02.1679-80)
m. Thomas Rokeby of Woodhouse Hayton (d Dunbar 1650, Colonel)
2. Gilbert Bury of Easton (Leicestershire) & Woolsthorpe in Colsterworth
  m1. Jane Smyth (dau of John Smyth of Withcock by Alison, dau of Hugh Dennes of Puckleworth)
  m2. Rose Sherard (dau of Francis Sherard of Stapleford)
  A. John (Jacob) Bury of Easton
  m. Bridget Cave (dau of Sir Thomas Cave of Bagrave)
  B. George (Nicholas?) Bury of Whissendine, Rutland
  m. Dorothy Digby (dau of John Digby of Welby)
  i.+ issue - George, Gilbert (dsp), Jane, Elizabeth, Susan
  C. Henry Bury
  m. Elizabeth Higate of Hays (Hayes)
  D. Elizabeth Bury
  m. Edward Hollingworth of Lincoln
  E. Mary Bury
  m. Francis Goodman of Leicestershire
3. Robert Bury of Grantham (bur 08.06.1618, alderman)
  m. Ann (bur 12.11.1587)
  A. Bathsua Bury (bpt 29.10.1587, bur 04.12.1587)
4. Grace Bury
  m. (27.03.1600) Robert Hawford (parson of Haceby)

Main source(s): Maddison's 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' ('Bury of Grantham', p213+), FMG (vol 3, MS516, 'Bury', p1144+)
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