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Families covered: Catheral of Broxton, Catterall of Crooke, Catheral (Catherall) of Kiddington (Cuddington), Catheral (Catherall) of Horton

John Catterall or Catheral of Kiddington & Horton, Cheshire (a 1302)
m. Alice Horton (a 1302, heiress)
1. William Catheral or Catherall (alias Horton) of Kiddington (Cuddington) & Horton (d 1331?)
  m. Wehaver (dau/(co)heir of Jovard de Shocklach (Jernarth de Shockliche) son of David son of Jovard son of Griffin de Shocklach)
  A. William Catheral or Catherall (a 1370?)
  m. Idonea (dau of David, son of William de Wigland)
  i. David Catheral or Catherall of Kiddington (Cuddington) & Horton (a 1370)
  m. Margery Elcock (dau/heir of Kendrick Elcock)
  a. John Catheral (a 1378, 1411)
  m. Johanna Hall (dau of Thomas Hall, sister/heir of John)
  (1) Ralph Catheral of Horton (a 1446, 1465)
m1/2. Ellen
  m2/1. Margaret Horton (dau/heir of David Horton son of William)
(A) William Catheral of Horton (a 1474, 1484)
  m. Alice Bulkeley (a 1474, dau/(co)heir of Hugh Bulkeley of Broxton)
  (i) Hugh Catheral of Horton & Broxton (a 1482)
  m. Margaret or Margery Leche (a 1552, dau of John Leche of Carden)
  (a) John or Jenkin Catheral of Horton & Broxton (bur 15.11.1558)
  m1/2. Ellen Bird of Ightfield
  ((1))+ 2 daughters
  m2. Elizabeth Povey (dau of David Povey of Shocklach)
  ((3)) John Catheral of Horton & Broxton (bur 14.06.1592)
  m. Joan Maddocks (d 1602, dau of Robert Maddocks of Crewe)
  ((A)) John Catheral of Horton & Broxton
m. (c1585) Anne Probyn (bur 1636, dau/coheir of William Probyn of Oldcastle)
  ((i)) John Catheral of Horton (b c1595, bur 09.12.1658)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, 'Catheral of Horton').
  m. (c11.1624) Anne Edwards (bur 09.12.1658, dau of John Edwards of Cheveley)
  ((a)) John Catheral of Horton (b c1630, a 1663)
  m. (09.07.1655) Alice Dutton (dau of Peter Dutton of Hatton)
  (((1))) Dutton Catheral, last of Horton (b c1656/1662)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Richard (bpt 29.09.1657), Samuel (bur 24.11.1658), Cahrles (bpt 25.02.1662), Samuel (bur 1677), Mary (bpt 07.02.1660, a 1663), Elizabeth (bpt 06.1664, bur 05.07.1664), Martha (bpt 11.1669), Alice (bpt 02.11.1672)
  ((b)) Thomas Catheral (bpt 03.02.1642, bur 15.03.1658)
  ((c)) Anne Catheral
  m. George Payne of Whitchurch
  ((d)) Elizabeth Catheral
  m. Roger Downward of Cuddlington
  ((ii)) Randle Catheral (rector of Tilston)
  ((a)) Anne Catheral (bpt 13.02.1626, d infant)
  ((iii)) Frances Catheral
m. Randle Turner of Carden
  ((B)) Thomas Catheral
  m. Jane Astell (dau/coheir of Peter Astell of Golborne)
  ((i))+ issue - Raffe, Randall, Jane, Katharine
  ((C)) Randle Catheral (bpt 26.03.1562, a 1613)
  m. Joan Johnes (dau/heir of Richard Johnes of Merton, son of William of Thornbury)
  ((i))+ issue - James (b c1603, a 1613), Edmond
  ((D)) Jane Catheral
  m. Ralph Povey of Shocklach
  ((E)) Ellen (Helen) Catheral
  m. Anthony Cotton of Huntington
  ((i))+ issue - Raffe, Francis, Oliver
  ((4)) Richard Catheral
  m. Avice Cartwright (dau of Michael Cartwright of Royston)
  ((A)) Henry Catheral
  ((5)) William Catheral
  ((6)) Margaret Catheral
  m. John Griffith of Hanmer
  ((7)) Alice Catheral
  m. Robert Tatenhall of Peckforton
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, Robart
  ((8)) Ellen Catheral mentioned by Ormerod but not by Visitation
m. Henry Whitby of Tattenhall
  ((9)) Jane Catheral mentioned by Ormerod but not by Visitation
  m. William Yardley
  (b) William Catheral
  (c) Thomas Catheral 'of Horton'
  m. Joan Povey (dau of David Povey of Shocklach)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Povey of Shocklach').
  ((1)) Phillip Catherall 'of Horton'
  m. (Ellen) Dodd (dau of John Dodd of Purshaw in Shockliche)
  ((A)) Randall Catherall (a 1613, schoolmaster in Malpas)
  ((2)) John Catherall
  m. Elizabeth Povey (dau/heir of Thomas Povey of Horton)
  ((A)) Randell Catherall (a 1613, schoolmaster in Hanley)
  ((3))+ other issue - Ralph, Margaret, Jane
  (d) Elizabeth Catheral
  m. John Carden of Caldecote (Calcott)
  (e) Margaret Catheral
  m1. William Hesketh of Stretton
  m2. _ Dod
  m3. _ Prestland
  (ii) Ralph Catheral of Broxton had issue (at Broxton)
  m. Margaret Sparke of Bickerton
  (iii) William Catheral
  (iv) Eleanor Catheral
  m1. Randle Dodd of Barton
  m2. _ Hutchins
  m3. _ Barlow
  (v) Alice Catheral
  m. John Yardley of Shocklack (Shocklich)
  Shown by Visitation as daughters of John/Jenkin but by Ormerod as daughters of Ralph were:
  (B) Margaret Catheral
  m. Thomas Tatenhall
  (C) daughter
  m. Raff Alphington of Alphington (Alghington of Alghington)
  (2) John or Jenkin Catheral shown this generation by Visitation, a generation later by Ormerod
  m. Elyn
  B. Hugh Catheral or Catherall
  m. _ (?? of) Stockton
  C. Margaret Catheral or Catherall
  m. William (son of David de Broxton)



Also "descended by a younger son from Catterall of Catterall" was ...
Roger Catterall of Crooke, Lancashire
m. _ Langtre
1. Peter Catterall of Crooke (d 1653)
  m. Elizabeth Rigby (dau of Roger Rigby of Ditton)
  A. Thomas Catterall of Crooke (b c1628, a 09.1664)
m. Frances Thompson (dau of Stephen Thompson of Humbleton)
  i.+ issue (a 09.1664) - Peter (b c1661), Hugh
  B. Anne Catterall
  C. Jane Catterall
  m. Raphe Haighton of Kirklees
  D. Elizabeth Catterall
  m. William Hilton of Farnworth
  E. Margaret Catterall
  m. John Grundie of Westleigh
2. Richard Catterall
3. Anne Catterall
  m. Richard Gillibrand of Lathum
4. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Gillibrand of Ramsgreve (Ramsgrove?) (d c1640)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, Horton : 'Catheral of Horton'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Catheral of Horton')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Catterall of Crooke')
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