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Families covered: Calwoodleigh of Calwoodleigh (Cawoodley of Cawoodley), Calwoodley of Padstow, Calwoodleigh of Studley

John Cawoodley of Cawoodley, Devon
m. _ Floyer (dau of John de Floyer of Devon)
1. Thomas Cawoodley (Calwoodleigh) of Cawoodley (d 06.06.1492)
  m. Elizabeth Hatche (dau of Thomas Hatche of Wolley)
A. Thomas Cawoodley (Calwoodleigh) of Cawoodley (d 03.1479-80)
  m. Elizabeth Collyn (dau of Ottes Collyn of Helland, m2. _ Raleigh, m3. Edward ap Rhys)
  i. Humfrey Cawoodley (Calwoodleigh) of Cawoodley (b c1459, a 1497)
  m. (c1493-4) Jane Carminowe (dau of John Carminowe of Fentongollen, widow of John Pentyre)
  a. John Cawoodleigh of Cawoodleigh (vpsp)
  b. Joane Cawoodleigh or Calwoodleigh (d 28.09.1537)
m. Roger Arundell of Cornwall
  B. Oliver Calwoodley of Padstow (a 1485)
  m. Alice Monke (dau/heir of William Ponke of Padstow)
  i. John Calwoodley of Padstow
  m. Catherine Tredinick (dau of Robert Tredinick of Tredinnick)
  a. John Calwoodley (dvpsp)
  ii. Robert Calwoodley of Padstow
  m. Honor Laugher of Cornwall
  a. John Calwoodley of Padstow & Trelother (d by 1606)
  m. Ann Lawre of Cornwall (bur 28.10.1610)
  (1) John Calwoodley of Trelother (a 1610)
  (2) Catherine Calwoodley
  m. Francis Brackenbury of Padstow
  (3) Hono Calwoodley
  m. John Webber of Amble
  (4)+ other issue - William Sir Nicholas (dsp before1628)
  b. Robert Calwoodley of Padstow
  B. John Calwoodley, Mayor of Exeter (a 1508)
  m. Elizabeth
  C. Humphrey Calwoodleygh of Studleuygh, Devon (d 15.11.1520)
  m1. Edith Kelly (dsp by 1519)
  m2. Elizabeth (a 1521)
  i. John Calwoodleigh (dsp 02.07.1570)
  ii. James Calwoodleigh of Studley
a. John Calwoodleigh of Cove, Devon (b 1545)
  m. Joane Radford
  (1) Bartholomew Calwoodleigh of Uplowman, Devon (a 11.1638)
  m. Mary Huckeleigh (dau of Edward Huckeleigh of Lowman)
  (A) John Calwoodleigh (b c1616, a 1638, of the Middle Temple)
  (i) James Calwoodleigh
  (a)+ issue - John (bur 27.05.1663), Ann (bpt 29.08.1662)
  (B) Prisilla Calwoodleigh
  D. Elizabeth (Isabel) Cawoodley (Calwoodley)
  m. John Bodrugan alias Beaumont

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Calwoodleigh of Calwoodleigh', p132)
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