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Families covered: Butler of Brittas, Butler of Dunboyne, Butler of Polestown

Thomas de Botiller of Castle Grace, lord of Dunboyne (d 1329)
m. Synolda le Petit, Lady of Dunboyne (dau of William le Petit, lord of Dunboyne and Molyngar)
1. Peter le Botiler, 2nd lord of Dunboyne and of Grenagh
  A. Thomas le Botiler, 3rd lord of Dunboyne (a 1377, dsp)
  B. William le Botiler, 4th lord of Dunboyne
  i. James le Botiler (dvp unm)
  C. James le Botiler
  i. William le Botiler, 5th lord of Dunboyne
  a. James le Botiler, 6th lord of Dunboyne (d 1445)
  m. Morina Brien
  (1) Edmond le Botiler, 7th lord of Dunboyne
  m. Catherine Butler (dau of Richard Butler of Boelick)
(A) James Butler, 8th lord of Dunboyne (d 10.01.1533)
  m. Eleanor (dau of McCartie Reagh)
  (i) James Butler, 9th lord of Dunboyne (d 15.01.1538)
  m. Joan Butler (dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde, 1st Earl of Ossory)
  (a) Sir Edmund Butler, 1st Baron of Dunboyne (d 05.1566/7)
  m. (before 1551) Cecilia or Gille McCarthy (dau of Cormac Oge McCarthy or Macarty of Muskerry)
  ((1)) James Butler, 2nd Lord of Dunboyne (d 18.02.1624)
  m1. Margaret Fitzpatrick (dau of Barnaby Fitzpatrick, Lord of Upper Ossory)
  m2. Margaret O'Brien (d 20.02.1636, dau of Connor O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Thomond)
  ((2)) Eleanor Butler (d 1636) probably of this generation
  m. (before 11.01.1567-8) Gerald FitzThomas, 14th Earl of Desmond (d 1583)
(b) Pierce Butler, 'Pierce na Buile', of Grallagh (d 11.01.1571)
  m1. Elinor Grace (dau of Oliver Grace)
  m2. Honora FitzGerald (dau of James, 10th Earl of Desmond)
  (c) Theobald (Tibbott) Butler of Brittas
  The following connection was reported by BLG1886 (Langley of Brittas Castle).
  ((1)) ?? Butler
  ((A)) ?? Butler
  ((i)) Thomas Butler of Brittas
((a)) Joan Butler
  m. John Grace of Brittas Castle
  (d) Thomas Butler of Knockgraffon (a 1538)
  Identified by BLG1886 (Kearney of Blanchville) as a grandson of Sir Edmond, Lord Dunboyne, and possibly of the next generation was ...
  ((1)) William Butler (FitzThomas) of Ballinadlea or Ballywadley, co. Tipperary
  ((A)) Eleanor Butler
  m. Bryan O'Kearney of Knockangalss (b 1534)
  (e) Joan Butler (a 09.1585)
  m. Rowland Eustace, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass (b c1505, d 31.03.1578)
  (f) Ellen Butler
  m. David Roche, 5th Lord of Fermoy (d before 11.1582)
  (g) Ellinor Butler
  m. Richard Stapleton (a 1566)
  (B) Ellen Butler probably of this generation
  m. Sir Christopher Barnewall of Crickstown



Edmund Butler of Polestown
BEB1841 identified Edmund (father of Walter) as son of Walter 2nd son of Sir Richard of Polestown son of James, 3rd Earl of Ormonde. We provisionally follow BP1934 (Ormonde) in showing this Edmund as younger brother of that Sir Richard and father of the following Walter (m. Joan Butler). We presume that that Walter was the one mentioned by BEB1841 as son of Sir Richard.
m. Catherine Forstall (dau of Robert Forstall)
1. Walter Butler
  m. Joan Butler
A. Edmund Butler of Polestown
  i. Walter Butler of Polestown
  a. Sir Richard Butler of Polestown (d 20.08.1619)
  (1) Edmund Butler of Polestown (d 21.04.1636)
  m. Ellice Shortall (d 1651, dau of Nicolas Shortall of Claragh)
  (A) Sir Walter Butler, Governor of Kilkenny, 1st Bart of Polestown (d c05.1650)
m. Elizabeth Butler (d 31.08.1686?, dau of Richard, 3rd Viscount Mountgarret, by Margaret O'Neill)
  (i) Sir Richard Butler, 2nd Bart of Polestown (d 1686/1679-80)
  m. Elizabeth (m2. Theobald Denn of Grenan)
  (a) Sir Walter Butler, 3rd Bart of Polestown (b 1679, d 08.10.1723)
  BEB1841 reports Walter's marriage to Lucy and suggests that the baronetcy expired at his death, his only son Richard having dvp. We follow TCB (vol 2, Butler of Polestown) which suggests otherwise.
  m1. (1697) Lucy Butler (d 1703, dau of Walter Butler of Garryricken)
  ((1))+ issue - Richard (dvp), Mary (d nun)
  m2. ??
  ((3)) Sir Edmund Butler, 4th Bart (b c1708, dspm c10.1762, Colonel)
  (b) (Elizabeth) Butler (d 21.10.1708)
  m. Pierce Aylward of Shankill
  (c) Hester Butler
  m. (1698) James Butler of Cournellane
  (d) daughter
  (B) Ellice Butler
  m. Murtogh Cavanagh of Garryhill
  (C)+ 4 sons and 4 daughters
  b.+ other issue - Thomas of Clonmore in co. Carlow, Joan
  ii. Peter Butler of Rosecrea
  m. Catherine de Burgo
  a.+ issue (dsp) - Edward, Walter of Hesberg in Germany, Theobald (d 1634)
  iii.+ other issue - Theobald, Richard

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 06.08.03) : BP1934 (Dunboyne)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 11.06.08) : BEB1841 (Butler of Polestown, in Irish section)
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