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Families covered: Charteris of Amisfield

The progenitor of this family may have moved to England from Chartres in France around the time of the Conquest. One of his descendants (a grandson ?) then probably moved to Scotland in the train of King David I, possibly being ...
?? de Chartres which name was 'latinised' to Carnato
1. Robert de Carnato
2. Walter de Carnato (a 1180)
  A. Thomas de Carnato (a 1221)
  i. Thomas de Carnato
  a. Sir Robert de Carnato (d 1287)
  m1. Christina
  m2. Devorgilla (d after 1296)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Andrew de Charteris, 1st of Amisfield (d before 1314)
  (A) Robert de Charteris, 2nd of Amisfield (a 1314)
(i) Sir Robert de Charteris, 3rd of Amisfield (d after 1395)
  (a) Robert Charteris, 4th of Amisfield (d c1433)
  ((1)) Robert Charteris, 5th of Amisfield (d before 1473)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Charteris, 6th of Amisfield and of Drumgrey (d c1506)
  m. Agnes Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, 4th Lord)
  ((i)) Robert Charteris (dvp)
  ((a)) John Charteris, 7th of Amisfield (d 1526/7)
  m. Elizabeth Somerville (d before 1511, dau of John Somerville of Cambusnethan)
  ((b)) Robert Charteris
  ((c)) Katharine Charteris
  m. John Carmichael of Meadowflat
((ii)) Andrew Charteris (a 1513)
  ((iii)) Amaric Charteris of Polincree (a 1492)
  ((iv)) John Charteris of Lochtoun (a 1538)
  ((v)) Margaret Charteris
  m. (before 1505) John Kirkpatrick (of Ross and Knock family)
  (2) Robert de Carnato (a 1296, in Dumfries-shire)
  b. Thomas de Carnato, Chancellor of Scotland (a 1277, 1291)
  Chancellor Thomas 'of Amisfield' is shown by Wikipedia ('"Thomas Charteris") as killed at the Battle of Neville's Cross (1346). Some web sites suggest he was b c1300 but that appears to be confusion with a different Thomas as the general consensus appears to be that the Thomas who was appointed Chancellor was so appointed c1280.

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Charteris formerly of Bruntshiels and of Amisfield)
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